Friday, April 29, 2011

When you make that face

I just want to fist-bump your head! Yeh. Thats right.

Sigh.. I've noticed that my blogs have been.. pretty emo lately. Always complaining about crap that is probably really unimportant to you guys out there. But I can't help it. Sometimes shit happens, one problem after the other. So yeh, the happy parts will come soon enough.. I've noticed that my other friends who blog have also started going all emo on me D: That is not a good sign :\ But again, I'm sure they'll have some happy things to blog about in the future :D Lifes not all about fun-ness.
So my friends and my brother have been giving advice to me about what to do with these so-called problems that I have, and really I don't know what to do. I mean do I follow them or..?
Speaking of advice, don't you hate when people ask you for advice, and then don't even take them into consideration? Its like, why ask if you've already made up your mind?
Anywho, all this advice is making my head explode. So many what ifs.

Going to play for A-grade this season, Weoeooeooe! Yes, I am kind of excited for it. However I'm starting to think that I'm playing too much badminton. Too chilled. Should study more. Lol I say that ALLLL the time and never do anything about it. Mabes I should cut down abit.. cause if I don't, that means I'll be playing 4times a week. That can't be healthy for an aspiring dentist :\ On this note, I've been thinking, is this something that I really want to do? Like last night I was asked if I was enjoying the course so far.. and to that I replied "...meh'. Oh gosh, I'm becoming one of those.-_- But yeh, I said that. I guess its only been a term since I started the course, so I don't know la! But whatevs, we'll see.

For A-grade, I'm going to have to play singles.. Damn it. This body was not made for singles. LOL Just saying. Not that I'm asthmatic, but I'm bringing my puffer along to my games so that people will be like " aw, shes asthmatic, I'll go easy on her." ;) yeh man. Thats what I call deception.
Oh well.. I guess it'll train me up for u19s, so I don't fail too bad at nationals! More practice! And you know what they say about practice. Practice. Makes perfect. So I'll be perfect.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I want to be with you. Too bad.

never thought I'd be the trouble maker type, but turns out I kinda am. Caused people to argue, and hurt peoples feelings.. Why so stupid? Why talk so much.. Next time I'm keeping my mouth shut.. like good people do. I was acting like such a mega b-word, now I feel ashamed of myself.. Just feel like digging myself a hole and never coming out. I can be a cave-woman! ye ye ye yee.

Alright, lets talk about something different. Sick of talking about relationships in general.
My parents came home a week earlier than expected. On sunday night I had organised a games night for the people at baddy, and everyone came over to my place since my parents were away, and when I get home, BAM! mum facebook messaged me "don't forget to pick us up at the airport tomorrow morning at 6:15!"
-_- almost ruined the night, since people were going to crash at my place and wake up the next day to go home. People ended up staying up til 6am, then going home sleep deprived. LOL sorry guys! Also thanks people for helping us clean up the house before the parents got home :)

My mum is the kind of parent that buys me things that I will probably never use.. she bought me shoes the wrong size, bags that I used to use when I was 10, and clothes that would suit me if I were maybe 30 years older. LOL but thats alright, it was expected. At least she brought home nice chocolate! :D HOLYCRAPPERS, they brought home durian chocolate! Hahaha in-tres-ting taste! But ofcourse, anything with durian in it tastes good to me ;)

The panda isn't chocolate though, there is hand cream inside! Cool-ness. And so kyuooot!
So I should say that I'm glad to have them home, my dads cooking has never tasted so good. Next time I think I'll learn how to cook properly, before they leave.
Uni is starting in less then a week, and I've only just started to study. At uni now, and I've just wasted a couple hours youtubing LOL. Not my fault my net at home doesn't work..:\ haha at least I'm making an effort to go to the library! haha, alrighty, real study time now. GET TO WORK! >:]

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Honeymoon period.

You know what that is.. its where two people, girl and guy or whatever floats your boat have just gotten together, and for a period of time everything is awesome. Just all flirty and cute and whatnot, where each 'give in' to each other, and all the annoying habits get overlooked. We all know that this is only temporary, its not going to last for long. After a while, contact is less, texts get shorter, emoticons and smiley faces start to disappear. Yeh its expected, and however much we don't want it to, it's going to happen one day. You can't expect a relationship to be all cute and romantic, one that lasts a lifetime. Cause thats just unrealistic. LOL i'm starting to sound like my dad.
I remember talking to my dad once, i was asking him about the kind of things he used to do for my mum when they were dating. Yeh awkward jellyfish to the max, but I really wanted to know! For someone that does things so... practical all the time, I wondered what he was like in love. Haha.. yeh man ;)
But he told me that, he didn't really do anything for my mum. He never called her, never wrote letters (cause back in the day you couldn't just send them a text) lol. I was thinking, what a crappy relationship you guys must have had! But then he told me something that got me thinking.. He told me that, in a relationship, if you really wanted it to last forever, you have to be yourself right from the start. Over time you always hear stories about people breaking up, getting divorced. Over what? Because one or the other has 'changed'. Now has your other half really changed? Or is it because he/she has only just started being themselves? If you act all nice and gentleman/ladylike in the relationship, sure, you might be able to keep this up for months.. maybe years. But what about when you get married? Move in together? Have children? What happens then? The stresses in life are going to get to you, and make your true colours show. Now I know there are probably a couple people out of a million that no matter what happens they'll keep smiling. But really how likely is that.
So i guess what i'm trying to say is that.. I don't know what I'm trying to say :) Just what I've been thinking about.
Speaking of change, I think I'm starting to. Slowly. I don't want to change :\ Just want to stay my lame, awesome self. LOL yeh i am awesome. awesome foursome :D
Anyway I have to get studying. This is so gay.

Ps. To who it may concern.. Missing you.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Its been a while.
So lately I haven't been home much cause my parents have been away on holidays. What have I been up to you say? Not much. Haha got you curious now have I?
Just been spending time with people that I wouldn't get to normally, having sleepovers, game nights, badminton. We just had a games night at Zhe's house, something I shouldn't have done on the night before a 9am start at uni.. That was not a good idea. If only I were on holidays :\ But it was fun, lets do it again :D
Although I'm loving this new freedom.. I'm starting to miss them. Alot. I guess I'm parent-sick ;) LOL yeh.
I miss having proper food to eat when I come home. I've literally been living off cartons of up and go, frozen dinners and migoreng. Miss my mum offering me milo at night, miss my dad waking me up in the morning, even miss my dad making those soggy wtf-filled sandwiches that he always makes me without fail every single day for lunch.
You can tell that I'd be so effed if I had to move interstate for uni, like I had planned to! Lucky ducky I didn't :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


Innnn-tress-ting word, isn't it? So I was thinking about stuff tonight at badminton, which I might add that if I don't start playing better I'm going to suck more than usual at nationals, and the word insecurity just popped into my head. It just popped!
Anyway the POINT is, if you were in security, you wouldn't be feeling insecure, you'd be feeling pretty safe, what with all the guards around right? GET IT? :D yeh I know.. lame to the max.
Just thought I'd share some of the stuff that runs through my mind. I actually think like this. Awkward, isn't it? You'd think that I would have better things to think about!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

L is for the way you look at me.

How is L the way you look at me? I don't get it. HAHA Is L sposed to stand for Love? or Look? Or lust...or Lizard. Lizard is for the way you look at me. LOL am I making any sense right now? You know what I mean..
Tried to have an early night for my 8am tomorrow, Oh wait, my 9am. But I'm going in early to do some tute work. I'm actually proud of myself for making more of an effort! I think that my good habits are slowly coming back.
There was a time in mabes year 11 that I started to be super organised, I had schedules planned with times and everything! And I actually stuck to those times! If I wrote down 4pm-6:30pm: Study for Chem test, I would actually study for my chem test for exactly two and a half hours.
Then as year 12 progressed it was like, I DID make a schedule, but what use is a schedule if you're not going to stick to it? Haha.. So trying to be more organised, and more hardworking. Cause I see all these people around me studying hard, making an effort and actually striving to do well.. That kind of attitude motivates me, ya know? :)
Anyway the early night isn't happening, I just can't get to sleep. Hence the reason why I'm on blogging, cause what else is there to do? I find blogging a way to relax. Its fun. YOU should make one if you haven't already! You don't even really need a topic to write about. Just write about Aaaanything you like. People still read it.
Look, you're still reading mine arn't you? Even though I'm warbling on about aaaaaaaabsoloutely nothing. That's right. :) haha, then again it's most probably because you yourself are bored out of your shorts.
I should wake up earlier tomorrow morning. And eat more. Yesterday in my lecture I was so hungry, I started drawing pictures of food on my paper. YES I WAS HUNGRY. Haha.. I drew a jellyfish, then a burger, then a cake.

A vegetarian burger ofcourse. Which makes me wonder. Does it annoy people that I'm vegetarian? Do people think vegetarians are just picky? I think I'm one of the most non-picky eaters. When I was a tod, my dad used to force me to eat stuff like eggplant, raisin toast, mushroom, dates, yam.. all the stuff that made me gag. So now I'm okay with everything. I eat the sandwiches my dad makes for me every day. I remember there were times where my dad put vegemite, beancurd, beansprouts and those raw mushrooms into a sandwich for my lunch. These sandwiches would have been meh, but it was ALSO soggy from being inside a bag all morning. Like, really now? And I still ate it. I still ate the vegemite, cucumber and pancake sandwich he gave me today. So I'm not a picky eater. Really I'm not-_-
If i take a while to decide what to eat in the food court, its because I'm contemplating and weighing up what I should buy that will not only fill me up, but also be the most value for money and cheap-ster. LOL yes, yes i'm just fantabulous.

Okay so I should go back to bed. Someone remind me to clean my room. Its so dirty. Scary dirty.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Jun, Fools.

Get it? April fools- Jun fools? :) Yeh man! Wonder how I'm going to fool you today ;)

Well I didn't want to blog tonight cause I think once again my blogging may be becoming a little too frequent. But here I am, blogging away with my awesome double-jointed fingers. LOL don't 'ew' in your mind-_- I know that you did.
Something's been on my mind for the past hour or two and I just wanted to share. So I was talking to one of my 'bff 's tonight about stuff.
Let me ask you all a question.
If you don't have the intention of actually getting married to your boyfriend/girlfriend, would that be classified as 'leading them on'? The logic here is that you're in a relationship because you see yourself and that person progressing through these stages and eventually getting married.
To be honest, I haven't really thought this far. Am I supposed to?
So really in your opinion, do you think this would be called 'leading' someone on? I mean, how many of you in a relationship have actually thought that in 5-10years time, you'd be married with your present boyfriend/girlfriend, living happily ever after?
Gosh, thinking ahead so far into the future.. so much could happen, so many possibilities. Tis why I think that even if you haven't thought carefully about your future with your special someone, it wouldn't be called 'leading on'. Whats wrong with living life in the present and enjoying it? Why does everything we do need to be planned out so intricately? Just let it be man, let it be.
2:31am: Starting to sound like a hippy now, in the early hours of April fools day.
Peace out, brussel sprout.