Monday, December 5, 2016

Dear Diary,

I feel bad for not speaking to you for so long. Back in the day I used to write pretty much every day. I always looked forward to coming home and writing about my day. Or even procrastinating at uni and writing it there! haha..
I guess it was because back in those days, I didn't have many people I could talk to about my day. Sure, I had a boyfriend at the time, but that particular guy had no interest in the things I got up to, maybe thats why I felt like I had to turn somewhere else. And where else to turn but here? I didn't feel like I needed to bother my uni mates or other friends with my shit haha.
And now that I think about it, I'm so thankful for Simon always being there when I want to talk, no matter what he's doing or how his day is going, he always shows interest and empathises with me.
So why the need for a blog if I can just pour my heart out into him? Haha That guy.

Everytime I look back onto my blog though, I feel a sense of disappointment that I haven't been able to keep up with it lately. Blogging was my daily past time, my therapy and really it was my friend. No other friend listens as well as this blog, right?

I love looking back on all my posts, on occasion I get caught up in my memories and spend hours reading about the Me I used to be.

I feel like I'm still very much the same, with minor changes- slight improvements? Hopefully. haha.

Although now I have my other half who is basically my lifetime blog, I would love to continue doing this, seeing as I've already been at it for a good 5 years. We'll see how we go shall we?

It definitely won't be in order, and I doubt I'll even make sense from time to time.. But i'll do it.

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