Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nigeria Please

6Days 'til D-day, so OFCOURSE I'D BE ON HERE PROCRASTINATING MY BIG ASS OFF. Shiet. What is WRONG with me?

What am I going to do? When the best part of me is always you?
What am I supposed to say, when I'm all choked up and you're okay?
LOL lyrics do look funny written out. They sound even funnier in my head when I'm saying it to myself. Which I'm pretty sure I've said before, but why NOT re-iterate?

And so, Ladies and gents, the topic of the day? DRUM ROLL PLEEEEASE... ..no? Okay.
The TOPIC of the day? SOCIAL NETWORKING *gasp*
Why is social networking so god damn addictive? It's the first thing I go to in the morning, and the last thing I check at night. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Whatsapp.. I just don't think I could get through the day without it. I literally have to check every single one of them at least hourly, if not less than that. Its something I have come to realize over the past week or so. Unhealthy habit/borderline obsession? I think so.
I guess you would also consider Messaging and texting as a form of social networking too.
Why is it that the instant we hear the notification tone go off, no matter what we're doing, we stop and reach for our phones/laptops/computers/iPads?
I remember my friend telling me that she really dislikes it when she's talking to someone and mid-conversation they just whip out their phones and start texting/facebooking/whatever-people-do-with-wifi/3G. I hear you saying to yourself- "What, Nigeria please, I've never done that." But think about it, YOU HAVE. I shake my head. haha but no. I have to admit, I've done that more than a couple times. And I can't believe that I never stopped to realize how rude it can be, and how bad I look as a friend/person. Might as well just hold your hand up to that person's face and tell them 'sorry, you're not as important as the person I'm facebooking/texting/tweeting right now'.
Well don't YOU deserve a little bit of palm in your face.
And so yea. My resolution as of now? To never do that again. Cause it be bitchin'.
Should probs try not to be so attached to the internet as well. Buuuut... I'll work on that some other time.
For now? Time for me to get cracka'lackin' with my study. Study from now til about midday, then sleep through the afternoon -since I never get anything done in the afternoon even when I try- wake up around dinner time and study again. Ah, SwotVac. You are the pearl in my clam. Wow that sounded slightly dirtier than I had planned it to. Backspace it? Nah ;)

Ps totes screwed for the exams, but hey, who isn't?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Care bears

Exam time is loooooming. LOOMING I TELL YOU! haha. what.
Once again, as always, definitely need to get a move on with the study. Wonder when I'll finally learn, and like every GOOD uni student, allocate an appropriate amount of time to cover all bases? That is, without having to pull eaaarly-mornings, late-nighters, all-nighters, every-nighters.
One day, Jun. One day. It'll happen.
Less than 13 days to go, I can't remember if last semester I was still this unprepared with 13 days left? Meh. I guess every exam period will be different. Put in the effort these next 2weeks guys, It'll be over before you know it.
All-nighters have been screwing with my brain, my sleeping patterns, my appetite and my skin. Several friends are worrying about me. But I feel like they're worrying in the worst way. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the care, I really do.. But I don't appreciate them giving me lectures on how to study when they're not so studious themselves. When they harp on and on about how they think I should really sit down and think about what I'm doing to my future, think about studying hard and focus on my work more. Hypocrites will be hippos. hahaha. But no. It kind of poops me out when people just talk out of their asses like they know everything.
Crap. Now I feel bad, talking about my friend like this, when he thinks he's helping. True feelings can be harsh sometimes..
I'd like to tell him directly, but can't bring myself to sound like a bitch. I mean, how would I feel if the person I was trying to help turned around and told me to get lost? Wouldn't be so nice.
Note to self; before lashing out at person, know that they're just worrying about me. Cause thats what good friends do. Care bears ftw.

Sigh. Exams be gone already. I want to go on my Sydney trip asap.
Ps I passed Pain control clinic, guys :) Now to bring my oral injections into the real world. haha. Not.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Have you ever? Ofcourse you have.
Whether its an issue you wished you had dealt with differently, a relationship you wish you hadn't let go of, a holiday you wish you had used to actually do something REMOTELY productive, or even just wishing you had chosen the chocolate cake instead of the stupid blueberry muffin.
I don't think, in my life so far that I have had regret for anything much.. until now.
I get these guilty thoughts running through my mind, telling myself that it was my fault things have turned out this way. Ever thought like this before? Maybe yes, I'm being harsh on myself, but if I don't take responsibility, who will?
So what do you do at times like these? Nothing TO do but to move on.
I guess in a way, if you take a positive spin on those things that you 'regret', you won't so much anymore. For example. I met an asshole about 2 years ago, and me, being the gullible person I am, believed that he actually had feelings for me. Yet after getting close to him, spending hours and hours by his side and thinking we were actually going somewhere in this relationship, I find out from someone else that he already has a girlfriend. Yea, Prick indeed am I right?
You get boys like these ones just about everywhere you look. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE.
At first I felt like crap and just wished and wished I had never set my eyes on him. But then hey, if not for this asswipe, how would I ever have learned? How would I ever have realized that I deserve so much better?

So I'll look on this situation, thinking that although I probably hurt some of those closest to me.. Atleast I know not to do it again.
Next time, take the chocolate cake god damn it.