Thursday, December 8, 2016

MariCAR Madness

Just waiting on my friend to get her ass out of the shower so I can go over and cook her some hokkien noodles. Haha.. Cooking asian for two of the most Aussie girls I know. Should be interesting. Lol.

So I realise I missed out on updating you guys about our Trip to Japan! So we went for maybe 10 days, plus 2 days of flights to get there and back- it was a pretty impulse decision that the five of us made, because there was an epic 2 for 1 deal, where the return trip was free. How crazy is that!? Little did we realise Japan is now such a 1st world country, pricing is pretty up there for most things.
Food, accommodation, transport, clothing.. pretty much everything was about equal to or more expensive than that of Australia. So we all ended up spending alot more than we intended.. even I did, and I literally did not buy much. Most of the money spent of accommodation, trains, buses, food and souvenirs for family and friends.
Definitely worth going though, alot of culture and so many cool things to do, see and experience.
10 days was not enough. Lucky we had Chris there, because he was pretty much the organiser. Our day would be fully packed from morning til late into the night. Thanks Chris-toe-fur.

One thing I will highly recommend if you're going to Tokyo is to check out MariCar- a real life SuperHero Go Kart experience!
So its pretty much like you're playing real life Mario Kart. You pick which character you want to be and suit up into a character onesie, get your own gokart and then 8 of you plus tour guides get to ride on the streets alongside traffic. Its pretty crazy.
No helmet, no seatbelt and going up to speeds of 60-70km/h on the main roads and for some of it, highway and bridges. Absolutely mind boggling. Because we were sitting so low to the ground, even 50km/h felt like a crazy fast speed.
It was extremely well planned by the tour guides and we followed the leader in single file, while he blasted tunes from a boombox in his go-kart, and the other at the back of the line making sure everyone was keeping up. It was exhilarating. I will say, I did stop and think about how dangerous it was, seeing as one wrong move and you could get hit by a car and get seeeeriously injured.. but I couldn't not have fun. It was most definitely the highlight of the trip. Especially as we did the 2 hour tour at night and got to drive across Rainbow bridge, and had pit stops at the major sightseeing areas.
Daaaamn. If you go to Tokyo and don't check it out.. definitely missing out.
And it wasn't even a super expensive activity, I think I paid $60AUD for 2 hours total? Money well spent hahah.
Triple thumbs up and five stars to MariCAR! :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Chicken Potato-chip Sandwich.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen!

So Christmas is coming, just around the corner- as all my patients keep reminding me.. haha. The first year that my parents won't be around, I think they're off to China?
But all is good. I love being around family this time of year but it does mean I won't be so busy, trying to spend equal amounts of time between Simon's family and mine. Coincidentally Simon's parents are also overseas in HongKong at the moment and will be for a few more months.. So, more time to spend with friends. Yayer!

Haven't planned to do much as yet, I've put a $50 limit on our gifts to each other because we are both trying to save as much money as we can.. Christmas last year was an expensive one since I wanted to buy something for everyone in both families lol. Roookie mistake. 
Will get about 10 days of holiday for Christmas and New years. Not too bad, some people only get the public holiday off. Also planning on taking parents back to Malaysia in April, Simon might come too.. and I can intro him to my Mum's side of the family O: Shit is getting real. Hahah..

I'm not sure what it is, maybe its because people are spending all their money and time on preparing for Christmas, but past couple of weeks have been extremely quiet at work. For example tomorrow I have just two patients booked in- my worst day so far.. plus ofcourse any emergency patients or walk-ins. On one hand its good cause I get to just chill out.. but on the other hand, I am purely commission based so.. No patients, no money. haha shiet. I think I'm going to treat myself to a bit of a sleep in, gym and then go in to work for lunch.
My assistants want me to try a Chicken chip sandwich.. They were horrified that I hadn't tried one before.. hahah Not sure, maybe its a Port Augusta thing. Pretty much just chicken flavoured Thins chips inbetween buttered bread. I don't see the appeal but I guess I'll find out tomorrow!

Goodnight everyone, sleep tight. Hump day tomorrow, the weekend is almost here! Going to the Christening of the Daughter of Simon's boss on Saturday. Definitely will take an Uber there cause Greeks.. they love to party. Last time they threw a Christening for their baby boy we had suuuuch a good time. Friendly people, good food, great range of alcohol ;), picked up the traditional greek dance from randoms and just had a ball. I didn't know anyone there but I still had an awesome time. Greeks are just so inviting. Excited. hahah. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Dear Diary,

I feel bad for not speaking to you for so long. Back in the day I used to write pretty much every day. I always looked forward to coming home and writing about my day. Or even procrastinating at uni and writing it there! haha..
I guess it was because back in those days, I didn't have many people I could talk to about my day. Sure, I had a boyfriend at the time, but that particular guy had no interest in the things I got up to, maybe thats why I felt like I had to turn somewhere else. And where else to turn but here? I didn't feel like I needed to bother my uni mates or other friends with my shit haha.
And now that I think about it, I'm so thankful for Simon always being there when I want to talk, no matter what he's doing or how his day is going, he always shows interest and empathises with me.
So why the need for a blog if I can just pour my heart out into him? Haha That guy.

Everytime I look back onto my blog though, I feel a sense of disappointment that I haven't been able to keep up with it lately. Blogging was my daily past time, my therapy and really it was my friend. No other friend listens as well as this blog, right?

I love looking back on all my posts, on occasion I get caught up in my memories and spend hours reading about the Me I used to be.

I feel like I'm still very much the same, with minor changes- slight improvements? Hopefully. haha.

Although now I have my other half who is basically my lifetime blog, I would love to continue doing this, seeing as I've already been at it for a good 5 years. We'll see how we go shall we?

It definitely won't be in order, and I doubt I'll even make sense from time to time.. But i'll do it.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

It's just R e a l i t y.

I'm barely 23 and here I am, curled up in bed, shedding tears over finance, housing, family and the future.
I feel like a massively large amount of responsibility has just been thrown onto me for some reason.
Why? More money, more problems I guess.
I have no issue with helping out my family but what my parents are asking I think is abit too much.

Problem is that I feel like I absolutely cannot disappoint my mum and dad. I just can't bear it.
Even just thinking about disappointing them makes my heart ache. Thats the problem with me, isn't it.. its that I'm overly-sensitive.
It might sound like I'm praising myself for being kind and caring and blah blah blah
But no. I wish I weren't so affected by other people's feelings. I wish I cared a lot less. Its mentally exhausting, being so easily hurt all the time.
Even at work, if I see someone who looks poor and tells me that they can barely afford treatment, I charge much less, or sometimes don't charge for certain procedures. For what? They probably don't even realise or don't appreciate. I only hurt myself, and my income.

I desperately need to learn how to desensitise myself, and quickly. You don't get far in this world by being soft.
I know family is always number one, but sometimes I need to stand up for what I want, and what's best for my future and my future family...

Fingers crossed, let this not be another worthless rant where nothing ends up changing.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


My 7th week working here and boy, time has gone by so damn quick. Its gone by so quickly and yet I feel like I've worked here for a long while already. The staff and I have bonded so well and I've gotten along well with most patients (all the non-crazies). Hahah.. but seriously. Some of them be crazy. And it really does ruin the day. Especially if it happens first up in the morning, then its hard to re-focus and learn to just concentrate on the task at hand.
My housemate had one of those bad days where she just had a few too many difficult patients and cases. Came home pretty down. What to do? Took her out for maccas icecream lol. That's pretty much what I do to cheer up. Or a bag of chips. Or chocolate.
Thankfully I haven't had to do that in a long while. Not since Whyalla days haha..
I think its because of my epic dental nurses. If I feel down about some patient or unsure of whether what I did was the 'right' thing to do, they always say the right thing to cheer me up or reassure myself. The best. And thats why I love it here :) Having good support staff make work ten kajillion times more pleasant!

Changed up my routine a bit the last week.
Started going to the gym in the morning before work, instead of afterwork. Reason being I've missed way too many sessions after work, because by the time 5:30 rolls around, I'm ready to just pass out in bed.
Its always 'I'm too tired', 'this day was too hard', 'its getting too dark', 'I'll go tomorrow', 'I need to do my laundry', 'I need to cook dinner'. And then I don't go. And then much sad feels after.
So I've been waking up early, training at the gym and then eating breakfast at work before patients come in. So far, its been great :) 
I can't believe I actually wake up these days. Sleeping early really does make all the difference. And exercise in the morning really does energise you. I used to think it was all made up BS that people say to make you wake up earlier to exercise. But it really is great. 
Plus, the thought of not having to drag myself there after work is so wonderful throughout the day ahha.. Double thumbs up!
I hope I can keep it up, I'll do my best not to get lazy.

Ooo, fun bit of news. A couple of our friends, Simon, my brother and I are all going to Japan in October for 12 days :D SUPER EXCITED.
It was a VERY spontaneous decision. We saw the cheap tickets and sort of just said... screw it, lets do it. And where else better to go!? Simon hasn't been overseas in YEARS, and has never actually travelled. He's been back to HongKong but just for family stuff. And even then hes never really done the tourist-type activities.
I'm so excited, if you can't gauge that already ahha. Our first trip together! Albeit not alone, but still! I can't think of better people to go with either. My brother is going to be buckets of fun, and Chris and thong are very chilled people, yet quite organised. 
I'm all for relaxing and chilling and waking up at 12pm, but if you have the opportunity to be in ANOTHER COUNTRY and there are a buttload of fun things to do, hell no I'm not going to waste my time sleeping.
I wouldn't be able to stand a holiday with no itinerary. Gonna make sure we plan everything! So much to do! So much to seeeeee.
I've been to Japan before but with family, and when I was still a vegetarian. The food and alcohol is a big part of my excitement, not going to lie. haha..
Already made a large list of what I want to do. Thinking about it is just getting me waaaaaay to pumped up. Still got 6 months to go. Calm the farm Juniper. haha..

Aaaanywhose. Yet another public holiday coming up next Monday, so definitely going back to Adelaide. Also badminton tournament on this week and next week. Busy busy :)
I feel like even though I haven't been playing much over here, my baddy skills have definitely gone up. Maybe because of the gym? Or maybe it was a good night. Hahah Can't wait for the tournament to see whether I've improved or not.

Couple more days until the weekend. Leggooooo people!

Monday, April 11, 2016


Had a weekend in Melbourne to attend the Young Dental Conference. My first conference! It was.. very informative to say the least haha which means i was predominantely bored out of my brains haha.
A few of the speakers were really good and i learned heaps of good tips, but most of them just spoke about topics we were already pretty well versed with, just trying to refresh our memory. Which i guess is a good thing for us to be doing anyways as new graduates. Fresh off the boat. The boat of life. Hahah what even.
Melbourne .. I cant seem to make up my mind about how I feel about the city. Its overwhelming at how big it is in comparison to Adelaide. Sure its epic for shopping but I dont reckon i would ever consider moving here. Its just way too big, bustling and .. unfriendly. They always tell me that Adelaide people are much friendlier than any other city and i didnt believe it til now. I guess im just used to people in Adelaide.
You can probably tell that the country lifestyle is getting to me haha. So accustomed to peace and quiet.. :)

Currently watching the Aus championship swimming comp on tv hahah.. much fit, many abs.. what can I say.
..wish I could swim properly. Super jelly.
No legit, I look like a jellyfish when I breaststroke hahaha.. oh the shame.

Enjoy a good week, work hard!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Travellers blog

I totally thought I'd be blogging more now that I'm working away from home..
But by the time I come home everyday after work I just want to sit infront of the TV and do nothing. Haha.. Super enjoying work by the way, which is great cause it needs to be worth the distance.
Distance from my family and from Simon has been actually a good thing.
I thought I would be so lost without them constantly around in my life, but they are very much with me in different ways.
Parents call very often, Simon gives me a play by play of his life by text on my request ahhaha.
Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. By the time I see them again on the weekend, I truly appreciate and enjoy their company. As opposed to before when I would finish work and still need to find energy and patience to deal with family, which was very hard sometimes after a long day..

The thing I find annoying- and I've said this to both Simon and Rosemay a few times- is having to justify or convince people that my decision was the right one.
People hear that I'm in Port Augusta now and they immediately screw up their face and make a super grossed-out expression. You know the expression. One person couldn't even PRETEND to be happy for me, and just said " Really? But why would you ever want to go there?".
I find it so rude that they don't give it a second thought, and don't consider that for me it was a huge decision to make.
I really don't like how people jump to the conclusion that Port Augusta is super dero and bogan. Sure, there are quite a few aboriginal people here and people arn't as well off as those in the city, but what do you expect from any sort of country town?
They don't stop to think about what a great opportunity it is to work in the country or what life experiences I'll be having, or the good income it will bring. Narrow minded.
Mind you, I used to think like that too. I never thought I would head out regional. But by taking the chance and just going for it, I wouldn't ever regret coming here. I reckon I'll be here a while guys. :P
Now when people im not close to ask how it is living in port augusta and scoff at how bogan it is I just nod my head and agree lol. Cannot possibly give more of a damn.

After work tomorrow I'll be driving back to Adelaide, and then flying to Melbourne for the Young Dental Conference. Pretty excited because ladies and gentlemen, I'll be flying solo for the first time.
Jun travelling alone? Who would have ever imagined haha.. And yea its just to Melbourne and pretty sure just about everyone has travelled alone before...but I'm super excited.
I see people at the airport travelling by themselves and always think about how cool and independent they are. Deep down inside I'm still a little kid who has never gone solo.

Spending the night with my brother who lives and works in Melbourne now, then spending a night with dental friends at an AirBNB accommodation.
Excite! Havent seen Zhen Ti in what feels like the longest time. Super grateful that he can pick me up and take me to the airport too, cause i would have noooo idea. Haha.. alrighty i better get off my bed and start packing!

♡Happy hump day peoples.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

P to the A

Finally in Port Augusta and settled in :) 
Its really, much better than I expected heh. I was picturing a small, untidy, trust house-esque place like the last unit I was about to rent, but its actually very spacious and super tidy and clean. 
Moved all my things into my room, and although its quite small compared to my room back in Adelaide, it has everything I need. Comfy and cosy. Double bed, desk, bedside table and wardrobe. 
Thats how all rooms should be anyways right? We just over time accumulate alot of useless shit that we need to buy shelves to display/store/collect dust. haha.. 
I'm aiming to keep things nice and simple. You know what is a smart idea? Simply hanging all the clothes apart from socks/underwear/shorts, instead of folding them and stuffing them into shelves.
It saves so much folding time, and keeps all my stuff nice and un-crumpled. Too bad the closet in Adelaide has more shelves vs hanging rack-space.

We got a Target, people :) haha I thought we didn't have one here but this town literally has everything I would ever need. Did a lot of shopping for household stuff the last couple days. Big W is so much better here, its super big, very cost-co style and warehouse-like. Right next door is the woolworths, and next door to that is the biggest Reject shop I've ever seen. Next door to that is a Cafe Primo and across the road is Target, next to the bank, which is next to my clinic. Hahaha.. 
Talk about convenience..
Enjoying my time here so far, tonight is the first night alone (aside from my housemate). Parents, brother, cousin and Simon left much earlier today. The feels are quite lonely when there arn't many things to do. I think I'm going to be blogging alot more. Unless I'm super tired from work then soz peeps. I gotta say I'm forever thankful to have my parents and Simon in my life.
The three people who would literally do anything for me. My parents put alot of effort into making sure I was comfortable, had everything I needed and kept me super positive. Simon also, kept saying how fantastic this place is and how great an opportunity I have right now, even though I know that inside he's thinking about how lonely he'll be for the next few years.. haha.
He drove me all the way from Adelaide, tidied up the house, drove me around Port Augusta searching to buy all the things I needed, installed my mirror and shower stuff, installed the tv, cooked dinner for the family and all without a single complaint. I never had to ask twice.
Not one complaint. On a disgustingly hot 40 degree day.
I don't know how I stumbled upon such a person, since when was I this lucky!? Anywho enough fan-girl.

It hasn't hit me yet, that this may be my house for the next year or two. It's a weird feeling, being away from what I'm familiar with.

Starting work tomorrow at 8:30am so I'm thinking I'll shower soon and pass out in my bed early. It's been so long since I've slept before 12.. haha..
Fingers crossed I've hit something good here with my clinic. But then again my dad pointed out to me- your experience will be good if you make it good. Just gotta keep my mindset extra positive :)
Not that I don't think it'll be a good workplace, just that I've had a few friends resign/think about resigning because they don't like where they work, or they have a problem with the patients, the way the clinic is run, the boss or what they can/cannot do. I hope none of those things happen to me, but if they do I need to turn it into something good.

Let's see how we go, shall we? 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Packing heat. LOL

Shit is getting real, real fast. One more day until I move, starting to pack things. Slowly but surely. Lucky I'll be able to go back and forth, so I feel like there arn't thaaat many things I need to pack. Plus there is a Big W, Sports power, Toyworld, Reject shop, Lingerie Bar (lol cause I'll be in there everyday), Woolworths... Oo theres a Paintball Skirmish there too. Clearly I'm scrolling through a list of all the stores there. Radio rentals.. Just jeans.. Spend less shoes..
... Plenty of stores. HAHA.
Well, not that I'll be there to shop anyways. By the time I finish work each day it'll be past 5:30 when all the stores close. Atleast Woolies don't close until 9pm everyday, so I can atleast buy a can of tuna to eat. haha..
Cooking? Me? Yeah roite. lol. I'll get onto it.. when I get sick of eating tuna. Which is never.

SO sad that they don't have a K-mart or Target.. My two absolute favourite stores :(

They have a Yoga class on Wednesday nights at the community centre, maybe I'll check that out when I'm all settled in. Only thing is my parents don't want me out after it gets dark. I've heard some bad things about people in PA at night, so I'll definitely be cautious. Maybe I'll get my housemate to come with or something.

My Shoes came in, along with a shit tonne of disappointment. Hahaha.. they were maybe half a size too small and the material felt really cheap. Like something I'd buy in K-mart for $5. Except they weren't $5. Sadface to the max. Anywho I've already posted it back to the Iconic. And probably won't be ordering from them again. Ceebs man. Plus I only get refunded the price of the shoes, so I lose out on the shipping cost. Eurgh. Online shopping isn't as great as everyone makes it out to be. I can't afford to lose money every time I don't like my purchase. Enough rage about that haha..

Heading up on Saturday morning with Simone, my bro and my cousin. Then parents are joining us in the afternoon after the finish work. Probs get things sorted and move stuff into my room.. find out what I need to go and buy and then go out adventuring. Then we're all going to have a big slumber party at my new place haha. Should be fun.

Errthing is happening all at once oh em gee.
Been busy planning for a conference in Melbourne that'll be happening in April also, organising is suuuuch a pain in the butthole. Esp now that I'll be rural, I need to organise transport, flights and accommodation that all co-incide.
Big gurl now, can't rely on my mum to plan everything like she used to haha.
But seriously. I can't plan stuff for shat. It takes me aaages to plan things, and it's always such a drag lol. Much growing up to do.
I'm getting better at not procrastinating though, when I need to pay things I pay it quickly so I don't forget, or I write them down. I feel like I've got more control over all my appointments and finances now.

OH YEA I got my implant screw in yesterday. 3 months for healing then I can get my crown. then BOOM! no more gap hahh.. Finally.
I had been putting it off so much in the last year. Using excuses like work, uni and no money to keep delaying it. Turns out it wasn't that expensive, because medibank took care of a huge portion of it. Thankyou thankyou private health insurance. Much love.
Anywhose its a little tender but not too bad at all. Had IV sedation instead of general anaesthetic so I didn't wake up feeling like shit. Eurgh. GA is the worst.

Enjoy the rest of the week, guys. Til the next update ;)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff.

Heeey there ladies and gents.
Had some gewd times at St Kilda adventure park- my first time! Unfortunately wasn't with Simone but I'll definitely be taking him there soon ahha..
Some of dem slides dough, epic dangerous. Well, probably not really that bad but a few of them are extremely steep and if you ride on the cardboard its super fast. Highly recommend going!
Yesterday I bought a book online, should come in next week.
One of the books from the "Don't sweat the small stuff" series.
I was reading my blog one of the nights I couldn't sleep and in one of them I talk about my short tempered-ness and my lack of patience in certain situations. I realised that I haven't really done much about that side of me, and although I haven't reeeally blown up about something for a while, its only a matter of time after I start full-time work.
Also I thought my tendency to grind my teeth at night MUST be related to stress, somewhere embedded within my mind. Even though I don't feel stressed, I know my subconscious is, because thats just how I do haha.
So finding ways to deal with the underlying stress can only be a good thing.
The book talks about ways to deal with the day-to-day stress, and I remember watching a youtuber a few years ago who gave it really good reviews. Fingers crossed I'll learn a thing or two!
Plus, now that I'm moving to Port Augusta, I'm going to have a whole lot of time on my hands arn't I?
... also bought a new pair of shoes for work. Super excited to get them, first online shoe purchase, PLEASE FIT MY WEIRD FEET.

Date has been set to move on the 6th of March, and for me to start the day after. I'm very keen to start.. a whole month without doing any sort of dental work, I'm really starting to miss it! Long time no inject yo face.

March is going to be super full on.
New Job, new co-workers, new place, new housemate.. new lifestyle, new gym.
And coming back on the weekends for a wedding, two engagements, public holidays and birthdays.
Lots of travelling to be had. Pray for no kangaroos.

Happy Saturday, potatoes! :D

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I can't even.

Late night tonight, plus Simon is fast asleep..
Damn son, how do you sleep literally anywhere in like 5 seconds? I wish I could do that.
Feel super lonely cause I'm the only one up. Probably cause everyone has to work and I'm just being a fat ass couch potato all day.
Holidays? I'd rather be busy, making money.

Still waiting on my provider number to be registered before I move up to Port Augusta. We're about 2- 3 weeks late, and maybe more if it doesn't get done soon. All we can do is wait.

I really can't wait to get up there and to start working. I'm actually looking forward to having nothing to do after work but go to the gym, eat and sleep.
Been going to the gym quite frequently lately, cause I just joined Anytime Fitness in preparation for the countryside.
Not really focusing on weight loss (although it would be nice), more trying to gain muscle mass.
Aiming to get stronger. I'm sure as I keep lifting heavy and eating well, the extra weight will just shed off.
Or maybe I'll just end up looking massive. HAhaha. whatevs. Simon has to like me either way. We're in too deep haha*dun dun dunnnn*
We'll see how it goes. 3 weeks in and I've already managed to strain something. Was going too heavy with the deadlifts and so wasn't keeping good posture and killed my back. Sigh. Rookie mistake.
I join Simon at Goodlife with his guest pass on the weekends too, and I've found that there is a huge difference when I compare my experiences at the two gyms.
For one, when I'm at Goodlife I feel very comfortable in the weights area.
When I'm alone at Anytime, everytime I walk into the weights section, I feel like all eyes are on me, because I'll be one of the only (if any) girls around. I feel like people are watching what I do and judging me with every exercise. Its quite uncomfortable some days. Sometimes I don't care, just pump my music really loud and grind through it. But other days I just feel too weird and usually leave out some exercises that are still new to me and that I don't really know how to do. It really affects my workout and also how hard I push.
Eurgh. If only there were a Goodlife in Port Augusta.

I wish Simon were awake. Damn I'm selfish. haha.. But we all knew that already.
I dunno, I guess its because I haven't been working, so I have heaps of energy when night time comes around.
But sometimes I wish he would make the effort to stay up for just a liiiittle bit..
Look at me, whinging about stupid shit. haha GROW A PAIR, Jun.

Friday, January 1, 2016

New things

Gosh, how long has it been? I can't even recall.
So much has happened since the last time I posted.
Christmas and the New Year has just passed, quite a nice family feel period of time. Especially now that our family is slowly expanding- Brother's girlfriend, Brother's wife, Simon and my cousin Serena who lives with us.
Alot of presents were bought. haha.. we don't usually do Christmas presents at all, since its not a huge thing at all within my family. But I thought since this year I'll be working and making money, its only fair for me to buy presents to show my appreciation :) Simon and I spent many days shopping and thinking of good presents to buy that people would actually make use of. We did pretty well, if i say so myself haha. I'm pretty sure everyone is using their presents well! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a rocking New Year's eve celebration!

I was successful in the House Dentist application within SA dental, and am working at the Elizabeth GP plus unit- doing General and Emergency dental. Pretty big achievement for me, as I had little hopes of getting it. I must be alright at what I do then? Haha..
The House Dentist position is only until Feb 5th though, it was a temporary position, pretty much just taking up work where other dentists and students are on holidays. Really making use of it, as its great to work independently and be incharge of your own patients as opposed to having tutor checks for every little thing, but also having a safety network where you can ask your fellow colleagues and senior dentists any issues you may have. Its so good to have that mentorship available, where other places wouldn't have. Alot of my friends are starting work at clinics where they're the only dentist there. I'd hate to be in that position if and when shit hits the fan.

After the house dentist position is finished, I'll be moving to Port Augusta to take a full time position at one of the private clinics there. Super grateful for such a good opportunity to gain exp. Working in rural really makes any CV stand out from the crowd when searching for work.
I had my doubts about working in the country at first, but after talking to my tutors and colleagues, its a leap that I need to take. Especially as I'm still young. Once I'm older and my life starts to get more complex- with marriage, housing.. children maybe? - in mind, it would be much more difficult and a bigger challenge emotionally to leave Adelaide at all.
I think its going to be a great job :) been to the clinic and met everyone, they all seem super nice, friendly and helpful. The boss is the most friendly boss I have ever come across, very accommodating, very flexible. He was more than happy for me to start late feb due to my previous commitments in Adelaide, no questions asked.
In the interview I had with him, we talked for over an hour about the job (obviously), but also about pretty much everything else inbetween ahah.. Its a great feeling to get along with someone so well straight off the bat.
Everything about the position sounds great- pay is good too ;) but just very keen to have some freedom out there and see how I improve.

As its only 3 hours away from Adelaide, I'll be able to come back if I need during the weekends. I finish 12pm on Fridays. so I could be back before dinner. Simon said he would be too worried if I were to drive back and forth all the time, so I'll most probably be taking a bus to and from.
Accommodation wise, I'll be living with a friend from Uni who also does dentistry. Rent is super cheap if split between the two of us. Can't wait to pretty up my room ahha.

Mum isn't so happy though, she keeps telling me to take a job with SA dental in Adelaide- I was successful in getting through the interviews and getting a place in the candidate pool- out of 96 candidates, I think less than 36 got interviews, and even less got a place in the candidate pool. Pretty proud of myself, I won't lie. Even though I won't be taking a job with them this year, its a pretty great confidence booster. The coordinator asked for my preferences, and from there we will be made offers based on merit. However, I just let them know I already secured a full time position elsewhere, but would like to remain in the candidate pool. I'll need to reapply after 12 months if I want to be offered a job next year.. but we shall see how the Port Augusta job goes, if it goes really well, I wouldn't mind staying several years before returning to Adelaide.

Few more days until work starts again.. I got my first pay check- SO EXCITING ahha.. never had one of those before.
Life is moving extremely fast.. But I'm super excited, content with everything I have, and looking forward to what this year is going to bring me. :)