Friday, April 15, 2011


Its been a while.
So lately I haven't been home much cause my parents have been away on holidays. What have I been up to you say? Not much. Haha got you curious now have I?
Just been spending time with people that I wouldn't get to normally, having sleepovers, game nights, badminton. We just had a games night at Zhe's house, something I shouldn't have done on the night before a 9am start at uni.. That was not a good idea. If only I were on holidays :\ But it was fun, lets do it again :D
Although I'm loving this new freedom.. I'm starting to miss them. Alot. I guess I'm parent-sick ;) LOL yeh.
I miss having proper food to eat when I come home. I've literally been living off cartons of up and go, frozen dinners and migoreng. Miss my mum offering me milo at night, miss my dad waking me up in the morning, even miss my dad making those soggy wtf-filled sandwiches that he always makes me without fail every single day for lunch.
You can tell that I'd be so effed if I had to move interstate for uni, like I had planned to! Lucky ducky I didn't :)

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