Monday, June 27, 2011


There comes a point where you really DON'T care about doing well anymore, and I think i've just about reached that point. I mean, last exam is tomorrow, and here I am, curled up in my parents bed on the itouch blogging. I came home from watching badminton yesterday which was pretty epic I must say, and since then I have literally been in bed the whole time. So much for Productive study, ey? Yup I'm down with the flu, fever, or whatever that shivering cold feeling is even though I'm sweating. guess tomorrow will be fail, but as I said, I don't care anymore. Which is pretty sad :/ all my positivity has just leaked through the pores of my skin, turning into oil covering my forehead. Ew. Oh well, at least it's giving me a nice red flush on my cheeks :) like I'm wearing blush or something. Haha it's not all bad. It's been a while since I've been sick like this, my parents are overacting a tad, giving me every Chinese herb tea and medicine in our cupboard.. But I'm thankful for that, they even let me sleep in their bed cause my electric blanket blew up.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

there is no more motivation

Had my first exam yesterday, and today spent the day lying around in bed, watching movies and literally doing Nothing. It's okay.. I'll be back to studying tomorrow hopefully, for my last exam on Tuesday.
Or I might go watch some badminton. Hahaha.. City of Adelaide is on right now.. gah. I wish I were playing. Still, would be fun to go watch some of the semi-finals and finals.

Oh, going to the temple tomorrow to visit my grandma. Its been two years since she passed away. Gosh.. two years passed by really fast. It really doesn't feel like it's been that long! I remember finishing my Physics exam in year 11, and i came home really happy that it was over, turned on the tv and just finished eating instant ramen. Then my mum called, and I ran to my grandma's house.
sigh.. it's really the shittest feeling in the world, just standing there watching ambulance people rush around, knowing that there is nothing you can do to help.

Two years later, and I still miss her :(
Doesn't that get you thinking.. all the people you love now, will be gone sooner or later.
Holyshizzle, such a depressing post, I'm sorry!! But i guess thinking about it.. be good to your family cause they won't be around forever. and you WILL miss them when they're gone.

Although I say this, I know I'll probably never stop being an annoying sister. Hahah :P

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kind of a sad time

Ahhhh sheit. Homo exam tomorrow.. I guess i'll just get it over and done with :\
You know, as tank as I am, I feel like crying my eyes out. Get me a bath and I'll fill it with tears, then you heat it up and soak yourself in my sorrow.
Then when you come out of the bath you'll be all salty and then you can lick it off.
Which reminds me, I haven't had a bath in a while. No, i'm not dirty.. I mean BATH bath. The real stuff. Lol. People that take baths always tell me how soothing it is to just lie in there with your favourite book, light a few scented candles and chill.
But knowing me, i'd probly accidentally burn my hair in the candle, and get my book all wet- Which I did, a couple years ago when I tried reading the first book of Lemony Snicket's 'A series of unfortunate events' in the bath tub. LOL fail of a girl.
I don't understand how you can read in the tub. I was thinking.. maybe wrap the book in that waterproof plastic stuff? Those plastic book covers that you used in like year7. Hahaa. innnteresting.

OK, enough Jun.-_-
Wish me luck, please!
...i think i just broke my electric blanket. Well thats not a good sign.

Monday, June 20, 2011

get me a hot, steaming cup of awesome.

The awesome purple mug has been with me for quite a while- as long as I can remember, unlike many other things/humans, it's been with me through thick and thin :')

It's only been a day since my last post, but my body clock is so effed that it feels like its been a while. I'm going to post again anyways. LOL post after post of talking about nothing significant.. feel free to just exit the page.

Was thinking about something someone said, they were talking about how many tweets, and facebook statuses that are about relationships. When you have a fight with your boyfriend, he cheats on you, he leaves you.. and then you go and tweet about it. Constantly. Countless posts. Being all custard tart and saying how much you miss those times together. I mean it's totally fine to want to express your emotions.. but why do it in public :\ do you want all the people in your life to know how much you miss him, how much you're hurting inside.. how weak you are?
It's obvious why you post those statuses up, its for him to read, for him to acknowledge, in the hope of him realising how wrong he was in leaving you and for him to come back. But do you really think he's going to come back after seeing how much you still want him after he hurt you? What is that, thats just lack of self-respect. It also boosts his ego, his head will inflate like a fat chicken.
I'm not saying that I wouldn't post the odd tweet/blog about being sad after a break-up, but you know, thats why I have the other private blog, thats why I have friends, thats why I have a super brother who listens (Y).

Ps. new song in the side bar.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

mid JUNE

It's now 2am, why did I just wake up? Because the whole of saturday i did SHIT ALL and so now i'm paying the price. How I wish I could be in bed right now.. with my electric blanket and all my cute soft toys. Do you still cuddle your soft-toys to bed? :) I bet you dooo.

Totes can't wait til this exam period is over, well who can? After exams I have things to do, a life to live, people to catch up with. I'm sorry if you haven't heard from me in a while, I know that 'studying' is not a good enough excuse!
Lacking motivation to study. The only reason I try to study is to please my parents. I would hate to be the one to tell them I'm repeating. Or mabes I can pull a Zhen and just change courses before I get my results back. HAHA. Jokes zhen- I know you did well.

Looking forward to going away to Sydney this year for under19 nationals. My last one, ever! I guess you could say I'm a senior. A shit one at that. ahahha can't believe how much I haven't improved since the last time. Maybe there is only so much I could have improved, and I already reached that limit. Or maybe I just don't train hard enough. LOL yeh thats it. I remember going running and doing sit ups and pushups before bed for u17s, thats when I started to get better at the sport. Which reminds me of the time I didn't have anywhere to jog cause my parents were still too paranoid to let me run in the streets-
Being the smart girl I was, I thought, maybe I could jog in circles in my room. HAHA. So i was running around in a small circle in my small room and then rolled my ankle. DON'T ASK ME HOW, i'm just that co-ordinated. LOL good times. anyways..
What happened? YEAR 12 HAPPENED. lol fag. Then the potato-ness kicked in.

hoo my gosh, i think there are like breadcrumbs inbetween my laptop keyboard, it's getting harder to type with my lightning fast typing ;) gah. this is gayness to the max.

Friday, June 17, 2011

mr. lonely

yup that should be my name. Mr Jun Lonely. HAHA gosh, what an awkward name.
So i thought.. about writing a post.. cause i'm that lonely. It is now almost 4am, as you can see by the now correct timestamp :) Still proud of finding that setting, yes I am.
Up learning about the endocrine system, next are the salivary glands and then some radiation physics! Lovely, lovely. Excites me to my toes, which might i add are almost frozen off. Like little frozen carrots.
There are only three things keeping me from pulling out (thats what she said) and going to sleep. HAHA. wait a minute.. that doesn't work. my bad!
1. I don't want to fail, and I know that if i DON'T study i will. defs. for shizzle my nizzle. haha..
2. Holidays are JUST AROUND THE CORNER. like that deli around the corner of your house. Like the cow on the corner of your street. Like the chicken in the corner of your room.
3. crackers, lollies, coffee and cans of baby corn are keeping me up, and for that I am truly thankful.

BUT double you tee eff, I went to woolworths to buy some canned baby corn right, and DIU man, it tastes so crap. Don't ever buy baby corn from woolworths if you want to eat it straight from the can :\ stupid woolies. they are very wooly. HAHA.
Ofcourse- i'm on a break, hence the sexy jelly pictures.

I made the hamburger by the way. The bread rolls are meant to be oranges, and the cheese, tomato and lettuce are made out of dead jelly babies O: my kind of burger ;) hehe.
What a lucky red baby.

So now I'm just wondering how I should plan my Friday..
OH YEH, LOL the funniest thing happened today, I realised that my exam is on next Friday, not Thursday. :DDDD extra day- woop woop woop! Crazy post today, since i ate too many lollies and had too much coffee. OH, i got hazelnut coffee. mmm tastes like abit of hansel, abit of gretel. LOLWHAT?

sigh. back to studying. k-k-k-k-k-kiss you goodbye ;) teehee.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

haven't seen your smile in a while

So i have this friend-
she's into this guy..
i think she's fallen hard for him. HARD LIKE MY ABS. HAHAH-_- ch, sorry.

...but he's obviously just playing around.

what do I do? All the stories shes told me about him, everything he says to her, all his actions- its pretty clear that he's not serious about her. But i don't think she's realised, all she wants to do is be with him. Mabes she's love-blind. Love-struck? Whatever floats your boat! But at the moment she's risking so much, sneaking around with him.
What do i say? Am I supposed to tell her what I really think?
But say you were in her shoes, and thought you were crazy in love with this other person.. If your friend told you to stay away from them, what would you say?
I admit, i'd probably listen to what you had to say, but then give you a 'wtf' face.
But if I don't say something.. she might get hurt. Then again I may be interfering..? I don't know, too many decisions. LOL. women are so indecisive, I agree.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my baby

Yes, thats my baby.

I wonder if you can get food poisoning from eating too much baby corn from the can?
I've been eating many..many cans of baby corn. LOL sounds weird, I know. Must be a phase. Like you know, that time in your life where you wondered if you were gay, that period where you thought the world revolved around this one person, the time where you spent all that time and money on painting warhammer figurines. Yes, my brother was one of those. hahah..
Back to the corn, I think its just because there were heaps of cans in the cupboard, no preparation required and it tastes sooooo gooot! If you think about it, it's also cheap, and it says no fat! Call me awkward but I'm in love with baby corn :) Just thought you people had to know. cause I'm just that interesting.

Have a good day! :) Mabes you should make someone smile with a joke. You never know, they might be needing a few laughs. Especially since its swotvac.

(Ps. I found out how to change the timestamp on my blog posts to Adelaide time! Yeee. Genius? I think so ;))

Sunday, June 12, 2011

kids say that i look like Kirby.

Played in the Country/city Challenge today, and we were legend.. wait for it...
..yeh.. LOL jokes la, we were preeeetty awesome sauce :)
So our team 'Zhe-slash' had myself, Zhe, Lisa and Ben. Came in fourth, not bad not bad! And yes, there were more than four teams :P If you were wondering. There were like 12 teams? I'm not sure. But lost to Nigel, Ray, Angela and Gerrelyn so didn't make the 1st box. Booo.
I guess today's tournament kind of makes up for me missing City of Adelaide.. oh how I was looking forward to that :\ but atleast I got to play some kind of tournament, not COMPLETELY missing out.

On Friday I went in for a meeting with my clinic tutor, to discuss my grading for this semester regarding clinic performance and stuff..
So we need a satisfactory to pass the course. And I got that :) yay. It was however not a good or excellent, so I'm kind of disappointed.. but relieved I guess. She told me that my performance from the last clinic let me down== I was late 10 minutes, and she told me off, saying it was unprofessional of me and extremely unacceptable. Oh my lord, chill lady, it was only one time :\
But I guess, if you were a patient you wouldn't go to a dentist that comes in 10 minutes late to your appointment! Lesson learnt..
And also since I was late I didn't tie my hair up properly, I mean it was tied up but its getting so long that it drapes over my shoulder. Apparently thats a breach of infection control. Gosh.. so picky, ricky. That session while I was examining my 'patient', while explaining what I was doing to my tutor I messed up the terminology, getting names of structures muddled up.. Gayness to the max, yo! Totes should study harder..
So because of all these little things.. I mean it wasn't as if I did the actual perio wrong, it was just because of these little.. stupid mistakes >:\ so noob, Jun! Next time I'll be the most awesome sauce student dentist in the world! muahha. I wish, jelly-fish. Eurgh. exams coming. Yes, the time has come where I constantly bitch about how much work i haven't done. HOWEVER tonight I won't, cause i studied *proud face*. but defs have to hardcore it up.. starting... tomorrow. Ah, all this talk about dentistry. Yes I'm trying to bore you to death.

In other news, Happy three months ♥ -when are you taking me out, boy!? :)
and that brings up the question, are monthly 'anniversaries' like a big thing? I guess its different for different couples. I remember when I were.. younger- i wouldn't say immature, cause i still am- when i was in a relationship, we'd do things for each month we were together, get each other presents, write each other letters. But now that I'm a little older, i think back and wonder why we went to all the trouble. i mean, how did we even find time/creativity to think of things to do every single month? LOL I hardly have time/ideas to shop for birthday presents for my best friends :\ for that I am truly sorry girls. I'll make it up one day. But.. i guess, spending so much time and effort each month, it was very cute at least! ah, young kids. Wonder what other couples do for their monthly anniversaries..
LOL its not even anniversary, since that means one year. Monthaversary? HAHA double you tee eff. Google it i shall.

Mensiversary. ew, what an ugly duckling word.. I should make up a new word for it. Juniversary. I like that.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I moustache you a question.


Amazing how I can still find time to waste, probs shouldn't be on this late :\ But you know the drill, I get into bed, can't get to sleep and then get up to blog. Tomorrow I've got my PIA exam, and although it doesn't count for much..I may need some luck so, thankyou! ♥

Apparently now I'm too happy around the dent kids.. Haha. This dude, being someone who doesn't really seem like a social-type jellyfish, I thought he'd benefit from some company every now and then. So being the nice girl I am, I go up to him most days, starting off with a loud ' HI MARK!!!!' and then some superficial conversation.
Just want him to feel included, ya know? :) But yeh today when I did my usual greeting, he's just like " how can you be so happy and bubbly all the time, it's disgusting!"
..SHOT DOWN like a mother beeper! LOL I couldn't help but laugh at the situation. Just made myself look that much more weirder.
But really, how can being happy be a disgusting thing?
Then again, its not like I'm happy aaaaalll the time.. I'm sure you people have seen me sad/worried/angry at one point.. at many points! LOL.

I guess I can be quite the little actress among certain people.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

peanut butter pancake

with a title like this, you'd expect me to talk about peanut butter pancakes... well I'm not. LOL dis-a-pointed.

So my oldest brother Zhen Ti has taken up this project, and everyday for 365days, he'll take a picture of something that he is thankful for. I love looking at the photos he takes- i know its something that he spends alot of time on, and puts alot of effort into. Its good that he has something to do over there, something that he really enjoys. Can't imagine how it'd be like, living so far away from all your friends, family and fiance. Don't know how he does it, I just admire him SO much. Yes, thats him in the nerdy glasses. HAHA let me assure you he's looking much more handsome now. Not that you needed to know, since he's taken. Too bad, world.
ANYWHO enough of all this obsessive talk about how much I look up to him. LOL
Go check his blog out! He's only on day4 of the 365, you should totes follow him on his quest :D At least go look! GO NOW.
You might just learn to be thankful for a thing or two :)

I'm thankful for so much, although I know I take way too many things for granted.. and I'm sure that there are many things that we all take for granted, especially people, those closest to us. We're just so used to having them around.. but what happens when they walk out of your life? By then it'll be too late. 'people come and go'. Its just like people thinking that fate controls everything. I'm pretty sure that if you take your hand and put it on your bum, fate did not just do that-_- you did. LOL get what I mean? Power to you!
But I guess that statement is true, all the more reason why you should make good of the time you have with them now. Smile, you pancake face.

One thing I am thankful for and wouldn't let walk out of my life, having that friend that I can talk to about anything. I don't have to hold back, even if it makes things alittle awkward. What is awkward? It just blows over in a couple seconds, then we start laughing about something else. I'm not afraid that you'll judge me, cause we've been through so much, you know me too well! We talk to each other about our relationships, and support each other.
I don't have to be worried that you'll misunderstand.
You're the friend that when I'm feeling the low cause of uni, family or some poo-face, you make some stupid joke. Then start to sweat from your hands like crazy. Just like me.
As tomato-cheesy as it sounds, we're most probably going to be friends for an epicly LONG time. Get used to it! :)

..So what are you thankful for?

Saturday, June 4, 2011

awesome foursome

yes, that was the name of our ILA group, group4 :) Guess who came up with the name? LOL original, i know.
Why does it look so awkward? LOL
So the end of semester is almost here, and we had our last clinic session as a group forever, cause next sem will be different. :( so sad, so sad. I swear we were the best group, just saying ;)
Towards the end we all got really close.. this stuff always happens. Just as you're getting to be biffles with each other, something happens to split you up. But whatevs, thats how we get to make new friends I guess..

Funny how many D&Ms and gossip girl sessions you can have while doing an oral examination on each other. LOL not that you're supposed to be so unprofessional..