Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The start of a hectic year.

First week back and I'm already bummed. Wait, not even the first week, the first three DAYS.
Just lots to process, many things to do, shiz to learn and stuff to remember.
Had my first clinic session of 2nd year, MAN. night clinic sessions are totes screwing me over already. I'm finding it hard to keep my eyes open. Specially with all the sucking up and fake smiling we have to do to be you know, professional, friendly and respectful. 9am start til 8:30 pm? This was noooot what I signed up for.
Time to get my shit together and sleep earlier on Monday and Tuesday nights.

So what is with people giving relationship advice when they don't even know what's going on?
"I don't know whats going on but.." NO. Stop. You're right, you DON'T know what's going on.

Stuff isn't really going to plan at the moment. What to do? Guess it happens. Me with my expectations and crap.
Enough complaining from me, what's up with you kids?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just a dream.

It's been the same everyday for a while now. I turn on the laptop, check my e-mails, facebook and twitter. Think about what to do next, then open blogspot.
Have not had the slightest urge to blog. Why? My life is just that interesting these days.
I guess maybe thats a good thing. Nothing terrible to write about.

Although its frustrating, not getting to sleep until the early morning everyday. No, not so much party animal. Literally don't get to sleep until 5am every morning, just rolling around in bed doing nothing. No, not even anything kinky. HAHA. And every time, I dream about something so weird, it BLOWS MY MIND.
From people I care about-dying while I'm at the dentists, to a pregnant me shopping, with another baby in my arms. WHAT IS WITH THAT. Could totes write a whole novel on the awkward dreams I have, if I could only remember the details.. I wake up and realise its not real, look at my phone- BAM! 1pm. Shiet. Maybe the time you go to sleep and the weirdness of dreams you'll have are correlated somehow. D:

Kind of looking forward to starting uni.. Kind of.