Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The trip is almost over, Christmas has just passed and the New year is on the way. Shiet, time really does fly doesn't it?
Last time i came to Malaysia, I came to attend a funeral. This time it was for a wedding and a 50th anniversary. Goes to show that things happen. LOL obviously things happen.
Wonder what the new year will bring. Bring it on ;)
Sheesh.. 50 years. Dedication right there.. lol. After so many years, still so close and happy together.
Its what every girl wants isn't it? A relationship that only gets better with age.
Like my parents. I hope they know how lucky they are to have each other :)

New years resolutions? I shall be making them on the plane from KL to Adelaide :) Excited. You should make one too. Gives you something to work for, even if you don't end up achieving it. Atleast it does for me.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I do

In Ipoh now, Penang tomorrow, and let me just say that it's frikken HOT!! HOTTER THAN CHILLI PEPPER. HOTTER THAN THE SUUUNNNNNN. It's not like Aussie hot, where the heat comes from the brightness of the sun, its like.. Humid. Humid to the max, where its cloudy as shiz and even with no sun, just walking outside and standing there makes you sweat. I guess the peeps here are used to it.

Had a wedding to attend today, was pretty busy/tiring/uncomfortably hot/a little bit boring to be honest. Since my cousins here are very strong Christians, they had massively long sermons that droned on and on.. But it was nice after all the boring stuff :)

I need to go to the toilet now. More random photos of holiday for the lols.

Ahh.. I wish I were more photogenic.
Couple more weeks. Wondering what you peeps are up to ;)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's that time of the year

Roaming around KL tonight, so much Christmas spirit everywhere.
Do you believe in Christmas? Santa?

Regardless of whether I do or not, I can't deny that listening to Christmas songs playing in the shopping centres/hotel lobbies/in the bus/on my laptop.. It does seem to put an extra spring in my step :) They're just so.. upbeat, happy, bubbly.. Christmassy! It doesn't matter how upset I am, whats happening in my life, who does or does not like me.. as soon as the Christmas songs start playing at this wonderful time of year, nothing matters so much anymore. I even downloaded a couple songs to get into zee spirit ;)
However, " last Christmas, I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave it away". Not so happy chappy lyrics I realised. Haha.

Its weird, how Christmas has become.. more like a Valentines day these days.. Its all about being with the person you cherish the most on the day. Sadly I be overseas.. but hey, there will be other Christmases, yeh? Hopefully. What are you kids doing for Christmas this year? Make it a special one!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

There's a world out there that we should see

Flying to Malaysia tomorrow afternoon, half the family heading back to Australia. It's been a great couple of weeks (?) i've totally lost track of time. But I think its safe to say that I've had enough relative bonding time. LOL although i do love my aunties/uncles/cousins, too much time with them has made me more likely to get annoyed at the little things. It's probably just me being noob.
Taiwan.. would I come again? Maybe. It's alot like Japan, I guess because the Japs used to live in Taiwan and influenced them heaps or something or rather. LOL or something or rather. What is that-_-
I've done way too much shopping, my feet feel like duh jelly cause we've walked all day.. But still haven't bought the one thing I wanted the most.. MP3 YO! Listening to music off my phone is draining it of its soul. Battery life is so short now :( I sort of want to go back home already..Missing everyone in Adelaide, in particular baddddminton. Getting fatter, today we had a conversation about love handles and muffin tops. I wonder why. LOL

I'd write about what I did on each day of my holiday, but that would take a long time, and also be much boringness for you. It'd just be me, rambling on for longer than usual. We don't want that do we? Instead, I think more photos should do it.

Too many photos? I know right.

OH guess what, I passed first year. :DDDDDDD hehehe just thought I should put it out there. Tis the BEST FEELING EVAAARRR. My dad was so happy, he agreed to have a beer with me. Whoa to the max. My dad is usually totes against drinking! Haha.. Anywho, its a relief. A big thankyou for those who helped me get through that stressful swotvac period. Appreciate it :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Taiwan, baby!

So I'm still in Taiwan, the tour has been pretty hectic. We stay at a different hotel every single night D: It's been an awesome experience, spent alot of time in both the city and the countryside, seen many things. Most beautiful? The mountains that run along the country.. Gah, can't see these kind of things in Adelaide.. Only got small hills. Like a molehill. LOL But it kind of feels like we spend more time travelling in the tour bus and trains than actually doing stuff. But I guess thats what comes with the touring experience.
I only have a few minutes to update my blog before my eyes close so I'll GET TO IT. Few pictures? I think so.
Got some interesting things to blog about, but right now i so ceeeebs. DUDE my feet feel all wrinkly cause my socks were wet cause the rain got into my shoes :( sadness. HAHA interesting right!?

Hope everyones having a suuuper holiday, shall blog/picture up more interesting things some other time. Goodnight, sleeptight!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tis the time to be jelly.

Blogging off my phone at Elysia's house.. lol why? cause my new house hasn't got internet yet! *sadface* been so busy the past week.. moving in was not a good experience. so much to move! plus floorboards to lay.. and blinds to put up. glad that its all over, but cause of all the moving I haven't had anytime to be with my friends before I leave to Taiwan and Malaysia on Saturday :( sigh. I guess this is a quick update before I go back to having no internet
shall see you all in a month! don't miss me too much ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Looks like I'll just have to own you.

So I've an additional session of clinic on Friday. I'll be there from 9:15- 4:15, with an hour break inbetween. Sheesh, its' like a six hour assessment. Hardcore. Oh, just found out that she borderlined 4 out of 6 people in our group. Just wtf? And I'm expecting that only 5 people in the whole course got borderlines. Betch be hating. I'll just go with 'she's jealous of our youth, that old carrot top.' Although it does make me feel alot better, seeing as I wasn't the only one, and that maybe it really is just cause she's nazi.
So tomorrow I shall be studying hard for it, I will. I'm thinking that if I just rack up the confidence that I'll do awesome, I'll do awesome. Time to show them how 'Satisfactory' I am. Mind over matter, people. So instead of being all crummy and down in the self-esteem section like if have been the past few days, positive thinking ftw :)

We've started moving in to our new house, it's almost complete. Minus the flooring and the blinds/curtains. My dad, being the handy-man he is, wants to do it himself. I guess it'll make the house just that bit more special :)

Yo, random-baby-that-I-dig. *no pedo*

I've been started piano-ing again, after a long time of .. not-playing. lol. I remember when piano used to be a sure-fire way of picking up chicks in high school. At lunch times we'd go down to the piano room near the gym and play a couple pieces, then watch guys show off. Haha.. anywho, while I was on the piano today I started thinking about.. like everything. People, things, places, badminton, studying.. Yup, I was playing for a lonnnng time. Haha. But yeh, even with my now rusty skills, I had forgotten how it used to feel and how much I used to THINK about things while playing. Just having time to yourself..subconsciously re-evaluating your life.
..So much to re-evaluate.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Well, I never thought that I'd be in this situation, but somehow I managed to.
Maybe I'm not cut out for the dental profession. Either that or she just dislikes me.
I'm really hoping the latter. Looking on the 'bright' side, she has been known to fail countless students. I guess she's living up to her name. Thats why everyone is so scared of her, and tis the reason why I get all queasy when she comes over to my cubicle and breathes down my neck while I operate. Out of all the clinic tutors I could have had.. why her?

Sigh. This year has been so different. The year I start failing shit. Gah, You schoolies out there, prepare yourself for failure. I joke, just study hard when you need to. Not like I did, me and my stupid mind always floating elsewhere.

Now I most probably have to operate infront of the board of examiners. Sigh, more people to judge me. Stop judging >:/
I guess SUCH IS LIFE. And these things happen.
Pray that I don't have to sit supps.

Last exam tomorrow. Luck is much needed. ("Goodluck Jun!")
I promise to work harder next year, just let me pass first year. *pray pray pray pray*

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Off topic

Maybe one day I'll have something that I'm passionate about, and actually want to read about it, know everything there is to know, and try everything there is to try. I mean yeh, I play badminton almost excessively when there are no exams to study for, but I know shit all about game plan, techniques, racket styles, stringing tension and whatever. And I don't plan on reading up on it either. Needless to say when people start talking about badminton all I can say is 'Yeh, i love it, lets go play!'
I'd like to one day be the 'go-to' person for something. The person where people say 'Oh, I wonder.. if ___. Maybe I should ask Jun.' LOL. for example- when people want to know about cars, they'd ask Le, Zhe or Simon. When I want to look for new books to read, I'd go ask Rosemay. When people want info on photography they'd go to my oldest bro. When all the aunties and uncles want to make a good curry, my dad would be the number one go-to chef. And all these people, do it.. just because. The only thing that I've been a go-to for is.. that one Asian Adelaidian girl in the course who might know where we could hang out after uni today. But I don't. I know less about Adelaide than those internationals in my course!
Where am I going with this.. Can't remember how these thoughts came about, but I guess I just want to be good at something, love it, and also be knowledgeable about it at the same time. I don't have the faintest idea about what it might be at this point.. but you never know, as you get older, things happen.
Well that was random. Anywho-

First exam is over, not that I did particularly well, but hey, its over right? If I get sups.. I may as well look on the bright side- my Malaysia trip gets cut pretty short, but then again I get the house to myself, and more time to play badminton! Haha.. seeing the silver lining.
Second exam on Friday. Not studying for it so much, cause I really CEEBS to the max.

Looking forward to zee holidays.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Its crunch time.

Exam today at 2pm, although feeling unprepared/overwhelmed with information, I kind of want to just go in an get it over and done with. I always find that after the first exam, the rest just come and go like that *clicks fingers*.
So much study needed to be done today, but my mind was constantly racing with other thoughts. For instance.. what I'm going to do after exams, whens the next time I'll be playing badminton, what to pack for the trip back to Malaysia, what to do once I'm IN Malaysia, what to buy when I go on holidays, other things I could do on holidays.. Yeh. Guess I need to plough through this exam period first and not fudge up before I can even think about doing other things. Lets pray that I've done just enough study. They increased the passing mark too. Now we have to get 65% to pass. Thats pretty ridiculous for just a pass.
I remember in Highschool I would always aim for at least 95%, and when I got 90 I'd be pretty annoyed. Now I'd feel like QUEEN OF THE WORLD if I could just pass :D

Maybe I shouldn't have watched Spongebob squarepants and messed around yesterday instead of studying.. But meh. It was worth it!
What else has been on my mind lately.. Many things. Oh! Question.

TO CUT OR NOT TO CUT!? LOL. always in for a change?
Then again it took me ages to grow it out from the little mushroom it used to be.
Decisions.. decisions. Too many decisions.

Wish my luck for my exam tomorrow! ♥

Thursday, November 3, 2011

If I could be your superman-

Wednesday night I studied all through the night, then went to uni to study more in the morning. After all that studying, its weird but I don't feel like I've learnt all that much. So what was the point!? LOL. got a little crazy by myself, dancing with my jelly-fish arms while I studied about carbohydrate metabolism..
Ofcourse, the high-ness doesn't last forever, after a massive high, you drop to an all-time low. So while everyone studied..
Can you spot the Jun? Hahah.. hilarious. Yup, no wonder my nose is so squished and button-like. After that 10minute nap, woke up and got my study back on. Chyeah, determination for the win.
4Days to go.
..Just want these exams to be over, then it'll be BADMINTONing everyday. Mmm, do all the things I want to do- watch a movie, go to the beach, hang at a park, have a summer romance. Ahh if only.

Superman by Joe Brooks. Newest song on replay over and over and over and over again. Have a listen. He's British. Need I say more? ;) LOL. Well.. I like it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So very jelly.

Sometimes I just can't help but be jealous.
Unhealthy you say? Well maybe. But everything in little doses can't do much harm, can it? Unless its like a bullet to the head/ jumping off a cliff/ getting bitten by a shark. Thats not good in any kind of dose. Hahah. But yeh. Jealousy can be good sometimes. That particular shitty feeling that you get. After all, doesn't it mean that even though you tell yourself that you're cool with it, its even more confirmation that you do infact- still care?
HOWEVER, there is such a thing as too much. Thats just mabes being.. selfish, overprotective, insecure.. as much as people try to comfort you, saying that its just because you're 'madly in love' with the other.. TOO MUCH DOSE FOR YOU, little one. Not saying that I've never experienced that before, but there comes a point where you have to realise that it doesn't help at all to be that jealous.. when sometimes, it could just be nothing. All the pain you bring upon yourself.. worth it?
That being said, I don't mean just blindly trust that anywho that comes into your life. There will be times where your jealousy was indeed for a good reason.

So.. whats up, buttercup?
I had originally planned last night to have a quick 3 hour nap at 12am, then wake up to study. And ofcourse, being the pig I am, it failed. It is now 12pm, and yah. I just woke up and still haven't touched my work. 6 more days until exams Jun.. this is not going as well as I'd hoped :\
Something must be distracting me and I can only WONDER what that is.
Guess I'd better head to uni tonight.. again.. sigh. Only 2 more weeks and then BOOM! Jun is yet again, a free man :D

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm feeling so blue :\

Guess what my dad won for me, playing those claw-hand skill testers? I guess my dad is just full of win. :D SO CUTE. I squealed like a noob-ster when I saw it. Smurf smurf smurf smurf smurf.
Tis 11pm and lucky my Dad woke me up, or else my plans for a productive night/morning would have epicly failed. Then I'd get that sense of gayness when I don't follow my schedules. No, not obsessed with studying at all :D
It's been a while since I pulled an all-nighter! Shiieeeeet, I was thinking back to last semester exams, I complained almost everyday about how much study I had not done. I guess I've improved on that aspect since then! .. Or mabes I've just been too busy with other things to blog about it :P Yup, I think its the latter.
Indeed, it is about time for me to bitch about how gay studying is and how I should have should have should have started earlier blah blah blah. But anywho, moving aside from that, after going to the 'learning' hub to learn this morning/afternoon, I went to woolies, picked up some brain food, then went back home and slept.
What do I mean by brain food? Well, a jumbo pack of Allen's classic party mix (cause apparently Classic is better), and two cans of 'Wicked'. What is wicked? LOL cheap version of V or Redbull I'm guessing, since it was on sale. *puts on Russell Peter's accent* If its on sale, what do ya want? Hahah..

So my first year is technically over, after the last class meeting yesterday afternoon. Oo! Even got a photo to show you how small our cohort is.

Shall we play Spot the white people? LOL. Had a great year guys, and many more to come. Well. Not really. 4years to go, woop woop! An enjoyable year that I.. don't really remember much of. HAHA well this is awkward. But then again, alot has happened this year- it's all just moved by so fast. Little Jun is GROWING UP! Sad to say that I shall be missing these kids in the long holidays, yeh, even the dude that is disgusted by my bubbliness, why not :)

And so, I have a date with my lecture notes and Sherwood, then I be off to Hanhdorf in zee morning!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

...so close.

It's one disappointment after the other.. Mother freaking should have won that game. 23-25 in the third set. AND I WAS LEADING 16-10. How stupid is that?
Like they always say.. so close- yet so far. Gosh, feeling like quite the philosophical one tonight arn't we? Sheesh.
Usually losing singles wouldn't bother me so much (since I'm usually pretty shiz haha), but today after losing I felt like punching a wall. Why? Maybe it was because I wanted to win so badly. Or maybe just cause thats what people do in the movies when they get frustrated. LOL But you know, since I technically AM a girl.. I was all 'I'm cool with losing, t-y for the awesome game.' Although I did chuck my racket a couple times- My hands were sweaty, I swear! LOL. nah but seriously, they were. No kidding la! Oh so hot today.

meh. I'll do better next time. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Grizzle bear.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I never knew that everything was fallin' through.

Tournament on today. Such a great way to start the morning, with a nice, heated shouting match across the breakfast table between my brother, my dad and my mum. Not.. obviously.
It was, to be honest my brother's fault, although my dad does sometimes cross the line.
At times like these, I wish my older brother were still around.. When shiz went down in the house, he was always there to make things right. He would calm my dad down, bring me back into the house from when my dad would kick me out, and cheer my mum up afterwards. Too bad he's not here to do that anymore.. so who's going to do those things now?
..I can't do any of those things. Just sit there like an idiot, eating my vegemite and toast.
In the end, they all end up crying. Even my dad, as much as he tries to cover it up. Whereas me, being the most wonnnnderful daughter/sister.. just walked back to my room.
sigh.. so useless.

Yup, this was indeed another addition to my recent series of sad posts.. DEAL WITH IT. lol i joke. I'm sorry peeps.. but thats just how it is. Happy posts be up soon! Fingers crossed :)
OH, here is something happy.. wish me good luck, noobs!! For the tournament. Although truthfully speaking I don't have high hopes at all. Not even medium hopes. LOL but thats fine. It shall still be fun. I'll make it fun.

Ps. title comes from The Fray- over my head.
♥ the fray. Only just 'discovered' them. Indeed, I'm quite behind. Like their other songs too.. You found me and How to save a life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just not right now.

Yep, this is abit like how I feel at the moment.
No, not depressed, suicidal or any of that don't worry. Tonight I just felt.. I can't even describe it. The photo does a better job. Anti-social, down, unhappy, sad, cbf and that feeling of just wanting to curl up into a ball and ball your eyes out. My usual happy chappyness had completely disappeared, along with my retarded smile.
Funny thing is, that I couldn't even tell you why. Hilarious. I can't pin point an exact reason, or maybe thats because its not just one thing.
This shiz better be just something crazy going on with my damn hormones. Otherwise I'm afraid there is something wrong with me.
I'm sure I be fine in the morning.

In other news, Its hot. Because I'm here. wink-a-doodle

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Say, I remember we were drivin', drivin' in your car-

Speed so fast I felt like I was drunk, city lights lay out before us and your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder

.. lyrics sound so much better when sung.. than written down.. on this blog. I feel so cheesy/corny/gay when I type out certain lyrics that otherwise would have sounded so awesome in song. Fast car-by Boyce avenue feat. Kina Grannis if you're interested. ♥ It sounds so mellow. so romantic. Melt yo' heart like a microwave melts cheese. CHEESUS! Can't stop playing it. Listened to the original but nup- the cover definately butters my toast.

Past few days have been.. hmm.. I don't know. Just getting through uni and such. Oh damn.. I found out that this girl in my group dislikes me.... oh damn. It was really a bad feeling when I found out. I felt so sad. I mean I'd be okay with it if I was actually acting like a beeeeetch to her, or did something to make her dislike me.. but I haven't.
Really, who could dislike me? ;) HAHA all jokes aside.. this really sucks. It actually made me less than coolbeans for the rest of the day. Sigh. :(

Anywho.. moving on from the that gay story. Last night at Lisa's b'day, the theme was Beauty and the Geeks. Maaan, I wish i'd gotten a picture of the 'geeks'. They looked so... geeky.
Me already being a natural beauty meant that I didn't have to dress up. LOL I JOKE DUDE. But anyways, was fun. Although I don't get why people go to lounges. What is there to do!? Just sit there and shout at each other over the super loud shitty brazillian music? Haha.. exotic.

And yes, story of my life. Cool story bro?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still in love with you.

..true story.
new song by wang leehom, my idol. Well.. my idol besides my epic older brother, which you all know I look up to. No I'm not just saying this on the possibility that he might be stalking reading this, but yeh. You all know how much I want to be the female version of him. Cept much prettyful. OMG I just remembered back in primary school year6, doing a speech about him for the topic 'Someone you admire'. This again is starting to sound a leeeetle freaky, so I shall stop with this. Go check out the song. LOL I bet it already slipped your mind that I was talking about a song, ehy? What with me rambling on about nothing coolbeans. OH. Stereo hearts- by Gym class heroes feat. Adam Levine. ♥ good song. Trust me. It'll make your day just that little bit brighter, and make you want to die in a hole less.

Sigh. Have you.. ever.. stopped yourself from doing something.. in fear of rejection? Being scared shizzle-less of getting shut down.. Oh dayum.. thinking about what everyone says about only living life once, and doing whats best for you. Living 'in the moment'. Trouble is.. just what is best for me right now!? I don't even know myself. I am con-fudging-fused to what I'm supposed to think, what I'm supposed to do.. and how I'm supposed to feel right now.
Yup, this is me. Wallowing in self-pity. Time to stop being so noob, and be coolbeans instead :)

In other news, 4 weeks til exams. Woopwoopdewoop. Just finished studying about the Renal system after badminton, then dayum. Realised that I've got stuff due tomorrow. gg to me, now I be up.. aaaaall night long.

..aaaand hes gone :\ jeebus.

Friday, October 7, 2011

"You can't go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate."

But apparently I can. LOL. I made Peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes yesterday. "Jun can bake" you say? Haha.. have not touched the oven in about two years.. so I admit, I'm a little rusty. Well after two hours of hard work, the result..

I thought they looked quite edible.. appetizing even! Turns out I overloaded on the chocolate and they're now super rich cupcakes. Good for a sugar rush! :D haha.. Not a bad effort for a first try.
So what was the reason for Jun being in the kitchen? lol. Somebody's smart idea to go to the beach and have a picnic in this weather..-_- Yesterday was quite cold.. the sun had disappeared behind the gloomy, gloomy clouds. But we still went along with the picnic plan. Although the sun did finally come out in the late afternoon! Ahhh.. laying there on the sand with the warm sun..coolbeans to the max.
Anywho I thought my cupcakes looked really nice. Really professional. But then dayummn. One of the guys who came along has suuuuper awesome cookery skills. Gah. Should quit being a student dentist and just be a chef. So pro.. really. My cupcakes looked so... kid-made up against his creations. Sigh.. After putting all the time and effort. LOL but it was a nice relaxing day at the beach (Y) Since it was cold, no one was there. We had the beach all to ourselves!

I begin exam revision tomorrow! So if anyone needs me I'll be in the library. Coolbeans? Coolbeans.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Well, well, well.

WHAT do we have here. It feels like its been a bajillion years since my last post. What have I been up to you say? Well my parents are coming back tomorrow afternoon, so I've been trying to make the most of it I guess. I'm only 18 once, ehy?
UMM, yah. Had an awesome games night over at my place, played a couple rounds of kings, played alot alot of badminton, watched alot of tv series and had a couple 21sts. Last Friday was Woojin's. Man, Stuff happened there that I would never have ever dreamed of. For example a certain someone dancing D: on the off chance that you're reading this, YEH YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. LOL Everyday I shock. Definately shocked. hahaha was good though, glad everyone had fun.. Most definately a night to remember.
Then Saturday was Sam's 21st. Got to catch up with old highschool friends and just sit around talking. You'll never guess, I got more comments on how I'm getting bigger. Sideways. IT MUST BE TRUE D: lol. Its okay. Once my parents get back I'll stop with the migoreng and copious amounts of pasta.
LOL look what I found. Unfortunately it tastes almost the same as every other beer. I thought you know, It should have had some kind of magical taste.

The number of bottles on the table does not correlate to how much we drank. I didn't drink much, I swear! Such duh good girl :)
Last night was my last night of freedom, badminton peeps met up and we went out partyin' partyin' yeh! Don't worry la, very safe. Safety first. LOL what am I saying?
Ended up staying out til quite late/early morning and crashing at a friends place. Borrowed a shirt to sleep in since I was starting to smell all smoky from karaoke. Haha.. that rhymed.. And LOOK :D

AWESOME SHIRT, no? LOL. It's what I've always wanted. "your face- 3 million people dislike this." Bahahah... indeed.
Oh sigh. So many good photos but I don't know where they've gone. Maybe on someone elses camera. Too bad, too sad :\
Oh, by the way. Court thing, only got fined $200. LOL waste my time.. Could have just sent me a letter right? How much time would you save!? I waited 2 hours in the waiting room before they finally called me in.. and after I got in they only spent 10 minutes tops.
After pleading guilty, I had to tell them what I had learned from this incident and what I should do next time to avoid these things happening again. WHAT THE JIZZ, i didn't know I had to say anything.. Gah. Scared me lorrr..

Anywho, back to reality tomorrow, going to go back to being an angel :) And yup, study period must start! GET EXCITED!! hehe.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fatty boom ba

Spent the afternoon at uni -getting zero study done, it was such a bright day and I was so bored with my holidays that I thought I should try to cook myself a proper dinner, candle lights and everything! LOL... That and also cause I'm kind of sick of frozen dinners, migoreng, ramen, bowls of cereal and cartons of Up and Go. Once again I'm starting to miss my parents like last time... What would I do without them?
Spent half an hour in Woolworths trying to figure out what to buy, and deciding whether I should get mint, oregano or thyme. Not that it even made a difference.. haha. I got mint incase you were wondering.
Man, I had the most beautiful pasta pictured in my head.. tried to re-create it.. but no, it never turns out right :( But you know, NOT BAD for someone who doesn't cook. Tis why my future husband will be a great one :D

So you see, I'm happy it turned out alright looking! Obviously proud of it or else I wouldn't show you guys!! Haha... So awesome yeeeee? Oh!! And I also put an egg underneath. So when you eat through it you'll find a nice egg, sunny side up! ;) SURPRISE! haha
Although this dinner did take me a long time to make.... gah. And so left me 5 minutes to wolf the whole thing down before going to baddy. Which was fun by the way.. Saw old friends that I hadn't seen for aaaaay-ges.
Although a couple did make comments on how I've gotten fatter. D:
Guess whatever I'm doing now isn't working out. LOLOL... So instead of that making me even more determined >:), I got home and made myself migoreng.

A-grade Finals tomorrow... WISH ME LUCK PLEASE :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm no superman

aaaand Holidays have officially begun! Like.. two days ago. Awesome sauce!? INDEED, YO!
Pubcrawl was quite good, I must say, despite the more than shitty pubcrawl shirt. LOL Dent people know how to party ;)
But then again, you can't have a good night without some kind of drama.. and let me tell you, drama happened. -_- And so now, shiz just got a whole lot more complicated.. Ahh.. every ending seems to lead to new complications.. new issues.. new problems. Enough talk about that though.. can worry about that later.. maybe.. Sorry for the vagueness people! I know its annoying. LIKE YO FACE! But I'm sure I be raging about it on this blog soooooner or later.

Such a noob looking photo, but for some reason its the only photo on my phone. I swear I took more than one.. I guess not. Gah.. My friend Vivian by the way, If you're interested ;)
Last night I went to an 18th, Happy 18th Inam Muhammad! If you don't know which of my Highschool friends Inam is, he's the tall tree-like person. LOL Easy to spot cause the rest of us are so god-damn short! Asians, chh. Didn't join them at Wasai for dinner, cause my epic brother came back from Geelong for holiday and took us out to duh Vietnam restaurant at Ferryden park ;) NNQ baby! Yarr... and then yeh. Joined them at Belgium beer cafe, then moved onto some place called Tequilarea? I have no idea. Not important. Then the rest of the night/morning they party'ed it up at the City nightclub. Was fun :) Hope to see you guys more often.. since I feel like we're drifting ever so far apart :O
Got home looking to crash in my soft, comfy bed.. only to find my brothers friends playing monopoly in the lounge >:/ GRRR.. lol joke. Was good catching up, people. Made migoreng..so much migoreng.

Trying to think about what kind of exciting things I can get up to with these holidays.. must not waste! Haha.. I kid ofcourse. Should head to uni to study. Will do soon. But for tomorrow... JOHNNY ENGRISH, YO! :D Haven't been to a movie in ages, not that it's any better than watching at home, but you know the company is always good- agree?
I have at the moment the strongest urge to play badminton. :\ haven't played since.. last Thursday. D: Unspoken of. LOL.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Dude, too slow.

Waiting for 3am to roll around, so I can take my parents to the airport. Surprising how slow time goes when you have nothing to do. SO now I'm watching Home Shopping on tv. They're selling Genie Bras. The most epic bra in the world, that can hold your jugs in just the right way, for any size boob and every sized woman. No rolled back fat, no armpit fat hanging out. I'm getting me one of those. LOL JOKE. NO BOOBS TO HOLD.

Arr.. one more hour to go. So much time with nothing to do. Gets the ol' brain ticking, doesn't it? One thought leading onto another... and so on and so forth.

Break ups are difficult. And always will be, unless ofcourse you really couldn't care less about the other person anymore. If so, you're kind of abit maybe heaps heartless. Haha.. or you've fallen out of love. Actually, maybe even if that was the case, you'd probably still look back to the good times and miss it every now and again. Having past experience doesn't really help either in terms of managing breakup. Its not like aquired immunity, which gets stronger upon each subsequent contact with the antigen. I'm so smart. You see the smartness in that sentence? Chyeah. Haha.. Anyway. I guess yeh, its a subjective thing. Not that I would know a whole lot about it.

After meeting someone who at some point in time meant the world to you..someone who crossed your mind every single day, someone who used to hold onto you like they never wanted let go, breaking up is effing hard. At first it feels like its the end of the world -just exaggerating a tad-Something's missing from your life and getting up each morning is more of a drag than usual. Every post on tumblr seems to be about some corny relationship crap.

Then after a while, maybe a month or so you think to yourself -no. I'll get through this. Things will be just fine (ofcourse they will eventually). You find things to do to distract yourself and your mind is so busy that you don't dwell on your feelings so much. Now when people ask how you're holding up you tell them 'I'm awesome'. Then later what? Something happens/someone says something that triggers those feelings for that person yet again. Feelings that you thought you had control of... well fo' shizzle my nizzle, you don't.
Then you start to think back to the actual reason you broke up in the first place and whether you could have just sorted things out and pulled through.

Then those feelings about what could have been.
Gosh man, shoulda just pulled out the textbooks and studied instead of blogging. Those feelings suck D:
Lets do some smiling, people!

Cyanide and Happiness are the lols :D

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Like my doodle?

I wonder if its still up on the whiteboard in that room. I swear the new Learning Hub is just a massive distraction. Learning!? More like.. not.. learning. haha.. so many places to chill, toasters to toast, computers to Facebook, and whiteboards to draw on. Not to mention beanbags to make out on! LOL cause yeh, thats what people are doing these days. Well, at least the last few times I passed by the bean bags.. Reow.

Semi-finals was on tonight for A-grade, and yee the AU Black Dragons are through to the Finals, bro! :) Con..gra..tu..laaations.. a celebraaation.. Although probably going to get an ass kicking next week. Zhe, Johnny and Simon playing I think? Oh hot dayum. Shall be a fun finals.

In other news.. Basement-to-pub-crawl on this Friday. What else is conveniently happening this Friday? PARENTS LEAVING TO NZ, chyeahhh boy! Partyin' partyin' YEH! Literally.
I know, i know.. should be studying.. Totally going to regret this and whine about it when exams come in 6weeks, but I shall worry about this at a later date! After parents come back :)
I was thinking that I shouldn't be taking advantage of their absence to have fun... But.. I'm young. PLENTY of time to mature up later.
To the people who think I've changed.. Ofcourse I have. That's what people do. That's what life is about! For now, I'll keep being myself. Albeit a little annoying, but still.. myself.
Again, this kind of crap I shall worry about.. at a later date!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Get ready for yet another .. depressing post. Don't want to read it? Yeh I probably wouldn't want to either LOLOL. Sigh.. It has come another period in my life where shit just happens.
I don't mind if stuff happens to me that you know, consists of boy trouble, uni or friends. That I can deal with. However when shit happens with my FAMILY, thats when life starts to kick me in the damn uterus. ooo.. uterus. I actually don't know where that is.

So I just came home.. and yes I know. Tis quite late. But I was just at a friends house for a 21st, sitting around making conversation with people that I know my parents would trust. I know.. I shouldn't have come home so late, only after my dad rang twice to ask why we wern't home yet. I know. My bad i knowwww!
But really.. you know where I am, who I'm with, what I'm doing.. Why does it worry you so much that you need to stay awake until I get home? Even more, sit on the armchair waiting when I open the door with your hands and legs crossed.
SHIZ man.. the moment I walked into the house I could feel the tension.
My dad was like "both of you, sit down."
OH DAYUM, we're having the talk arn't we. LOL not about the birds and the bees obviously.
.. I just don't get how my dad thinks that the only way I'll understand why he's so angry is by yelling and screaming at me. Accusing me of being the shittest daughter anyone could ever have, and that I'm useless and good for nothing.
Telling me that I'm shit isn't going to motivate me to get better. All it's going to do is lower my self esteem. But I guess he hasn't caught on yet. Maybe I'll wait another 18 years.
You don't HAVE to yell and scream at your 18/19 year old children. If it's not working.. shouldn't you try another tactic? Sensible conversation would be nice once in a while..
I know it sounds so.. spoilt and selfish but.. they say that I should act like an adult, always telling me to be responsible and take everything I do seriously.. But they treat me so.. childish. Would you yell at an adult who made a mistake?
Tonight I just felt like I was that little 8 year old again, getting yelled at for kicking that one mean boy in my class in the shins.

Monday, September 12, 2011

AH, poop.

Well people, I'm sure you all know, wherever you are in the world that yesterday was indeed Septmeber 11. I don't really pay attention to these things, but while I was surfing the web yesterday, I saw somewhere that it's been 10 years since the 9/11 incident. Ten years. I thought it was just four or five years ago.. How time flies, ehy? But thats beside the point.
Then I started reading through random blogs, and one of my friends had written about the incident, watching youtube videos of what happened.. and interviews of people that had lost someone they loved. It was such a sad piece of writing.. coming from someone so young. Seriously thumbs up to her. She mentioned watching children as young as 10 years old, looking into the camera, telling us that the world is no longer safe. I'm just thinking..What was I doing when I was 10 years old? Happily playing with my grandma and brothers on the swings in our backyard.. waking up to my dad singing, piggy backing me to the kitchen to eat his pancakes.. thats what. These children.. having to face such a cruel reality so early in their lives.. what the eff.

Ten years later..somewhere, a girl my age would be laying on her bed crying.. mourning the death of her loved ones..longing for them to come back. For the people in her life who left without saying goodbye.
I'm sitting here.. just feeling so pathetic for feeling down about anything in my life at the moment.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

You had a lot of crooks tryn' to steal your heart,

Never really had luck, couldn't never figure out
How to love.

Such a meaningful song even though its by lil wayne who I can't stand to listen to. HAHA. Don't hurt me.
Saturday afternoons are almost never very productive.
Needing to get a move on with my ILA assignment, since its due very soon and I've been spending the last few days chilling, badmintoning and what else- Oh yeah I ended up going to the show.
It was an impulse thing. Peeps just rang up late yesterday afternoon and told me that they have staff tickets to go to the show.. I got all excited but when I turned up- No staff tickets.
Sigh.. LOL oh well.. thankful that they managed to drag me to the show, I'd forgotten how fun the atmosphere was! :) Definitely smile-worthy.

But nope, not my fat elephant to keep.

Going to a joint 21st tonight, Gossip girl theme? Sigh. You know how much I ceebs for themes. :\ not that I'm a killjoy or anything- no matter how much I sound like one-, but sigh. Now I have to at least try to dress up. Gossip girl, chhh-_-peeps going to be rocking their sexy dresses off, i'll just be chillin' like a cucumber ;) Oh well. After party at Zhe's (Y) naice.
Whats the time? 5:45pm, people. Guess I should go sleep for a while then figure out what to wear. LOL lazy ass.
Heels... going to impair my feet tonight.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting replaced.

Thats right Pikachu. No longer will you be the one who gets my much-awesome hugs at night.
SHAAABAMMM!! Rilakkuma takes over.

LOLOLOL DID YOU LAUGH!? Cause I laughed so hard that I cried when I looked at this photo. LOL at my face! Hahaha.. made my day. Smile! :)

Sigh. My tiny single bed is being taken over by the growing collection of soft toys.-_- Got another box full sitting by my door. LOL I've literally lost half of my sleeping space D:
Haha, Thankyou to Yu-Li and Lidya for getting me such an awesomely cute present for my belated 18th! Tonight it shall be sleeping with me ;)
Also, to my happy chappy awesome sauce- coolest dad in my world.. Happy Father's day ♥. My dad and I, we be cool beans together. It's how we roll. LOL. Yes ofcourse, we have our fights and arguments. But at the end of the day, I know he does it because he wants me to be as awesome a person as possible :) THanks Babaaa :D You know you love me. Even though you'll never say it==. Cause you're not cheesy. Mabes thats why you also don't like to eat cheesy things. And TERRIBLE with emotions I must say. But I admit, I did enjoy that long talk about relationships-amongst other things- with the family today. HAHA.
Dad is strongly hinting that I should bring home a boy soon. Oh hot dayumm. Cause when I graduate and start working- All the good ones will be gone! And the ones that are available will be like last nights leftovers. Shitt. LOL JOKE. hahah.. but nah. No rush. I shall take it slow. Too bad too sad, dad!

"Telling your bf you're pregnant by posting Happy Father's day on his wall."
HAHA. When the time comes- Will do, facebook. Will do. (Y)