Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brace face

Tis almost August. Time is going by so uber fast these days!
Guess what people.. I'm going to be a brace face. Yes. I'll be the train tracks, the rail roads, the metal mouth.. Actually, I'll be the metal FACE if I wear my glasses as well. LOL could I BE looking any nerdier?
And just to kick a girl when shes down, why not make the only appointment available on her birthday? Ah yes, I'll be getting braces put in on my birthday in my lunch break before going back to uni where I'll be in lab til 8:30. Then to waddle back home and hopefully not have a mouth too painful to eat some birthday cake.
Happy Birthday to meeeee. *double thumbs up*
I was planning to ask my parents if they'd buy me a pair of nike free run 3+ for my 19th.. but the braces are going to cost a whopping $6000+. Thats the most expensive birthday present ever! On a side note, I'm thinking of specializing in ortho. HAHA. Oh, the money that I'd be making. I kid. We'll see. Not so keen on the extra years of uni involved.
I hope I don't look tooo ridonkulous with braces on. But hey, even if I do look like a poop on a stick, at least I'll be somewhat decent looking in 18-24 months. Ye yee! Positive thinking always eff tee dubs.

First week back at uni, got new tutors- why is it that my group always gets the bullshit ones? But it doesn't matter. We'll make it work, just like we always do, ehy? Going to be dissecting people next week to learn head and neck anatomy :D FUN. Went to watch batman today (which was LEGENDARY, by the way. No joke, please go and see it right now ASAP). Oh, passed both my exams BY THE WAY if you were interested. Well I was interested. Bahaha from what I've been hearing, quite alot of my year failed/borderlined last sem's exams. So all in all, I am for now, a happy chap.

And yes. This has been my life in a nutshell.
Last dent pubcrawl of the year next week. TO GO OR NOT TO GO!?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Relationship Ghost

I guess now would be a better time than ever to write a blog post about the relationship ghost. I'm feeling particularly thoughtful right now.
The relationship ghost. What is it? Those lingering thoughts that run through your mind as you drive past your ex's neighborhood. The what ifs, everytime you see that persons name pop up on msn/facebook/twitter. The flutter in your stomach when you so much as glance at him/her.
Frankly, I'd like to take a knife and stab your relationship ghost for you, right here right now.
Most people have been through this before. Loved and lost. Therefore everyone who has done so would have a relationship ghost, like extra baggage, weighing them down in the next relationship.
Some more so than others, and some so MUCH that the memories they still hold in past relationships come to rape the next relationship up the ass.
So how much does YOUR relationship ghost affect you? WHY? Is it because you still genuinely have feelings for that person who left you brokenhearted? Or did you make a mistake letting them go?
Do we ever really forget the relationship ghost and give up all the memories tangled up in the messy crap that we call a break up?
Ofcourse, its hard to really ever forget your ex, especially with facebook updating you on every part of their life. Oh, it doesn't make it easier if your ex is one of those "look, I just uploaded photo of the lunch I ate today" kind of people. Technology, what have you done to us? haha.
But in all seriousness. Being held back to that extent by the ghost of past relationships really does not help your situation AT ALL. Sure, remember how you guys used to be, the time you spent together. Reminisce all the happy days you had with them. But after you do that, learn to MOVE ON.
There is only so much sulking you can do, only so much you can hold on to.
Why let the relationship ghost cause problems for your future relationships?
This person you have right now, the one sticking with you through all your bullshit.. Why screw that up.

Ok, well THAT was a post that I hadn't planned to rant on about.. guess it just happened. Guess I'm being way too 'thoughtful' right now. To be honest I just came back from having a couple drinks with friends. THAT might be the problem here. oh yes. ANYWHO I'm all pooped out. nighty night, youngin's. and REMEMBER.
The relationship ghost is a bitch.