Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I want to be with you. Too bad.

never thought I'd be the trouble maker type, but turns out I kinda am. Caused people to argue, and hurt peoples feelings.. Why so stupid? Why talk so much.. Next time I'm keeping my mouth shut.. like good people do. I was acting like such a mega b-word, now I feel ashamed of myself.. Just feel like digging myself a hole and never coming out. I can be a cave-woman! ye ye ye yee.

Alright, lets talk about something different. Sick of talking about relationships in general.
My parents came home a week earlier than expected. On sunday night I had organised a games night for the people at baddy, and everyone came over to my place since my parents were away, and when I get home, BAM! mum facebook messaged me "don't forget to pick us up at the airport tomorrow morning at 6:15!"
-_- almost ruined the night, since people were going to crash at my place and wake up the next day to go home. People ended up staying up til 6am, then going home sleep deprived. LOL sorry guys! Also thanks people for helping us clean up the house before the parents got home :)

My mum is the kind of parent that buys me things that I will probably never use.. she bought me shoes the wrong size, bags that I used to use when I was 10, and clothes that would suit me if I were maybe 30 years older. LOL but thats alright, it was expected. At least she brought home nice chocolate! :D HOLYCRAPPERS, they brought home durian chocolate! Hahaha in-tres-ting taste! But ofcourse, anything with durian in it tastes good to me ;)

The panda isn't chocolate though, there is hand cream inside! Cool-ness. And so kyuooot!
So I should say that I'm glad to have them home, my dads cooking has never tasted so good. Next time I think I'll learn how to cook properly, before they leave.
Uni is starting in less then a week, and I've only just started to study. At uni now, and I've just wasted a couple hours youtubing LOL. Not my fault my net at home doesn't work..:\ haha at least I'm making an effort to go to the library! haha, alrighty, real study time now. GET TO WORK! >:]

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