Thursday, July 29, 2010

The good old days,

Where my biggest problem was if my dad found out that I buried my lunch in the sand so i wouldn't have to eat it.

I never thought that this day would come.
UMAT is finally over!!! I won't have to do it ever again in my lifetime. Hopefully.
I've never really thought about what I would do if i don't get into dentistry or medicine.. I guess I'd better start making some serious back-up plans!

7:45am Arrived at the testing location, the Jockey club at Morphetville. After almost 13 years in Adelaide, I had never been to/seen this place before xD ..its MASSIVE.

8:15am After waiting in line to register, the line starts to move....slowly..

9:10am All 1000+ of us are finally seated, taking up three whole levels of the building, sitting in rows where my elbow was almost on someone elses desk. Thats how close the little desks were to each other. No space!! Cheating is not a problem, because everyone has a different paper =S
I went into the test room thinking " i can do this.. be positive.." then i was all calm and ready to go...
As soon as i looked at the question booklet, my hands started shaking...== and when i tried to underline key words, they came out as a weird squiggle almost crossing out the word..

12:16am The fat lady tells us to put our HB pencils down, everything is over so fast.. Barely had enough time to finish but nevertheless i finished :)

It was really all the waiting that almost killed me =P just standing inline, looking at all the people next to you and wondering how smart they are..
Being early into the test room, and watching the room slowly fill up with kids that look the definition of SMART. Man, that scared me shitlesssss

Now i can just focus on year12 =) get a good TER, and do my best!! woopwoop

But i can't believe that I've actually done and finished the umat.. it seems unreal... Maybe because I still feel like a little kid, the fact that I'm going to uni real soon hasn't sunk in yet!

Hope that all my work towards umat has paid off.. and if it doesnt, well...yes, I'll be disappointed and all.. but it'll be fine..theres always something else :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tired of pretending everythings ok. Tears are starting to show, my smile is fading away.

2:10am, what am I doing still up? no idea.. but my brain just wont turn off..

THREE more days until umat.
I'll get through this ~ the moment i step out of that hall.. just thinking about it makes me excited!!

I'm off to bed, goodnight :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

..and when i was going through tough times, you made it even harder.

You only ever thought about yourself. None of what i wanted to do really mattered to you, did it?
I didn't realise how shallow you are, that the only things that matter to you are the different types of branded shoes you have, the number of girls you're leading on, and where to stand so that the wind doesn't blow your fringe the wrong way. A trillion times i heard you judging people you didn't even know, saying "Dude, I hate his hair."
I'd like to say that i want the old you back, but the old you was fake. Either that or you've changed. massively. Into the biggest prick in the world :)

It was easy letting go of you, but i still hold on to the memories we made together. Thats the hardest part.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fingers Crossed.

So yesterday I realised that I spend WAY too much time on facebook and stuff.. and so I deactivated my account. Too bad that i have almost NO self-restraint, and so Im back on facebook :)
FIVE. The number of days left until UMAT. You would expect me to be all urgent and study 24/7..which is what I should be doing.. epic fail at that too..
since when did i become such a lazy potato..
UMAT is superawesomelyimportant. This is what decides whether i spend my days as an awesome doctor or dentist.. or whether I'll work in some other profession.. bum cleaning anybody? :D hhahah no-_-
So wish me luck peoples!^-^ Seriously, i'll need all the luck i can get>_<
Anyways, its positive thinking from now on, because if i just believe in myself i can do it :D HAHA. sure sure :)

Well, umat is on the 28th of July. after that... PARTYYYYYY hehehe
I'm so going to enjoy my life once i walk out of the examination hall.

Onto another topic, Tasmania was almost awesome (Y).
If it wernt for the freezing weather and the need to wake up early everyday, i'd say it was fair awesome!
Doing what i love for 9 days straight.. what more can i ask for ^-^ ahha but yeh after playing constantly for that long i actually started to get sick of it D: something that i swear has never happened before..
Its ok now though, im back to my badminton loving self :) although i rekon those 9 days of not doing any work has affected my studying powers ..
I can't study for long periods of time by myself anymore.
kinda sucks cuz i used to be able to do it when needed. My 2000word essay is due tomorow, ive only done about half and im still on my laptop procrastinating.. Im fairly screwed for tomorow then..... aiyerrrr

so WISH ME LUCK ok? ^-^ for my umat, if you do and i get into medicine, i'll cure you for a special price :D LOL.