Friday, July 29, 2011

Looking for something dumb to do

I wonder if I'll be immature my whole life. Haha, I just can't see myself losing the jokes, giggling at inappropriate things.. laughing at almost everything really. It's just who I am! Just awesome. LOL. Some people probably wish that I grew up and was more mature.. thats like telling me to be less happy. -_- That Mark dude told me I was disgusting again cause of how happy I looked when I asked about his holidays. Grr.. Well isn't he a ray of effking sunshine? :)

Dent basement party tomorrow night, the second one of the year. This time there is a theme. Man, themes. Too much effort. Hahah.. The theme is 'Return of your childhood', which I'm guessing means you dress up as like a cartoon or character from when you were a kid. What the shiz am I supposed to go as.. Gosh, ceebs to the max! Too bad there are no Disney princesses that have long black hair.. cause you know, I'd fit the Princess title well, what with my pretty face. LOLOL Okay, I'll stop. Probably making you gag right now.

What else has been happening.. Just uni. Been using my time better these days. Actually getting study done in uni hours, in breaks, at lunch time. Its very goot! Albeit alittle rone-ry :'( But hey, the work isn't going to do itself. Do you want to do it? ;) Ehyyy, thats what she said. And yeh, I can't study so well with people around, I just talk and talk and joke and talk and joke.

Monday, July 25, 2011

top of the world.

This is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there. I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Belair.

Not really. LOL. Do you remember that Tv show? DO YA!? I do. Got the theme song and everything!
..Just thought you had to know.

As I was in the bathroom, I was thinking about my future. Weird thing to think about in the bathroom, tell me about it.
What made me think about this was because of my parents. They've been travelling quite alot, and I ask them why. They tell me 'we should travel as much as possible while we still can'.
That got me thinking.. what a life. All your children have grown up into awesome people ;), got a new house on the way, made enough money to live comfortably, and now it's time to kick back and relax.
I wouldn't mind being like my parents when I grow up to that age- Go travelling places with my husband after we retire, and when we get too old, stay at home and think up jokes to make each other laugh. HAHA. Totes magotes.
That made me think about life before retirement. There is only really one path I could take.
So I'm in uni right now, studying hard ofcourse :P. What's after that? Hopefully graduate, get a job, get some KACHINGGG! But not without working my ass off first..
Meet some guy that my dad approves of, marry off- Have three children that will blossom into pretty flowers. Handsome tigers if they're dudes. HAha wtfbbq.
Work until I get too old to hold my dentist tools (H) lol.
Ofcourse, I'll always be a badminton freakzoid.

But thats really all I can ever imagine myself doing. Why do I feel sad that my life will be so.. standard?
There was a time I wanted to leave home and be a hairdresser, run away with my gangster boyfriend and start a family in a house next to K-mart.
LOL WHO AM I KIDDING. But the hairdresser part is true :) Ah, young dreams. So silly.

Ps. I forgot to say.. I was in the library the other day.. and the table I sat down at, the dude sitting adjacent to me LOOKED LIKE KEVJUMBA!! Cereally, he did. I was like to my friend 'Oh my gosh, Kevjumba.' HAHA. Should have gotten a picture. Damn my lack of skills that kill.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Love is such a strong word. I feel cheesy just saying it.
You and I both know that we don't have a clue what it is.

Thinking back.. those three words were probably just a spur of the moment thing. Weren't they.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I have a story to tell you

It's called the Crepe Story. Ready?

And there you go. No.. its not all about the round purple lady. It's about crepes :D The new store in rundle mall. I think it's near Hype, if you know?
Well, I'm not sure if it's all that new, but it's the first time I've seen or heard about it! Lol. Just had to take a picture since it was all pink and cute. Hey man, even the manly girls like the cute stuff. Haha.. Tried some of my friends, it had bananas and chocolate icecream in it.. I think? I don't think I was paying much attention. But the crepes were cold! That was unexpected. I don't know.. but I always thought of crepes as being a hot thing. It was just like eating banana and icecream from a soggy waffle. Delicious nonetheless!

Watched Hangover two today, and OH HOT DAMN, there was a Thai girl with a dingaling. Haha.. well thats something you don't get to see everyday.. Unless you know, you ARE one of those. Don't get me wrong, not hating or anything- as they say, you get the best of both worlds ;) HAHAAHAHA... HA.

Been back to my glasses only a couple days now, and people are already back to calling me Four-eyes. xD I guess thats my thing, ehy? Ah.. i'd forgotten how much easier it was to just wear glasses. However I did try playing badminton with them again, and man, I'd also forgotten how hard it was to play in them! Almost knocked them off a couple times- don't ask me how, and as soon as I started sweating they fogged up like a bish! Much like they do when I eat hot nooooodle. Mm.. noodle. Have you ever tried Shin Ramyun with cheese? D:
I have. LOL as weird as it sounds, it actually tastes pretty good. Try it. Just add cheese on top. Cheesy noodle. Like cheesy smiles.

People say that my smile is ugly. WELL I'M SORRY, i can't control how I was made. This face made itself. LOL If I could HAVE a nice, even set of pearly whites, I would. Damn my super small lateral incisors. But cereally. I'm going to smile whether you like it or not, so get used to it :) Haha.. the irony of a dentist having a crooked smile..

Hope you guys have had a good holiday, mine have been - ehhhh.. due to a couple minor problems. But I guess all is good, cookie man. Or WILL BE good soon.
Apparently it takes 37 muscles to frown, and 22 muscles to smile. ..Or something like that. So even if you're having a shit day, smile cause it conserves energy. Less energy equals more relaxation for you, equals more happy happy. :D THEREFORE i think you should smile. Cause it'll make you cool. Like me. Know what I mean, Jelly bean?


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Do you have any grapes?

So my exam results are finally out.. from what I've seen on facebook, all these dent kids posting celebratory statuses. Gah, I don't want to check :\
If I fail like I did on my trial exam- Yes, I failed. White fail too, not asian fail. LOL - then.. I have to make it up in the end of year exam, which is probably going to be retardedly harder. I can't do that people, I can't. Unless I pull myself out of life, and study every single day. No badminton, no friends, no partying, no relationships. Oh hot dayum. Please dentistry, fudge off!
Why am I worrying like a shizzle right now? Cause I honestly think that I did bad.
I remember in year12, I'd always say 'oh man, I failed, I did so bad'. But in my sly head, I thought to myself that I'd be okay, that there was no way I'd ever fail. LOL this time is so different, I'm not getting that feeling of invincible-ness, ya know?

Guess there isn't much else I can do but check the results. Wish me luck?

Okay.. just came back from rolling on the ground. Laughing? Or crying.
I guess thats for me to know, and you to find out.


I'm so invincible now, nothing can hurt me. JUST TRY AND GET ME DOWN, BISH! LOL. Actually just spent about 4minutes rolling around squealing and saying 'very goot very goot very goot' HAHA you should have seen me. It was epic.

the F profanity word

Is it just me, or is there a period of time in everybody's life where you just feel like you're just ALWAYS second to someone else and nothing you do is ever 'good' enough?
Whether it be in sport, relationships, friendships, sibling-ship, looks, books or personality?
I'm having one of those periods. I don't know.
I'm sure its just me over thinking again, but I wish I didn't feel this way. Its not good for my brain!
After losing in singles tonight, I sat outside on the curb and it was just my itouch and I. Ah, refreshing to be alone with music. It feels like lately I've just been constantly surrounded by people. Not that I don't like the company, but alone is good. It wasn't because I lost that I was so sad and anti-social, losing singles is a regular thing- :P I think its just with everything thats been happening, its getting to me a tad. Just a tad. pole. LOL tadpole. Just a frog. HAHAH why so funny, Jun?
But then when you're already feeling sad and the upside down smile is just stuck on your face, when people notice it and ask you 'are you okay'.. just makes you want to cry even more, doesn't it? Psssh, what are you on about, I'm not weak, I'm a tank-ster.

Anywho enough of the whining about life, how have you been? :)
Today I gave my friend a haircut. LOL You could say that he is quite a brave and BOLD person. If you get my drift. HAHAHAH. Sexy. Chh, I think it looks alright anyways, doesn't matter what anyone says!
I also met my friend's grandma. Let me say that she is quite the awesome woman. HAHA she reminds me of my own grandma :P Like, she doesn't mean to be rude, but ends up saying something rude anyways, but in a funny way. Just like when we were cooking pasta, we were like 'Oh, I don't think you'd want to eat this.. it looks so bad..'
Granny was just like 'Ofcourse its bad, there is no meat in it!'
'.. but Jun's vegetarian.' o:
LOL then she goes on about how good being vegetarian is, and how good vegies taste. LOL naw, so cute. I want to be just like her when I age up!

5more days of holiday left, what should I do? Want to go watch Harry potter 7 part2 sometime, but don't know which friend group to see it with.. And not sure who has or hasn't seen it yet. Maybe I'll just take my plush apple man to the movies. Also want to catch up with my cousin.. my primary school friend, high school friends and also the u19's team. Not enough time lah. Nom nom nom. Too bad too sad lolol. Ah, should also talk to that boy sometime soon. Gah, boys. Sick of it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The fastest ten days of my life

Cereally they went by like BOOOP! Went over to Sydney for the u19 nationals and CP maddern tournament with the SA team, and let me say that we did awesome. Haha Well, awesomely for our shitty standards. To be honest we were all expecting to come last this year, but what do you know, managed to come 8th out of ten :D HAHA sounds really bad I know, but hey, we put in alot of effort and hard work into it.After every trip, no matter where its held, even in a hole like Launceston or Ballarat, I always end up missing it. Right now I just want to go back to where we were and you know, chill.

Back to the places where nothing mattered, we only had to play badminton, mingle like a sexy pringle and be awesome.

I've got to say though, after so many days of competition, one after another, waking up at 6am everyday feeling like every bone in your body has a problem, I got pretty sick of badminton. LOL never thought I would say that. But there, I said it.
Lucky we got to have a quick look around Sydney on the last two days, and man.. compared to Sydney, Adelaide is small. Very small. That's what she said. LOL. I'm definately going to go back to Sydney and spend a few more days there one day.. Its really beautiful at night :)
Oh, Guess what, I touched the Sydney Opera House! Hahaha. Ye ye ye ye! Up there on the top steps with good friends, what more could you ask for!? But there were alot of couples there too, eating each others face. Cute.. All the lights made it an awesomely romantic setting.

Ofcourse, It wouldn't have been fun without Winnie the Choo, the most awesomest coach in the world. Really.
Think we managed to turn all the white people on our team asian, and make all the innocent ones kinky. HAHA. You'll probably hear us all saying 'Very gooot!' and 'That's what she said' alot for a while :) Will miss you all, my chubby munchkins. Ah, even you, Carrot top.

Friday, July 8, 2011

S is for stupid

Well this is pretty stupid. When faced with a big problem, I seem to never take my own advice. What happened to being cool beans? :\

This is stupid. Ah.. I've said the word stupid enough to wonder again, why did they think up the word 'stupid'? It sounds funny. Anywho.. back to what I was saying- I think we all have the tendency to do that. To give advice to others that we have trouble following ourselves. Which is gay. But its true. You don't take your own advice either. Whether it be in life, or in relationships.

So what I'm trying to say is..
I'm so confused.. please help.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's up, Chupachup?

Nothing much, which is why I haven't had the urge to blog.. which is weird let me tell you. I used to be like Oh -nothing to do right now, BUT I CAN BLOG :D
Haha.. What happened Jun, what happened :\
SO going to u19s in a couple days, I can't believe its already time. It's all happening so quickly. One week of holidays has passed already, still have not accomplished anything.. Although I did take up jogging again, which is good. Want to be lookin' good for the Summer, ya know? ;) winkadoodle. Ah.. wish I had a treadmill, I'd totes feel alot safer when running.
I swear I get too paranoid when I'm out at the park alone.. So many bushes.. someone is probably hiding in there just WAITING to burst out and BAM! Raped. LOL i joke.. but still.. scary.
I guess this is where I face my fears. Or just run alittle faster around the bushes.

So what's new? I've made plans to be a good student next semester. And these plans are not going to fall through. No distractions. Except for badminton. Cause badminton is cool. HAHA. yeeee! I totally had too low of an expectation when it came to studying last sem. Need to raise the bar and strive to improve!! Gosh, sounds so idiotic. BUT YEH.

AND did you know, I found the coolest thing ever.

Yeh thats right, YOU BE JELLY. The head opens up and you put your toothbrush head inside. Now my toothbrush bristles will never be susceptable to dirt fallage. HAHA if that even makes sense. Teeheeee. Love it :)
Guess I should get packing for Friday. BYE my sexy munchkins.

Friday, July 1, 2011

why do I always end up with odd socks.

Counting sheep does not work at all when you're trying to make yourself fall to sleep. I doubt counting ANYTHING will make me sleep. I think I might have some kind of disorder.. whats that called. Where you think of something, then get distracted by something else and then keep getting off track with your thoughts until you don't even remember what you were thinking about in the first place. I'll start off thinking about the sheep, and end up thinking about my 7th birthday when all I got were books. Yeh. off track indeed.

Holidays are FINALLY here, and although yes I was waaaaiting for this period to come, its finally here and yet, what am I doing with my life? Lol. I'll tell you.
Last night I watched 'Did you hear about the Morgans?" which I might add is an awesome sauce movie, so funny yet romantic :) Ended up sleeping around 3am, woke up the next day at 1:30pm, ate lunch, bummed around my house and got bored, then went back to sleep at 3pm until dinner. Ate dinner, watched another movie and then slept. LOL so much for a wonderful holiday!
I might as well think up some things/projects/missions to go on before I die of boredom.
Tomorrow I start off with doing my laundry. HAHA indeeeedy.

I'm thinking.. I'm in desperate need of a change. To do something different. Get a haircut, re-arrange my room, buy some new clothes, try out different styles, hang out with different people once in a while. I don't know. Do you ever feel at some point like you've gotten bored, seeing the same person in the mirror everyday? HAHA surprised the mirror hasn't cracked. Must be a sturdy, sturdy mirror LOL joke. I sometimes wish i could change the way I look. Just a bit. But don't we all?