Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Curious cat.

I just can't believe that its almost August already. Where did the time go?
All of a sudden I'm getting worried about resume's and registrations.. dental insurance and applications. All the things I didn't think I'd need to think about, have just appeared out of nowhere! Exciting but at the same time.. So damn scary. 

Managed to pass the mid-year exam, which is a huge plus. The redemption viva was held yesterday and boy, was I glad not to be one of those. One of my mates took the redemption viva and failed that too.. the sad feels for him :( seriously. Don't want to be in his shoes at all.

Currently ploughing at my endodontics essay at an extremely, torturously slow pace. 3k words have never been so difficult to achieve. I'm at 700. I've had months to do this but you know, as expected, I've left it to the last 10 days. Goddamn it. I would ask myself why I'm like this, but we all know why. I'm just way too lazy. Sometimes I want to do something about it.. but then I just don't.
Managing to get through assessments and exams even through the crazy laziness, has made me just so used to being a bum. Bad habits. Its bad because I've trained myself to be lazy. As soon as I stopped trying so hard, my grades improved. Why is that?
I have definitely changed. For sure I've become more curious and question things more and therefore understand it once I've found the answer and more inclined to commit it to memory, but on the other hand just SO MUCH more lazy. The intellectual curiosity has most definitely come from Simon.
At times I wonder how his mind is so crazy active all the time.
He's the guy that looks at the moon at night and wonders how the moon got to be. Why it's so bright. What the speed of light is, and if its possible for something to travel faster than the speed of light. If so, does that mean its possible to time travel? Surely particles cannot physically surpass the speed of light and break the time barrier?

Like seriously.
I used to look at the moon and all I'd be thinking of was how pretty it looked. Maybe if it was round I'd start howling and be like 'Werewolf timeee'.
HAHA. And now? Well, probably still the above, but also additional things. Ahaha

We actually had a whole conversation about time travel, not from looking at the moon, but because of something he had talked about to others in trade school. Nevertheless, you get what I mean.
I love the effect his mind has had on me. Wonderfully different. So curious. Like a cat. ahahha. meow.

Damn, thats one cute cat. I don't even like cats. But this one gets a double thumbs up :)
Anyway. It boggles my mind how people like him think sometimes. Its crazy how knowledge-rich he is. He has the ability to retain the most unexpected things in the most detailed fashion. I guess because he doesn't just ask questions, he makes sure he finds the answer to the question. Its great.
So curious. At the same time, so easily distracted. Driving along- look at that over there, what do you reckon that is? What about that? Why do you think they've put those up? I reckon its for such and such. LOOK AT THE ROAD YA NUB! ahahah..

I absolutely adore it. Fan girl moment. Excuse me.

Enjoy your day today guys! Another day, another dollar. Unless you're not working yet. In which case.. no dollar for you. hahah
I feel so poor these days. Only working once a week and money is going into.. fines. Sigh. Talk about that later haha. Oh the sadness.