Friday, April 27, 2012


Going to hate myself for not getting stuck into uni work and bumming around my room instead tonight. On the plus side, laundry? Done.
Tournament tomorrow, wish me luck, yo!
It's weird, usually by now I'd be heaps pumped for it, and be all like I'M TOTES GOING TO GIVE IT MY ALL. Now its like *waves arms* woooo..
Hopefully I'll get into it tomorrow morning. GET EXCITED, EXTRA CHEESE!
Ahh.. motivation seems to be lacking, this past week. For everything :\ Getting slack in just about every aspect of my life. Time to get my shiz together and work hard. Now that parents are back and everything, I'm sure they'll keep me in check whether I like it or not.
A blessing in disguise. Haha, never had to use that saying before. What a smart cookie!

yeah, I'm funny. 
Anywho It's about time I knocked off, gota rest up, and get my beauty sleep. Oh EM GEE-SUS, pimples on my face. Sad.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Must be the pills

Don't know why I feel so.. ELATED, at this time of the night. Just started working on my assignment again after thorough procrastination, involving my usual buddies Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, plus badminton, a shower, a couple spring rolls and some exercise involving me doing squats along to Call Me Maybe. HAHA Just imagining the sight probably sends you into fits of laughter. WELL STOP LAUGHING ITS NOT FUNNY. LOL. Anywho I was 300 words into my 2000 word essay when myuni crashed and so its time to blog.

Exciting news, my friends! My parents are leaving to Sydney for some convention thing and they'll be leaving me for a week! I smell some free-time! :D ye ye ye. Well, not TOO much free time, cause I be a good girl.
._. just thought.. what if some crazy guy reads my blog and finds out we'll be home alone... and.. and and.. D:
Don't think about it Jun, such crazy imagination *hyperventilates* Must be all the horror movies talking..

Everyday this week, I go to uni and there are hundreds of people gathered for their graduation outside on the lawns. I say to myself.. one day it'll be me, there in those wizard clothes looking all smart. LOL 'she's as loose as a wizards sleeve!' HAHAH If you get what I mean. Sorry. Dirty joke.
Anywho I got pretty scared, thinking about graduating. What will I do? Where will I go? Will I be any GOOD!? Although I've heard that even if you ARE a crappy dentist, you'll still manage to earn alot. So crafty, my people. Still.. I don't want to be a crappy anything! Sigh.. I've got to stop and think about what I'm doing before I do it more often. Especially in the lab. So many mistakes. But as they say..having a desire to learn, its both a weakness and a strength. Because for this learning to happen, you need to make the mistakes first to learn from them. Such philosophical friends I have. I doth my cap, sir.

Helping the homeless.. Sounds so generous, so nice.. so purposeful. Maybe I should be more like that, and less like 'ew'.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I have a feeling today will be a good one.

Thats what I tweeted at 7am today. I really shouldn't jinx myself like that. I swear this morning I was feeling on top of the world. And now I'm sitting in my little hole of sadness out in the middle of nowhere. Like a mole. A mole in a hole.

Maybe its the assignment that I can't seem to get past the intro of, maybe its the shit games I had at badminton, maybe my friends were being just that bit more annoying, maybe it was that run in the dark. Maybe it was you. Yeah, it probably WAS YOU.

Am I being dramatic? Making the situation look worse than it is? Is this making a big deal out of nothing? Oh- theres that saying- making mountains out of molehills. And cause today I'm a mole, that saying directly applies. But no, guys, no I'm not. You know why?
Because you're not the one in this situation, and you never have been. You're not the one whose feeling this way. Do you even realise how I'm feeling? No, you don't. Because you think you're always right. Well then so be it, according to you, this stuff I'm getting sad over- Not a big deal.

Gosh, I sound like a whiny pretentious 13 year old princess. Just note that at this very moment, I'm relatively angry.
Ofcourse, anyone reading this is going to think I am OUT OF MY MIND. Time to sleep.
Goodnight. May the wrinkles from the angry face frown not turn permanent.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rambling on

Happy Easter, dudes and dudettes. .. Or is it? Is it Easter? Is it really? I have no idea. Never really cleared up the confusion, is Good Friday apart of Easter? Or a kind of pre-Easter thing. NO IDEA. And not even going to find out cause I like being ignorant. Even though its just one click away.. Its sexier to leave more to the imagination ;) well thaat doesn't work in this context.

What have I been up to, you say? I was talking to my friend about this just a couple minutes ago, and I told him that I haven't done anything this holidays and its already been a week. But thinking about it, I did alot.
Visited Jin's Patisserie for the first time. Although over-priced and under-served, I enjoyed the prettiness of everything. Not to mention the sexy taste of chocolate and strawberry crepes. Oh dear lord i'm hungry.

For the first time in my life, walked into an Op-shop with a friend on impulse, being too bored waiting for a traffic light to turn green. So much awesome in these kind of thrift stores, I totes want to do it again. Old trinkets and jewellery, epic children's toys- yes, hungry hungry hippo IS A BOARD GAME D: and soo many clothes, mostly 90's fashion but there was the odd awesome piece. Such as this $12 jacket I picked up! :D SO MUCH WIN. Must remember people, to wash anything you buy from thrift stores. The jacket still smells so..not Jun. But thats okay. $12!!

Went to Handorf and picked strawberries. Most of which I ate on the farm before paying for them- Oh no she didn't!-, ate at the handorf inn and sweets and Bailey's icecream afterwards. Which reminds me, i have a stick of nougat in my drawer waiting for me to finish off. LOL forgot about that..

and Today, I went with family up to Mount Lofty for a picnic/hike. Fail hike cause it started drizzling and it was so windy.. but I enjoyed it nonetheless :) Ever since my dad's stepbrother came from Malaysia a week ago, my dad's been going on about putting family first alot more than usual, but I can see where he's coming from. Don't worry parentals! We won't leave you no matter how stubborn/unreasonable/grumpy/crazy you become. Like for cereal. man.. I wouldn't want MY kids leaving me alone when I'm old.

whelp, thats enough journalling/spamming the blog with pictures for now. haha, Enjoy your holidays peeps! :)