Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Time is ticking away..

You are my star,
I'm your number one fan,
baby please, take my hand ..

wah it seems like those people that told me year12 would fly pass were right..
MIDYEARS in a few weeks, so wish me luck with that ^^
as well as out FORMAL on the 18th june, i havn't even started preparing.. Jun in a dress is really awkward turtleO_O.. lol havnt worn a dress in a hundred years !
so yup, going dress shopping this Friday :)
formal is going to be so... hmm.. just hope it all goes well =S scary scary.

with the formal and midyears coming up.. its gona be a hectic few months ..
oh yupyup, going to Badminton nationals early July ♥ off to tassie ~
i'll epic fail, but i will do it with pride :D

By the way,
someone stole it from me and im gona get it back.-_-
motivation! ^-^ haha random much?