Wednesday, October 18, 2017


So for the first time in months I'm at my desk trying to study, and now I understand why I was able to blog so much back in the day - PROCRASTINATION.
I am literally finding any distraction to take my mind off/prolong the time I have before I have to put my head in a book.
First I watched about ten episodes of Parks and Rec, which by the way is AWESOME and you all have to go and watch it.. Then I read a few sentences of my notes.. then thought I would come and blog. Hahaha.. Oh, the memories of being a uni student. Last night I failed super hard, turned on the laptop to study and ended up playing Killing Floor 2 for the rest of the night..

Why am I studying, you ask?
Well I should be studying all the time, to keep my knowledge current and blah blah..
but this weekend I'm going to Brisbane, and I'll be doing some volunteer dentistry for refugees and homeless people!
Thought I should really read up on oral lesions/conditions because I really need to know my stuff. Especially because their overall health is likely to be poor and therefore present with different oral lesions/lumps/bumps/ulcers/disease.
Should be super interesting, and hopefully super fulfilling!

But for now.. lets get back to studying..
Wish me luck.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Recently there was an incident that happened very close to home, to someone I know.
She was jogging along a path at around 5:30pm (broad daylight at this time) on the Sunday just passed, and got attacked by a male. Lucky she managed to get away, with minor injuries and bruises.. Apparently his intent was to rape.
Now the suspect was caught later on that evening by the police, and the scariest things to me is the age of the perp. Sixteen.
SIXTEEN. I wonder what I even did at that age.. Still floating in the clouds and I dunno.. having fun at school.
To think at 16 you could have such a crazed and twisted mind. Scary. He was also an Aboriginal boy, but thats neither here nor there.. It is what you make of it.

When I heard I felt sick to my stomach and just couldn't shake that feeling all day. I wonder shes feeling.. I can't even imagine :/ I think she's stopped leaving the house and even when shes home she has to have someone at home with her.. Poor thing.
If it were me I wouldn't be able to leave the house alone again, and would definitely not go running alone ever. I would probably leave Port Augusta too.
So i decided not to tell my parents, because thats probably exactly what they'll make me do.
I don't think they've ever been 100% comfortable with me being so 'far' from home, where if something were to happen they would be quite helpless. If they heard about this they wouldn't be able to sleep at night..

I will just keep to jogging down the jetty where there are plenty of people and definitely be on alert at all times. I won't pretend it hasn't affected the way I feel about this place haha cause it has..
You never think it will happen to you until it does.
Shit happens, wrong place wrong time.. Bad things happen everywhere, its not just because we're in Port Augusta. Yeah you've all heard rumors about this place being a hole, deros and delinquents all over the street but its really not like that.
I guess you just have to try your best to make sure you avoid putting yourself in that kind of position.
Always run where there are people, don't go near bushes, keep your music down or don't wear headphones.. Be alert :/

Stay safe people ♥

Sunday, August 13, 2017


I think it's safe to say that I'm very much over driving back and forth from Adelaide to Port Augusta.
The 3.5 hour drive is finally getting to me..
People can't believe that I've managed to last so long doing what I do, and to be honest I didn't think I was capable either, but thanks to the massive support from my parents and Simon, and having such an epic work environment makes it feel very worth it.
That being said, it has taken alot of discipline and mental strength to keep myself from just flipping the table and throwing in the towel.
Being away from everything that makes me happy is hard, I won't deny.

Recently got a new laptop, well new but second hand off Gumtree-
Needed something that could comfortably run Killing Floor 2 without lagging.
With my old laptop I couldn't run the game smoothly even on lowest settings and resolution haha..
Never thought I would own a gaming laptop.. hahah I definitely surprise even myself sometimes.
Definitely another plus of moving down here, I've picked up online gaming as a way to have fun with my friends, brother and Simon while I'm away. Maybe not a plus as its another thing I can add to the list of 'Things to keep you up late and keep you from gettting good sleep', but lately its been something we all can bond over and enjoy together even though we're so far apart.

Pick up KF2 if you guys are looking for something to kill time :) Highly recommend.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Short week is short

As expected the weekend just past was completely crazy.
But I can't blame anyone but myself for the consistent hangovers. No one forced me to drink that extra beer, take the extra shot. Hahah.. I guess really I haven't grown up yet. But I'm ok with that :)

Friday night we had a games night with my cousins Emily and Gavin, and ofcourse their other halves. As always we had alot of fun, everyone in that group can drink a decent amount so I bought a slab and we went all in. Haha.. Its great to have such a close bond with family.

The next day we cured our hangovers with South Saigon Pho :D Legit probably my fav cuisine at the moment. The soup is just oh my goodness. Can't say much about the people LOL JOKE.
We did a bit of shopping, initially to get a present for Tira since we were all going to Tira's birthday dinner that night, but ofcourse with all the damn sales going on, we all got abit side tracked and ended up picking a few things out for ourselves too. :'P

Tira's dinner was out in town and they all wanted to go bar hopping after, but soon after dinner Simon Zhen and I peeled ourselves away and just ended up chilling at Soju Bar. I really think I'm too old to go clubbing- and that was where the group was headed- a place called Bump and Grind. Not being single also takes away most of the purpose of clubbing too. HAHA not that I overly miss that part at all.
But its true, the highlight of going to the clubs back in the day was ofcourse dancing and singing our faces off, but the thrill of the chase!
Don't get me wrong, we still go together every now and then and it is still bags of fun, but definitely a different kind of fun.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and closeup
I still don't understand how people go out partying in town when its so damn cold! I think it was 4 degrees that night, I could hardly feel my fingers.

The next day we took my parents to eat lunch at the Watermark at Glenelg. Been a while since I had a buffet. I can't believe how much I could physically stomach back in the day. Wish I could still! Cause now I feel like I don't eat my worth when I go to buffets. Hahah I guess its not a bad thing..

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people sitting, indoor and food

Was a nice family day out, we then went to walk around in Ikea. So much fun, just looking at things and thinking about what Simon and I would buy for our house when we come around to moving in together, different styles, layouts and functions.

That night we went to my ex-boss Daniel's house. Everytime without fail, I would end up drinking too much when we go to Daniels. He is a massive fan of drinking games and really knows how to have fun. I'm so grateful for him still inviting us to his place for parties and treating me like a sister even though I haven't worked for him since 2015. Hes one of the best.

Anyways, not hard to guess that my drive back to PA the next day was struggle town, and I was sitting in my car for 3.5hours asking why I let myself drink so much all the time!?

Needless to say I'm suuuper glad this weekend is looking pretty quiet. 
Hope everyone's enjoying their short week! The weekend approaches! :)

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Work work work work work

Super busy weekend coming up, long weekend celebrating the Queen's birthday. Still doesn't make sense to me why the Queen has different birthdays in different states.. But thats neither here nor there. haha
Birthday parties and gatherings happening all over the long weekend.. Hope I'll have enough time for my parents D:

So I have this dental assistant that works with me, she's been with us for almost half a year now.
I don't know what it is with young aussies (excuse the generalization), but seriously most of them really don't know what good work ethic is. I have definitely cut her enough slack, but still am finding myself getting annoyed over things that she does/doesn't do.
Even when I pull her aside to have a chat to her and she says "Yes, ok, sure thing, will do", the moment we head back into surgery she just returns straight back into doing the wrong thing, as if I had never had the conversation with her.
I mean, its not just that, but the last time I had a chat with her pointing out where she could improve and things that need to be done better, the next day she had a 'migraine', and didn't come to work.
Yesterday an instrument ended up in the bin that she accidentally threw away (approx $100 to buy), she said she couldn't find it and said she looked through the bins- I went into the bin myself and started searching, what do you know.. I find it in the bin. I called her out and said it is her responsibility to check whats on the trays before she throws them away, and to be abit more careful.. after all, dental shit is not cheap.
Today- you guessed it. Suddenly 'sick'. To add to that, she's got tomorrow off for some reason and then Monday is a public holiday. So she has essentially just weaseled her way into a 5 day holiday.

Why do the younger generation think its ok to be like this? One small criticism and suddenly you can't come into work. Laziness? Embarrassment? Either way, when we are short staffed it makes it twice as hard to get patients in and out on time. And time is money.
Its not as if I am super critical and constantly tell her off and nag, honestly its at that point where I have given up trying to correct her and end up doing things myself, getting instruments out of the cupboard myself because she STILL doesn't know what I'm asking her for..
All getting abit ridiculous. I've talked to the practice manager and discussed her performance but I think because we don't want to train up a new person, we're keeping her on two days a week now.
Two days is still too much lol. My stress levels off the roof when she's assisting me lol.
Sigh. At least its not full time anymore. Excuse my rant, sorry guys. Just feel like its hard to work with someone that don't listen to you, has poor work ethic, is totally irresponsible and doesn't put their brain into the job. Even more so she tried to blame me for the instrument in the bin. As if its my responsibility to clean out the trays. Sorry mate, but thats what we're paying YOU for.
I mean, make a mistake- sure, mistakes happen, people slip up. But if you slip up you better bloody own up to your own mistakes. Otherwise what? More instruments get thrown out in the bin, more money down the drain.
After that incident I was made aware that its not the first time things have been thrown out that shouldn't have. Apparently we've lost quite a few of them. Things don't simply disappear into thin air. Take responsibility for goodness sake!
I feel like because its not THEIR clinic, THEIR company, THEIR own money, they couldn't give a rat's ass.
Definitely not a mindset I am overly fond of, yet one that I realise many young people have these days.

Anywho, enough of me ranting. I think I've said enough. I do still really enjoy work but its just the one girl that was on my imaginary fence for a while but just recently pushed herself over the line for me. Hopefully she can get her shit together, otherwise I think I'm going to have to be more outspoken about it.

On a more happy note, can't wait to drive home for the weekend! :)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Man Crush Everyday

Cheeses crust, my body aches so badly. I'm so crazy sore in what feels like pretty much every muscle.
Had Sturt tournament on yesterday, it started at 1pm on a Sunday and finished up at Midnight, our game being the last game for the night- I somehow managed to drag my lazy ass out of bed at 6:30am the next day to drive 3.5 hours back to PA and start work at 10:30am.
Dear god I am very much exhausted by now. As you would imagine.
But hey, it was so worth it. SO worth it.

I don't think I'll ever forget how the night went down, and how much admiration for Simon I had in my heart. My goodness did he play well.
Its not just the part where he played well and went on to win Open Men's singles, but legit the semi-finals and the finals were absolute nail biters, every rally was exhilarating to watch. What blew me away was how determined he was throughout the games, even when he was losing. Every single time he would pick himself off the ground, dust himself off and just be even more ready for the next point. He looked absolutely wrecked, but he never once gave up or stopped trying.
Far out, that kind of mentality is so crazy powerful and inspirational to me. Why? Cause I don't have much of it when I'm on court. Especially playing singles- when I start to lose my confidence drops and by the end of it I'm beating myself up and the opponent doesn't really need to do much. That's why my singles game is always so struggle town.

Simon and I played mixed together too, and I'm 100% proud of what we achieved and how we played as a team. Not once did we squabble or disagree, and every mistake was followed by positive words of encouragements, instead of "you should have......".
I'm super proud.
Our semi-finals match was pretty much our finals, we played a team I had lost to without fail every time I meet them in competition- Daniel Reed and Michelle Au. Then again, I wasn't partnering Simon when I lost to them. haha
I was almost certain we would lose to them. Especially because Simon was already starting to cramp from his singles semi and Finals matches (after epic wins), and looked so so tired already.
But seriously that guy's mental strength and drive to win is incredible. What can I say. When we were down he would pick us up, when we were winning he would keep the fire going and push me to do the same.
I know I sound like a crazy little girl just praising her boyfriend to no end, but I seriously am in awe of his personality and attitude :) I love it.
When we won it, I almost cried with joy. Was such a close match and literally point for point.
I have to say though, a friend of ours- Jackson- came to coach us in the middle of the game and really turned the tables. Its one thing playing a good game athletically but another thing to really read the game play and tactically follow through. Having him to point out our mistakes and our strengths suuuper helped. So grateful for him. Before yesterday I barely said hi to the guy.. and suddenly he comes on to help us and lead us to the win.
After winning that I didn't even care if we won finals or not. I was so happy with how we played and crazy proud of Simon..
In the finals we played maybe ten points and Simon's cramps got intensely worse, to the point where his leg fully straightened and wouldn't bend even when forced. Crazy. Insane how a person can push themselves so far out of their physical limits and comfort zones. I would just stop at the first sign of a cramp lol. Weaksauce.
But anyway, definitely could not play on as Simon couldn't even walk anymore, so we ended up forfeiting the finals. Felt a little sorry for the opponents cause in the end we couldn't give them a good match. But we did what we could haha sorry guys!
So we both came away with a few wins-
Simon winning the mens singles and runner up mixed doubles, and me winning the womens doubles, runner up womens singles and runner up mixed doubles. Triple finalist yo! Haha Not bad given I've literally been wasting away over here in Port Augusta.
Although, I was very close to losing to someone I shouldn't have in my singles.. Me and my zero fitness came to bite me in my big ass. Definitely made me feel like I need to go back to the gym or something.. but man, I don't want to spend money on the gym anymore.. and too scared to go outside by myself and run lol. Aaaaanywho, maybe it'll just have to wait until I go back to Adelaide.
I really felt like I had to write this post so I could engrave it into my brain forever. The feels last night were out of this world amazing. Quite possibly one of the best moments of my life. Haha how ridiculous does that sound?

TLDR: Simon is a beast, and Jun needs to get on his level!
<3 br="" nbsp="">

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Hashtag Blessed

➽ It finally happened. After a solid year of living away from home- I locked myself out of my house. Haha And ofcourse, car keys attached to house keys.
At this point would like to give a big mention to my receptionist Jacky.
Without Jacky, work life would be alot harder. She legit is the rock to the whole practice.
One call to her and she solved all my problems- Organized a spare key from the real estate agent, and for one of the assistants Taylor to drive out to my house to get it to me.
My work mates are the best :) Seriously one of the main reasons I've chosen to stay in Port Augusta for so long. The distance is really the only reason why I would leave.
Driving back and forth isn't that tiring, but its the moments leading up to having to drive back to PA that kill me. I always have too much fun with my family on the weekend so when Sunday afternoon rolls around, I don't ever want to go back.
It's pretty much as though I have a little holiday everyweek, then drive back to reality. If only reality weren't so far away. Perfect.

I do think though, that when I finally move back to Adelaide, I want to work at a .. semi-rural/regional area. For example Mount Barker or Murray Bridge. Somewhere that is still out of the metropolitan area, but not quite a 3.5hour drive away. Haha. An hour? Easy.
Reason being because I love the feel of the country, and typically country patients are so much more patient, happy and understanding. Sure, you get crazies in every town/city/place, but lets just say there are far less of those crazies out here.
On top of that, I will definitely continue to get more experience and see more different types of cases.
But all that is a little bit into the future. When the time comes to consider leaving PA, I'll have a look at whats available and go from there :)
Just want to be able to see my family more often, that would be nice. Being away definitely makes me feel like I have taken my schooling days totally for granted- Even when I was home every single day, I spent most of my time cooped up in my room. Now that I can't see them everyday, I always wish that I could.
Life is like that song by Counting Crows: Big Yellow Taxi-
"Don't it always seem to go, That you don't know what you got til' its gone". Legit one of the greatest songs. I still remember my teacher in year 5 playing it for us and then having a discussion about the lyrics. The time of my huge epiphany. hahah. Those were the days.
100% will spend more time with my fam bam whenever I can. Muchos love. ❤

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Post Count: 1

One blog diary entry, this entire year so far. Hahah.. I can't believe how seemingly impossible it has become for me to stick to a plan or even to remember to post something. I guess the feelings just arn't quite there.
I feel like my life is just so full that I have no urge to blog about it. Surely thats a good thing :)
But I do regret not blogging more, and in more detail. One of my close friends Khoi is having his one year anniversary with his girlfriend Pris soon, and was asking for some advice on gifts. I could not for the life of me, remember what I got for Simon or what he had got for me!
I definitely feel bad that I don't remember, but I doubt he remembers either hahah..
On one hand its good, since it means there have been so many celebrations between us that I can't even keep track- but on the other hand I really wish I could remember since I know every event has been special to me. Goddamn it, Jun. Goldfish memory.
So I guess that discussion really prompted me to try and rehash the blogging feels.

I was reading back on some of my very old blogs, back to the early Uni days. I definitely feel like I had a very colorful life back then. Learning heaps, inspired by many. Hahah Its quite refreshing to read -if I do say so myself! But then there are the sad times and low moments that are good to reflect upon and be happy that I don't think that way/feel that way anymore.
My self-inflicted low self esteem would be a prime example. I am so amazed, reading back on both my public and private blogs that I could talk down on myself so badly and not only that, but do it so often. Every time some guy did something bad to me I would think "Must be cause I'm not good/interesting/pretty/smart/cool/fun enough." "Must have been something I did wrong."
HELL NO, 18-year-old-Jun. Why did I do that to myself?
I'm so happy to have come out smiling in the end though- to be honest, if I hadn't taken the chance with Simon, theres a high chance that I would probably still think that way. My self-esteem would be absolute rock bottom.
Long story short, he made me realize that I deserve to be treated well. He taught me how to be confident about myself, my thoughts and more importantly that its okay to voice them. He encourages me to be the best I can be.
Although my past relationship was a total flop, I don't blame the guy. Had I known how to use my words and communicate, it didn't have to end like it did. Brutally. haha. And sure, he could have treated me better, but I should have known that I deserved better.
Its hard to know when you're that young and in your first 'serious' relationship. The whole time I thought to myself "this is as good as it gets", because I simply didn't know any better.
Thanks to past experiences I know for sure- This is really as good as it gets. And its freaking fantastic :)

Aaaand thats where my train of thought ended up, after all that 'stalking' of the younger Me. Hahah..
Goodnight guys. Monday awaits. Hope I feel super fresh for the start of the week!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

I've got a ticket for the long way 'round

Just booked plane tickets for Mum, Dad, Zhen, Simon and I for Malaysia in April!!
Literally so excited right now. I know, there is still so much time, but before you know it, April will be here and BAM! Epic holiday. haha
Been so long since we have had a family trip, I think last one was for Zhen-Ti's wedding in 2013.
And even better, I get to bring Simon along to experience all the places I love.
Mum and Dad have promised to take us proper tourist sightseeing, as opposed to every other time I've been back to Malaysia, where I've just tagged along to shopping malls and to visit family.
Super keen.
January is almost over, time is already speeding past. Chinese New Year this weekend!
In Feb we have things planned pretty much every weekend, bucks and hens nights, Birthdays..
and March is the month of Weddings- to be specific- the month of Four weddings!

I can already feel that the next couple months will be fun, exciting, busy, and for sure, pass me by very quick.

Already starting my research on the ultimate tourist areas in Penang and KL haha.

Hope 2017 is going well for everyone :)
Definitely learning to be grateful for everything I have.