Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rainbows and unicorns.

I'm sitting here all metal'd up, thinking about downing some panadol and going to bed..I guess I should tell you about my day :)

Today was fun, filled with surprises (both the good and the bad) and a day that won't be easily forgotten. Why? Cause I got the dreaded braces on, thats why. But not only that.
Today I got flowers from my dent girlfriends Viv and Shannon. I got home-made macarons from one very sweet guy friend. My group all chipped in a couple bucks and bought me a Nike sports bra LOL and then the whole cohort sang Happy birthday in the break between the 11 and 12pm lecture. Gah, I felt so spoilt, for real. Such great friends. +texts that made me smile ♥

They also took me to Cocolat, and fed me before my 2pm ortho appointment. Double chocolate muffin!? Double the fun.
To be honest the process of getting braces put on didn't hurt at all. But now.. hurts like a beeetch.
Eating has never BEEN so hard. I spent an hour an home after uni trying to figure out the hardest food I could eat that wouldn't hurt. DEFINITELY NOT NUTS. LOL nuts. *shakes head* what was I thinking.
I'm hungry but I just cant be bothered eating. Its too uncomfortable and if I bite down in the wrong place my gums start aching. Not to mention the amount of crap that gets stuck between the wires! Gosh dayum, these are annoying. WHO KNEW FLOSSING COULD BE SO GOD DAMN HARD!? What was that? 'Jun, you're a dental student, you should know better?' Oh hells, no. Flossing is off the table.
Haha.. 2 more years to go, people! And now for a picture of the brace face.

Yup, I know. You can't really see anything. And thats the way I intended the photo to come out LOL not a very informative photo. I got ceramic brackets on the top and metal everywhere else. Wonder if they'll let me put coloured bands on the metal ones? If so, mint green, baby!
I came home and after about 5 seconds of looking in the mirror, burst into tears and asked my brother to hug me and tell me that I didn't look that bad. HAHA Such a drama queen. But no, I truly thought that I looked like a monster. Had to fight back the lump in my throat when I looked into the mirror while sitting in the dental chair! Now that I've had them on for abit, I'm alright with the whole metal face thing. and hey, you never know. They might score me a nice nerdy booooy? ;) HAHA kidding. Ofcourse kidding.

Sigh. emotional day. LOL. even at night after lab, a friend that I kinda sorta knew but had only just got to know rocked up at my house and gave me chocolates and a card. KIND OR NOT!? I was overwhelmed with the nice-ness. Don't think I'd ever do that for someone whose not a close friend.
Okay. Should probably stop talking so much
AND TO END THE NIGHT, I shall say, GOOD DAY- BLOGOSPHERE. May you have a happy day tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pre-birthday bash

I'd love to be one of those annoying girls who talk all about their 19th birthdays, but I don't have time this morning. Woke up to my 19th in a rush to go to the dreaded UNI for a whole DAY of lectures and lab sessions.. plus the ortho appointment. I can TELL its going to be a wonderful day ._.
So I'll post some pictures up while I can of the birthday dinner my family held for me last night so that I wouldn't have trouble eating it after I get my braces lol.

Woke up today kind of dreading the whole birthday thing, I've lowered my expectations of this day by oh, so much. But I've gotta say, the moment I opened up my facebook page and started reading through some of the birthday messages, I just felt so much better :) Thanks guys for the heartfelt messages some of you wrote me ♥ It really does make a difference!
Atleast that'll be one thing to look forward to when I come home from lab tonight!

 One last cheesy smile with my uniquely awesome freakzoid teeth..
 Keep chillin' like a villin guys, I'll update later.. maybe post a pic of the train tracks.