Sunday, August 22, 2010


>:) see this face? This is the face of determination. And thats what im gona be tomorow, determined!!!!

Tomorow is the semi-finals and finals of the South Australian Badminton Open tournament.
Im in semi-finals for..
B-grade Mixed and doubles, didnt play singles
A-grade Mixed and singles, didnt play doubles :)

Wish me the best of luck! I'll come back with a few trophies hopefully?
Today was such a long day, it began at 9am when we arrived at the stadium.. and i was there until 7:30 D: so long right..
thats TEN and a HALF hours.
Thats how much we love our sport ;) wahah..-_-
although there was alot of time used just to sit around waiting..

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Inspire Me.

SO, i figure im getting a little pudgy around the edges :)
what with all the sitting down and studying like a nerd :P teehee
so im gona go on a diet. Well, lets not call it a diet, lets call it a healthy eating plan :D ahahha

I'll keep this Blog updated, so i HAVE to tell you guys how much ive gained/ loss-_- so that i dont cheat and just give up, good thinking right? lol..
Everytime i try this kind of stuff, i fail because.. well, my will power is just not that great :(

it will be this time :) i havnt worn a tank top out in agessssss~ looking forward to in the summer :D
its gona be legend.. wait for it.... DARY. bahahhaha

Well, yeh the plan is, to eat a good sized breakfast, cereal and stuff, then for lunch eat something moderately healthy.
Dinner can't be controlled as much because if I dont eat with my parents they'll kick my ass :P haha.. maaaannn, my mum offers me something to eat literally every half hour >< hehe love my mum..
OH, and nothing after dinner, no supper, no milo.... D:

WELL THEN, wish me luck kids =) im off to do the impossible.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just TEN more weeks.

In ten weeks, guess what i'll be doing? End of year exams. bahahha.. you probly think im like heaps hyped up for it :D but no. i only know this because my tutor keeps telling us. Lol he said hes gona make a countdown for it lol.. that excited little singaporean..
Well hopefully i'll be able to study hard for it ! :)

Maann.. Just came back from tutoring, its almost 11pm, and i went at 3:30. thats DEDICATION right there!!! bahha.. just kidding, i swear when i study at home for like an hour, it feels like more than i study at tuition D: ahhah or maybe im just weird.

Hm.. so Seventeen doesnt feel all that different.. still feel small :P eheheh..

oo i watched Valentines Day today at home before tuition, Its really sweet :) But i guess.. this is how people get disappointed in relationships. They watch these kind of movies and then expect real life to be like that. Tell you what, they'r in for a nice surprise :) hahaha..

Watched A Cinderella Story too, yerh i know, these are all old movies..but yeh i dont usually watch movies that often :P

Cinderealla story was really good i rekon :) its so cutee!! and Chad Michael Murray.. maaaannn.. i like i like ;) HAhha.. well yeh, it was just fun to watch i guess!
ahHA oh yeh ! this was the massive chair that we saw at WalkersArms, the place we went for Johnny's 20th :) ahhaha.. That is an epic chair that id like to buy if i ever get rich xD

Monday, August 9, 2010


And now I'm seventeen :D
it was an extremely quiet birthday this year, but still awesome.. and now i can't wait til i turn 18!! So that i can have a SUPER party woooooo ~

I made a wish before blowing out the candles on my dog shaped cake BAHAH.. it was heaaaps cuute!! But it was mostly all cream, =P thumbs up for BreadTop!

All the birthday wishes from everyone really made my day :)

Happy 20th to Johnny as well! Last night we went to a lookout in the hills with friends from badminton, the lookout was heaps beautiful ♥.. had a great time :) I bet everyone on living on that hill could hear the laughter^-^ stupid Le kept hiding behind bushes trying to be scary xD epic fail i'd say.
wahh it was actually pretty scary at times, on top of a hill, so dark you cant see whats in those bushes...*shivers*
and freezed my toes off :P

These are memories I'd like to never forget :)