Tuesday, May 31, 2011

its the way you said it

Tonight I was thinking about.. you know, life. Life. sounds like knife. LOL sounds like a fob trying to SAY knife! HAHA.. just can't help myself, I crack myself up!! :D

When you get into a fight standing up for something important to you.. is it worth it? I thought about it. I was just telling a friend how I regret that fight with my parents months ago. How I wish it never happened and how it wasn't even worth it. I mean what did it accomplish? All I did was cause my parents to lose trust in me, make them more protective, more worried. For what?
I didn't gain at all. Why risk so much..

But then I was told to look at it from another point of view..
It wasn't wasted. I stood up for something that was important to me. Alot of people don't stand up for themselves, I kind of still can't believe i had the guts to talk back to my dad :\ seeing that fire in his eyeballs. AH!! LOL.
I guess by standing up for that important thing at that moment in your life, it just goes to show how confident you are about who you are, and what you want. Some people let life just pass them by and give in to everyone cause it's just the easier option.
But over time.. just who are you living for? Why arn't you happy.
I'm not saying you should just go and pick fights with people for every single thing you disagree to. There needs to be alot of give and take? I'm just saying.. don't let people walk over the things/people that are important to you. You wouldn't keep your mouth shut if I called your girlfriend a bitch, would you? .. and if you just disagreed with me on that note.. either you don't actually care about her, or you're just a fail in life. Either way you don't even deserve to be in a relationship.
I don't know if you really understand what I'm trying to say but. :\ i tried. LOL
Also.. if you're just sitting there waiting for your life to turn around.. for your life to get 'better'. How the CHICKEN is it going to get better if you're not making the effort to change it

Sunday, May 29, 2011

No, it's not okay.

Putting down how I feel on this blog has become pretty stupid, so I made another blog :) Too bad it's a secret blog, and none shall pass.
Yus, i've become one of those.

So..What do pirates use to blow their nose?
.. Anchorchiefs! HAHAHAHAH
Got that one off Tengwei's little sister, who by the way turned 13 recently :) yay for her teen years to come. Makes me want to be a kid again.. spending hours infront of the teevee watching Arthur, Babaar and Rugratz, doing times tables for homework, reading Harry Potter before bed, and not liking boys. That was the life wasn't it.

Totally unrelated, but why not? :D

Today was alright, I think I've just accepted that I suck at singles. Well, I won my singles games but they were games that wern't worth celebrating if you know what I mean. And so tomorrow I will die. But positive thinking, right? You believe in me.. right? LOL. no you don't but that is ok.-_-
Doubles with Verdet is a breeze, since she's so awesome sauce.
Mixed doubles start tomorrow, so yeh. You people should be subconsciously wishing us luck all day tomorrow, ya know? But it should be alright, cause Ian's going to play very awesome tomorrow, arn't you IAN WONG!? Yeh, thats what I thought.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Thursday, May 26, 2011

its a write off

accidents happen. and i should be glad it happened this way, where no one was hurt.
Fudge man.. i was on my way home from work, just thinking about things.. let my mind drift away and the next thing I know there is a huge bang and the air bags exploded in my face. So angry at myself. don't even know what to say. fugging asian girl drivers right..
so the owner of the parked getz was pretty upset. yes it was parked. (WHO CRASHES INTO A PARKED CAR!!?!?!) ..didn't say anything to me, just kept oh my goshing. But her neighbours were so kind to me.. just hugged me while i cried.

No i didn't whip out my camera to take photos for my blog. But zhen thought it was cool, he's looking forward to a new car-_-

...i know it sounds cliche, but after things like this happen it really gets you thinking about shit. Everything. like seriously everything :\ questions pop up, the thought that troubled me the most was what would happen if that were a person I hit.. instead of a car. what about if I had passengers in the car with me? how would I ever be able to live with myself knowing that I killed someone? or what about.. if I had died? if the airbags didn't come out? ifjawliegawiegu just scares me. I never thought that I was scared of dying, my dad would always tell me you know, life is going to end, its inevitable. But I don't want to die :(
worst experience ever. but at the same time.. maybe I might appreciate the things I have, before they're gone.

Hmm.. so I'm alright, but still shocked? The first thing that ran through my head after I crashed was 'this isn't happening.' then as the fire engine and the ambulance came, all I wanted to do was to go home. I just..can't believe I could be this careless. Anywho lets not bring this up again LOL if you see me, just pretend this never happened.
So I don't know if you still read my blog or not.. but I wish you were here to hug me..

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

on rainy days

I remember I used to have a proper diary all through highschool, and just wrote about everything. Like every aspect and how I was feeling. When I felt sad, I'd be all like '.......', when I cried I made the page wrinkle. When I got angry I scribbled so hard that pages would rip. Yes, I'm that aggressive. LOL
And if I were extremely happy, I'd draw all over the page and add in smiley faces every sentence. Haha I was just thinking, I'm obviously too emotional for you. ..unfortunately, what with final yr12 exams and other things, I stopped writing.
I miss having something to turn to no matter how I'm feeling.

Its getting harder to find people/places to properly vent and share true feelings with. Not that I don't talk to my friends about these kinds of things.. but there's always limit to how much you can say. I can't say how I reeaaaally feel. Having a blog, yeerh it does help to some extent but. There are certain things I can't talk about here. Really don't want to bother you people with noob stories of my life, my 'feelings' and you know, when and where I am feeling happy/sad/angry. Plus, there is the personal stuff that you shouldn't tell just anyone. Who knows what kind of people are reading this? YOU RIGHT THERE, don't judge me. hahah :)

SO thats what I was just thinking about..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

parties like these

bring out the artieest in me.
Zhen and Peter going to a costume party tonight, dressing as something beginning with the letter 'M'. LOL if it were me, i'd totes go as a giant marshmallow :D

As you can see, I did Peter's awesome makeup. LOL did I say make up? yes he did wear lipstick and eyeliner ;) But ofcourse, what happens in my house stays in my house. And on this blog. bahaha. Suck to be him, I just forbid him to touch his face for a whole night, now he'll know what it feels like to be a cakeface xD

So.. it's a saturday night, got the car, Zhen and Peter just left, no one's at home.. a range of possibilities. Yet I'm still here just blogging away. Guess I could put some music on and dance around the house, just like the old days :D

Friday, May 20, 2011

Doll face

Been thinking about plastic surgery. NOT THAT I WANT TO GET IT, but I know of a couple close ones that do. And the other day I was just casually talking to my friend, he was telling me how people want him to cut his hair short, but he doesn't want to. So I was all like 'Don't cut it then, whats the point if its just going to make you unhappy?'
And he told me that people pressuring him makes him want to change himself, and thats why he got his nose job.
WAIT. what did he say? nose job? Yes, he said nose job.
In addition to that, he told me his dad hates him wearing glasses, and is forcing him to do laser eye surgery. What the shiz man. Why in the world would you do something so... cereal, just to please other people? I mean, the boy doesn't even WANT to change. It really got to me, how much someone would be willing to do just to be.. accepted?
But then again I guess it really is up to you.

I wonder..People that have plastic surgery, when others ask you whether you've had it or not, what do you say?
If you say that you did infact have that nose job, wouldn't people just judge you and think that you're fake? Even if it was just the nose, they'd wonder if everything else was fake too, and question how much of you is 'real'.
But if you went the other way and just lied about it..you'd have to continue lying, and people arn't stupid. There are ways to tell whether someone has had plastic surgery. So you'd just be seen as -that plastic chick who lies about it. Either way there are consequences right? I guess thats just the price you pay in this society. could you BE anymore judgemental?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAH. Funny funny, made my day :D
Anywho, you know something that really confuzzles me!? Those pretty girls that have no self esteem. Really I'm talking about those girls that look close to perfect, even with no makeup on. Just look beautiful without even trying, and furthermore have a beautiful heart. I'm not saying that they're perfect, cause no one is- but you know the girl.
Just cause of a boy. And now all they can think about is 'why did he break up with me?'
And then she wonders if it was because she wasn't pretty enough, not smart enough, not funny enough, not interesting enough. So she starts doubting herself, and pretty soon she starts to look down on herself.
WHY do you do this? I mean yeh, I don't know the full story, i'm not living your life. But how can you be so hung up, over a dude. Yes, you should let it all out, bitch about him for a couple weeks, cry your heart out- it feels good. But really, after months, and YEARS, how can you be crying still? :\ Its not worth it. Even if this dude was some sexy k-pop star, (gikwang :D) you could do so much better.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

who knew goldfish could smile-

I think its because I told a good joke. I want one.
To all the goldfish out there, smile- No one likes a sad goldfish! Chin up, buttercup! :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

well this is something you haven't seen in a while

Today I had planned to do stuff, productive stuff. Since last night the productive stuff I'd planned to do didn't happen, instead I watched a movie with a certain poo-face and we chilled :) But the productive stuff I'd planned for today was yet again a fail, since my study group went to the dent pubcrawl last night and couldn't wake up the next day. hahaha wish I went :'( but then again, there is always next year, and the next, and the next...

Put my nerd glasses on and went to the library all by myself *proud face* :D
But ofcourse, got bored within the first half hour..

and look what happened-_- HAHAHAHAHAH. YEEEEEEHHHHH. Hahahhaha ahhh.. if you didn't 'wtf' at the last picture, there is something MAJORLY wrong with you!!! :P I totes need a study partner next time to make sure this doesn't happen again..And I realise how massive fob-ster and awkward the new glasses look on me.. but i thought- I paid for it, so I might as well use them :)
Sigh. Ok new rule: no social networking or taking retarded pictures of myself when studying. At least until exams are over!

So one more month til exam time, lets all study hard, then relax later :DDDDD CAN'T WAIT FOR THE RELAX PART. my cheesy smile just pops up when I think of the holidays. CHHEEEEEESE. yum. now i'm hungry-_- good one jun, good one.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

yes, sir.

No one seems to be blogging anymore D: Mabes everyone is just too busy with their eventful lives, which reminds me I have to think up a new hobbie. Lol. Hobbie bobbie.
Been busy with study lately, it feels like i've spent a fair amount of time hitting the books, but I'm actually retaining shit all of that info. Feel like a noob to the max. Time to put my thinking cap on and think harder. Haha.. Learning about the heart at the moment. So funny how such strong feelings just come from chemical release. I mean.. what I'm feeling right now.. is cause of some gay chemical? I don't know, it's just a weird thought!

Ever felt ... nevermind. LOL lots on my mind, but I cbf explaining at this time of the night. Quite a wet, cloudy day. Tomorrow is going to be raining and 16. LOL I remember a time when I loved the rain..Its just that this morning it was so damn hard to wake up at 7, and when I woke up I didn't want to get out of bed.. damn this awesome electric blanket. -_- haha I feel like a cheese toastie right now :D
Anyway, morning showers are the worst. I mean, its all good when you're in the shower feeling all nice.. but then you don't want to get out, when you finally get out you freeze, then by the time you get dressed you've missed the bus, waited half an hour in the rain, come into class half an hour late, being told off for not upholding 'professionalism' and then sit there feeling soggy for the rest of the morning. Haha.. story of my life, people. Eggsciting. Which reminds me, i broke my egg-pen for real today. Talk about a less-than-average day :\
The morning stuff was nothing, MY EGG-PEN IS DEAD D: LOL I should go to sleep.

P.s happy 2 months ~(*-*)~ Je-le-fish. get it? yeh you do. Hahahahha...-_-

Saturday, May 7, 2011

You're still..a mystery to me.

Its late, and I don't feel like sleeping at all. Want to write stuff but I can't think of anything.. Needless to say this will be a pretty meh blog, so you can stop reading right here.

But If you're still here I might as well make it worth your while and think of something to talk about, apart from how stressful uni is getting for me, how work is stacking up meaning that its off to the library for me tomorrow on a Saturday, how I can't seem to find a balance between spending time with the dent kids, bestfriends, family, boyfriend, as well as studying and badminton. Well don't we all want to hear about me boohoo'ing all night.. HAHA YEH YOU DO ;) But no, tis not what I'll be talking about..
Let's talk about how stupid I feel, writing on a perfectly good white shirt in permanent texta "Please stop reading my shirt". Yes, yes. I did it just for you guys' entertainment. YOU ENTERTAINED!? Haha good. Let's hope so. The things I would do for you-_-

Today in clinic there was one part where I had to be the patient, and give my medical, dental and social history. My partner, -the awesome vietnamese kimchi-tryhard friend- while waiting for the tutor to sign off consent, was telling me about how he was up last night reading 'The Game'. You all know what that is don't you? It's like a book that apparently 'teaches' you how to pick up. LOL in my opinion, you either have it or you don't. No ones going to fall for these stupid tricks, well.. maybe drunk chicks at the club, if you're into that stuff. But who wants to be in a relationship with someone that has to follow a stupid book to get you keen on him? Haha but whatevs, I guess his aim WAS just to have one night stands and hookups afterall.

Why is it called hookup? Why not hookDOWN!? LOLOLOLOLOL.

Friday, May 6, 2011

cause when a heart breaks no it don't break even.

Such truth in just that simple line. I've never even thought about it like that before. LOL EPIPHANY REACHED! Haha. Does that even make sense.. well it does now.
Realising my new found love for The Script, just can't stop listening to their songs. Lyrics are so special.

So I collected more extracted teeth, but this time not so lucky I rekon.. Although I got alot more, they all have some form of decay, or restoration. Most of them arn't even the whole tooth, all cracked up.. like an egg. Eggcellent :D HAHA but no, really not excellent.

I asked one of my dent friends how many they've collected, "Oh, about 500."
....they've actually got 500. I thought I heard it wrong, but he was for cereal :O What is he, the tooth fairy or something? How do you get 500 teeth!? Bet he stole them. LOL j-k.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Touch it and make it jiggle like a fat lecturer. TOUCH IT!!

I always called those things 'Macaroons'. But apparently they're called 'Macarons'. I got laughed at D: LOL its ok, they were probly laughing WITH me, not AT me, right? Haha thats what I'd like to think.

So we celebrated Zhen's 19th birthday 4 days early, since the old Zhen is leaving for Geelong again tomorrow for uni. Old Zhen and his fiance made green-tea macarons. Arn't they just the cutest!? So green. like a turtle. Awkward turtle.
And the cake and mango jelly pudding are from BreadTop :) So sweet. Mabes a little TOO sweet.

To Zhen: You're the only one that can piss me off so badly, just by the annoying little things that you do. But yeh I guess you're still awesome, I couldn't live without you. HOLYCRAPPERS those sentances rhymed :DD Happy very-early 19th birthday Qiu, :)