Monday, December 31, 2012

Bring on being almost 20.

Guys just for your information I have a pimple on my cheek so big that I don't even need a mirror to see it. I can see it just by looking down. Its right there looking back up at me. I bet its laughing at me.

Last post of the year I suppose!
What did I do today, on the last day of the year, you say?
Spent time with people I love ofcourse, as cheesy as it might be.

Cliche Yes, but the year really has gone by extraordinarily fast. It was an eventful year, but I almost don't remember what happened, and no I was not drunk the whole time. haha. I guess its just lucky I keep a blog to remind myself of this years events, and one day when its 2025 and I'm 32, I'll want to remember everything that happened, the good, and the not so good.
2012 was a big year, I remember being at my all time low, but also at one point feeling on top of the world. All in the same year? I think that's quuite an achievement, ladies and gentlemen! Seems like only yesterday I was freaking out about it being 2012, making my new years resolutions on the plane from KL to Adelaide.

I think its great that people make new years resolutions, you know, to try and make themselves a better person, get fit, lose 5kgs, eat well, stop drinking etc etc.. But then I think, why do I wait til new years to make these goals? It just sets me up for more-than-likely disappointment if I bomb out a couple months into the new year. Then I'll say to myself- thats ok, I'll just try again.. NEXT YEAR. I would know. I do it every year. haha sheit. So I guess what I should be doing is making small goals all the time, instead of just making one big new years resolution list.

All I can say for the coming 2013 is..
I will learn to put myself and my studies first (cause I'm worth it, thank you L'Oreal)
I will try not to be such a pushover
Peanut butter will not be eaten straight from the jar anymore

I think these goals are fairly reasonable... right? Small goals. But still goals nonetheless. And I will continue making goals as the year progresses. Happy face.

What about you people, what goals do you want to achieve?
Aaaanyways have a great New years eve.
Happy new year everyone.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tis the Season.

I'm in a room full of people.

..Yet I've never felt so alone.
Maybe I wanted to be excited for Christmas so badly and was sad that I wasn't excited.
Maybe I had too many expectations, only to be disappointed. 
I really don't know where all these feelings stemmed from but, I sure hope you're having a better Christmas than I am.
Right now I feel like I'm being the biggest Grinch, the most ungrateful person and oh, so alone. 

Merry Christmas ♥.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oodles of noodles

ALRIGHTY, finally getting out of Adelaide and off to Malaysia in the early morning. I'm excited. Are you excited? Ofcourse you are. Haha.. was getting quite bored here!
So whats been happening you say?
I passed my exams, even got a Credit, which was unheard of until now LOL. Big achievement, me thinks. Cannot describe how happy I was when I got my results back. All smiles and I ran into my room to punch my brother with punches of happiness. haha
ONWARDS, to third year, just a couple more to go now.. Gotta keep crack-a-lackin' and keep working hard. Want to finish ASAP and then I can do whatever I want. Just frolic in the woods, dance with the 7 dwarfs and find a prince. Can't wait ;)

In about 4 hours I'll be up again to take a plane to Melbourne then transit to KL. Gosh, I just want to have that feeling of being on a plane again. I miss it so.
Its gonna be funzies- only about 2 weeks, but I think thats enough for me. I'm not so much of a traveller, especially if its staying in one area for too long. I get bored so easily.

Anywho ladies and gents, I'd write more but I'm feeling pretty tired right now. LOL thats all I ever seem to be doing nowadays. Just walking around my house, taking naps everywhere.
Update you kids in Malaysia!
Give yourself a pat on the back