Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm feeling so blue :\

Guess what my dad won for me, playing those claw-hand skill testers? I guess my dad is just full of win. :D SO CUTE. I squealed like a noob-ster when I saw it. Smurf smurf smurf smurf smurf.
Tis 11pm and lucky my Dad woke me up, or else my plans for a productive night/morning would have epicly failed. Then I'd get that sense of gayness when I don't follow my schedules. No, not obsessed with studying at all :D
It's been a while since I pulled an all-nighter! Shiieeeeet, I was thinking back to last semester exams, I complained almost everyday about how much study I had not done. I guess I've improved on that aspect since then! .. Or mabes I've just been too busy with other things to blog about it :P Yup, I think its the latter.
Indeed, it is about time for me to bitch about how gay studying is and how I should have should have should have started earlier blah blah blah. But anywho, moving aside from that, after going to the 'learning' hub to learn this morning/afternoon, I went to woolies, picked up some brain food, then went back home and slept.
What do I mean by brain food? Well, a jumbo pack of Allen's classic party mix (cause apparently Classic is better), and two cans of 'Wicked'. What is wicked? LOL cheap version of V or Redbull I'm guessing, since it was on sale. *puts on Russell Peter's accent* If its on sale, what do ya want? Hahah..

So my first year is technically over, after the last class meeting yesterday afternoon. Oo! Even got a photo to show you how small our cohort is.

Shall we play Spot the white people? LOL. Had a great year guys, and many more to come. Well. Not really. 4years to go, woop woop! An enjoyable year that I.. don't really remember much of. HAHA well this is awkward. But then again, alot has happened this year- it's all just moved by so fast. Little Jun is GROWING UP! Sad to say that I shall be missing these kids in the long holidays, yeh, even the dude that is disgusted by my bubbliness, why not :)

And so, I have a date with my lecture notes and Sherwood, then I be off to Hanhdorf in zee morning!

Sunday, October 23, 2011 close.

It's one disappointment after the other.. Mother freaking should have won that game. 23-25 in the third set. AND I WAS LEADING 16-10. How stupid is that?
Like they always say.. so close- yet so far. Gosh, feeling like quite the philosophical one tonight arn't we? Sheesh.
Usually losing singles wouldn't bother me so much (since I'm usually pretty shiz haha), but today after losing I felt like punching a wall. Why? Maybe it was because I wanted to win so badly. Or maybe just cause thats what people do in the movies when they get frustrated. LOL But you know, since I technically AM a girl.. I was all 'I'm cool with losing, t-y for the awesome game.' Although I did chuck my racket a couple times- My hands were sweaty, I swear! LOL. nah but seriously, they were. No kidding la! Oh so hot today.

meh. I'll do better next time. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Grizzle bear.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

I never knew that everything was fallin' through.

Tournament on today. Such a great way to start the morning, with a nice, heated shouting match across the breakfast table between my brother, my dad and my mum. Not.. obviously.
It was, to be honest my brother's fault, although my dad does sometimes cross the line.
At times like these, I wish my older brother were still around.. When shiz went down in the house, he was always there to make things right. He would calm my dad down, bring me back into the house from when my dad would kick me out, and cheer my mum up afterwards. Too bad he's not here to do that anymore.. so who's going to do those things now?
..I can't do any of those things. Just sit there like an idiot, eating my vegemite and toast.
In the end, they all end up crying. Even my dad, as much as he tries to cover it up. Whereas me, being the most wonnnnderful daughter/sister.. just walked back to my room.
sigh.. so useless.

Yup, this was indeed another addition to my recent series of sad posts.. DEAL WITH IT. lol i joke. I'm sorry peeps.. but thats just how it is. Happy posts be up soon! Fingers crossed :)
OH, here is something happy.. wish me good luck, noobs!! For the tournament. Although truthfully speaking I don't have high hopes at all. Not even medium hopes. LOL but thats fine. It shall still be fun. I'll make it fun.

Ps. title comes from The Fray- over my head.
♥ the fray. Only just 'discovered' them. Indeed, I'm quite behind. Like their other songs too.. You found me and How to save a life.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just not right now.

Yep, this is abit like how I feel at the moment.
No, not depressed, suicidal or any of that don't worry. Tonight I just felt.. I can't even describe it. The photo does a better job. Anti-social, down, unhappy, sad, cbf and that feeling of just wanting to curl up into a ball and ball your eyes out. My usual happy chappyness had completely disappeared, along with my retarded smile.
Funny thing is, that I couldn't even tell you why. Hilarious. I can't pin point an exact reason, or maybe thats because its not just one thing.
This shiz better be just something crazy going on with my damn hormones. Otherwise I'm afraid there is something wrong with me.
I'm sure I be fine in the morning.

In other news, Its hot. Because I'm here. wink-a-doodle

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Say, I remember we were drivin', drivin' in your car-

Speed so fast I felt like I was drunk, city lights lay out before us and your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder

.. lyrics sound so much better when sung.. than written down.. on this blog. I feel so cheesy/corny/gay when I type out certain lyrics that otherwise would have sounded so awesome in song. Fast car-by Boyce avenue feat. Kina Grannis if you're interested. ♥ It sounds so mellow. so romantic. Melt yo' heart like a microwave melts cheese. CHEESUS! Can't stop playing it. Listened to the original but nup- the cover definately butters my toast.

Past few days have been.. hmm.. I don't know. Just getting through uni and such. Oh damn.. I found out that this girl in my group dislikes me.... oh damn. It was really a bad feeling when I found out. I felt so sad. I mean I'd be okay with it if I was actually acting like a beeeeetch to her, or did something to make her dislike me.. but I haven't.
Really, who could dislike me? ;) HAHA all jokes aside.. this really sucks. It actually made me less than coolbeans for the rest of the day. Sigh. :(

Anywho.. moving on from the that gay story. Last night at Lisa's b'day, the theme was Beauty and the Geeks. Maaan, I wish i'd gotten a picture of the 'geeks'. They looked so... geeky.
Me already being a natural beauty meant that I didn't have to dress up. LOL I JOKE DUDE. But anyways, was fun. Although I don't get why people go to lounges. What is there to do!? Just sit there and shout at each other over the super loud shitty brazillian music? Haha.. exotic.

And yes, story of my life. Cool story bro?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still in love with you.

..true story.
new song by wang leehom, my idol. Well.. my idol besides my epic older brother, which you all know I look up to. No I'm not just saying this on the possibility that he might be stalking reading this, but yeh. You all know how much I want to be the female version of him. Cept much prettyful. OMG I just remembered back in primary school year6, doing a speech about him for the topic 'Someone you admire'. This again is starting to sound a leeeetle freaky, so I shall stop with this. Go check out the song. LOL I bet it already slipped your mind that I was talking about a song, ehy? What with me rambling on about nothing coolbeans. OH. Stereo hearts- by Gym class heroes feat. Adam Levine. ♥ good song. Trust me. It'll make your day just that little bit brighter, and make you want to die in a hole less.

Sigh. Have you.. ever.. stopped yourself from doing something.. in fear of rejection? Being scared shizzle-less of getting shut down.. Oh dayum.. thinking about what everyone says about only living life once, and doing whats best for you. Living 'in the moment'. Trouble is.. just what is best for me right now!? I don't even know myself. I am con-fudging-fused to what I'm supposed to think, what I'm supposed to do.. and how I'm supposed to feel right now.
Yup, this is me. Wallowing in self-pity. Time to stop being so noob, and be coolbeans instead :)

In other news, 4 weeks til exams. Woopwoopdewoop. Just finished studying about the Renal system after badminton, then dayum. Realised that I've got stuff due tomorrow. gg to me, now I be up.. aaaaall night long.

..aaaand hes gone :\ jeebus.

Friday, October 7, 2011

"You can't go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate."

But apparently I can. LOL. I made Peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes yesterday. "Jun can bake" you say? Haha.. have not touched the oven in about two years.. so I admit, I'm a little rusty. Well after two hours of hard work, the result..

I thought they looked quite edible.. appetizing even! Turns out I overloaded on the chocolate and they're now super rich cupcakes. Good for a sugar rush! :D haha.. Not a bad effort for a first try.
So what was the reason for Jun being in the kitchen? lol. Somebody's smart idea to go to the beach and have a picnic in this weather..-_- Yesterday was quite cold.. the sun had disappeared behind the gloomy, gloomy clouds. But we still went along with the picnic plan. Although the sun did finally come out in the late afternoon! Ahhh.. laying there on the sand with the warm sun..coolbeans to the max.
Anywho I thought my cupcakes looked really nice. Really professional. But then dayummn. One of the guys who came along has suuuuper awesome cookery skills. Gah. Should quit being a student dentist and just be a chef. So pro.. really. My cupcakes looked so... kid-made up against his creations. Sigh.. After putting all the time and effort. LOL but it was a nice relaxing day at the beach (Y) Since it was cold, no one was there. We had the beach all to ourselves!

I begin exam revision tomorrow! So if anyone needs me I'll be in the library. Coolbeans? Coolbeans.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Well, well, well.

WHAT do we have here. It feels like its been a bajillion years since my last post. What have I been up to you say? Well my parents are coming back tomorrow afternoon, so I've been trying to make the most of it I guess. I'm only 18 once, ehy?
UMM, yah. Had an awesome games night over at my place, played a couple rounds of kings, played alot alot of badminton, watched alot of tv series and had a couple 21sts. Last Friday was Woojin's. Man, Stuff happened there that I would never have ever dreamed of. For example a certain someone dancing D: on the off chance that you're reading this, YEH YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. LOL Everyday I shock. Definately shocked. hahaha was good though, glad everyone had fun.. Most definately a night to remember.
Then Saturday was Sam's 21st. Got to catch up with old highschool friends and just sit around talking. You'll never guess, I got more comments on how I'm getting bigger. Sideways. IT MUST BE TRUE D: lol. Its okay. Once my parents get back I'll stop with the migoreng and copious amounts of pasta.
LOL look what I found. Unfortunately it tastes almost the same as every other beer. I thought you know, It should have had some kind of magical taste.

The number of bottles on the table does not correlate to how much we drank. I didn't drink much, I swear! Such duh good girl :)
Last night was my last night of freedom, badminton peeps met up and we went out partyin' partyin' yeh! Don't worry la, very safe. Safety first. LOL what am I saying?
Ended up staying out til quite late/early morning and crashing at a friends place. Borrowed a shirt to sleep in since I was starting to smell all smoky from karaoke. Haha.. that rhymed.. And LOOK :D

AWESOME SHIRT, no? LOL. It's what I've always wanted. "your face- 3 million people dislike this." Bahahah... indeed.
Oh sigh. So many good photos but I don't know where they've gone. Maybe on someone elses camera. Too bad, too sad :\
Oh, by the way. Court thing, only got fined $200. LOL waste my time.. Could have just sent me a letter right? How much time would you save!? I waited 2 hours in the waiting room before they finally called me in.. and after I got in they only spent 10 minutes tops.
After pleading guilty, I had to tell them what I had learned from this incident and what I should do next time to avoid these things happening again. WHAT THE JIZZ, i didn't know I had to say anything.. Gah. Scared me lorrr..

Anywho, back to reality tomorrow, going to go back to being an angel :) And yup, study period must start! GET EXCITED!! hehe.