Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Today was STRESSFUL LET ME TELL YOUUUU. Souljah boy souljah boy.
God damn, I really felt my blood pressure rising and oh so much anxiety. Why? WHY!?
Public service dental patients. Them and their problems.. I don't even know how to react anymore.
"I'm always in pain."
"I don't think I'll ever get better."
"Might not have enough money to cover the next visit."
"Yea, my whole family is on a disability pension."
.. well thats my bad for asking about her life. man. I feel so bad yet- I can't even begin to understand what they are feeling. Its times like these I wish I didn't have emotions.

I felt so pushed for time today, why do they make us see two patients a session? An hour and a half passes by SO quickly. I barely have time to think cause I have to rush through. Made myself look uber crazy. Like one of those chickens that have their head cut off and run around in circles.
Probably need to find a way to have everything organized better. But today was an exception really, cause the second patient that came in was in so much pain I had to do a restoration on the spot. No prep? Sure thing bro. Ready for your injection? I'm not.. But I'll do it anyway. Thank god it worked.
Usually before I have to do any type of restorative work I would know in advance cause I booked the appointment for the patients and would have discussed it with them beforehand.. but on days like these where they decide to be an ass and need an immediate removal of pain, I flip the table. Probably need to work on that. At least the end result looks good.

What else?
Dental ball coming up in about a week..
I have no dress..
What to do? :/
Go shopping AGAIN!? there are only so many times I can shop. Haha.. Everytime I have the time to shop i think- "Go shopping or go home and sleep?" And ofcourse I choose the latter..

Goodnight poops. Have an awesome day tomorrow. And remember- :'D theres always an up-side right? Silver lining, sunshine among the clouds etc etc? LOL.

Sunday, July 21, 2013


So they say pictures are worth more than words... and maybe I'm just abit more lazy than usual. Interpret as you will. Holidays week number 2, here we go.

Going back to uni tomorrow. Holidays couldn't have gone by faster.
I hope tomorrow I don't crap-up and make my patients so scared that they don't come back.
Pray pray to buddha. haha.

Couldn't be more simple

I used to wonder why people lie.. but now I think I understand. Not to say that I'm okay with that, just saying that sometimes people have good reason to.
I find myself having to lie to people so much lately. And not entirely for good reason either. Think I need to now take the time to think carefully about what it is I'm really doing. When I think about how it hurts the people that actually care so much for me- be it good friends or family, I question the reason why I'm lying.
For example- JUST an example- a night out, a failed exam result, a secret relationship..
Maybe I'm going too far. Pushing the boundaries more than it should be pushed.

20 years old soon, holycrap. it COULD be time for a change.. One in the right direction.

Friday, July 12, 2013


The blogging mood has evaded me for quite some time now.. Recently I've only felt the urge to blog when I see one of my blogger friends have blogged as well. And that isn't too frequent either.
I'm on holidays now people! But as soon as I get into the holiday spirit, uni gets in the way again. One week has passed, and only one week to go. Better make the best of it and spend it with people who actually want to spend time with me. Why waste the little time I have with those that don't appreciate me?

Holidays have been quite fun. Busy definitely. But fun :) Working has been fun too. I'm glad I actually enjoy my work. Its fun just talking to customers, making random conversation every now and then. Making jokes with my boss, talking to the other workers ain't bad either. Only thing is that its time consuming. Working around 7hrs on average most days. Tiring!
I got promoted, ladies and gents! Haha. Pay rise plus I can roll the sushi now. I must say, I do roll a nice sushi. The pro said so. Damn, that lady rolls sushi so fast. The boss actually has to tell her to slow down cause she was churning too many out.

My dad recently turned the big 60. Yea. Sounds so old. But he's so young at heart. And doesn't look a day past 45. I love my dad, I don't say it enough! And when I do say it, it sounds so mega awkward. HAHA. then we both just laugh. Have you guys said I love you to your parents? Better say it while you can. After all, haven't they done so much for us??? More than I can thank them for.
Surprised him a couple days before his actual birthday with a big birthday dinner and invited all my relatives over. Including the littlest one. Chanelle is SOOO cute. When I hold her I don't feel like letting over. Ever. Admittedly she does look like a boy at times.. SO CUTE no matter what she does. She likes to pick up my iPhone and play with it. So funny I turned on the camera and took selfies for her.
Can't wait to have one of my own. Scary.. but hey. The future in general is just scary anyways.
Happy birthday Dad. ♥ we ruv you.

Fishing! I went fishing for the first time. We went outer harbour and then when we didn't catch any fish, we went to westlakes to catch more no-fish. HAHA. Yea. Fail fishing but it was still fun. Relaxing, chilled, lazy day just chatting, waiting for the fish to bite. I quite enjoyed it.
Saw a bird just chillin' in the sand on the shore.. Didn't even run away when I got close to it to take a photo. So we took selfies. Birdy. Birdy birdy. Birdy birdy birdy. Tiger. LOLOL *from kung pow if you didn't recognise the reference.*

Hopefully the next week will be even more fun than the last :D Then.. back to the work-mill. Or should I say the Adelaide dental hospital...dun dun DUNNNNN

Monday, July 1, 2013

If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy

It's been so long and I still play this song over and over. One of those songs I know I'll still like even when I'm 30.

Exam tomorrow. What am I up to?
Looking up which gym I'd like to join next. HAHA. My Fernwood membership ran out last week so I thought I should probably join another in the hopes of it making me exercise abit more.
Badminton is not enough, for a hippo with my appetite. I told myself I wouldn't gain weight over exam period, but who was I kidding. Ofcourse I did. Oh, the sadness.
Anywho it'll give me something to do in the holidays when I'm not working.
So I'm tossing between Jetts or AnytimeFitness.. Both close to my house and open 24hrs. 
Leaning towards Jetts cause its just that bit much closer. hahah lazy much?
I miss being one of those fitness freaks. And my waist misses it too. LOL. jeebus. more like I'm missing my waist. hur hur hur.

It's ok. I'll start studying at 3pm. One more hour of procrastination won't kill me :)