Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Love is easy

Whelp, I guess its blog-o'clock. First day back at uni tomorrow, 8am start, yes sir! Kind of dreading it.. but then again when has uni EVER been fun? haha sadness.
No more rolling around the house like a potato, doing nothing.
Do I wish I had done more with my holidays? Ofcourse I do. But too late now, that time has passed by, and might I say passed by so gosh-damn fast!? It's like I don't even remember what happened. Then I stumbled upon a folder on my desktop with all these photos of me in Malaysia and think to myself 'Thats right, we went there this holidays.'
All seems kind of wasted.

Oldest brother came back for a few more days after going to Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia- what a holiday. Came back home with pre-wedding photos, as well as my bridesmaid dress and shoes. Firstly I'd like to say CONGRATS brother, its finally happening. After 11 years of dating, you've finally locked her down for LIFE. LOL. No escaping now.. you sure you want to go through with this? HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT IT PROPERLY ZHEN TI!? HAHA I'm just kidding.
And that brings us to the reason for this cheesy title of this blogpost.

No couple could be more perfect. If I believed in the theory that everyone on this earth has a Soul-mate, you two would be it. And Although they probably put ALOT of effort and hardwork into making things work, they really do make being in love look easy. Jeebus!

Funny story though, I got my bridesmaid dress, tried it on and what do you know, ofcourse it doesn't fit. Hard to find dresses to fit Fudgy the Whale.
Haha. I blame asian sizing, and that lady in Taiwan who assured that a girl with my measurements could fit an M. Such lies I tell you.
From the photo it looks like it sort of fits, but then the back would not be able to be zipped up even if I lost another 5-10kg. Why? Cause my manly shoulders ofcourse. Always the shoulders. And I don't even know how to swim! HAHA.
SO I don't know exactly what they're going to do, either try to alter it, or order another size up. But nyea.. thats the thing about ordering online. I don't like to shop clothes online even now, let alone for a wedding!
I'm still not sure how I feel about the dress and how it looks. Another thing about online shopping, it can look so different from the picture. I feel like the flower-petal things at the bottom of the dress are abit of a distraction and would have been nicer just plain. But then again its not MY wedding, and as long as the bride and groom are happy, who cares what I'm wearing?

The shoes are awesome. Lucky I JUST fit the largest size they had. Bigfoot ftw. You know what they say about big feet .. wheeey.

My eyes are feeling really heaving at this point in time, so I guess its my cue to leave. Have a great day tomorrow, whatever you're doing.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Has anyone ever said to you that "You're not worth it?"
What is IT, when they say that?
Not worth the time, money, effort, patience, energy-?
Well today someone told me that I wasn't worth it. Not worth whatever they had to offer me.
I think if I received that kind of negativity this time last year, I would have taken offence and be so disheartened that someone would ever say such a thing about me.
This year? I don't know. It didn't affect me. Now maybe because of everything that's happened to me since then, my emotion switch has been turned off, or maybe I just don't care anymore.
People are allowed to think what they want, ofcourse they are.
All I thought when they told me I wasn't worth it was- You have the right to decide who or what is worth your time and energy. It's not MY problem.
In a way I feel like a more confident person, someone not so reliant on people's opinions and acceptance of me. They're the ones who are at loss, I'm totes worth it. ;D
I remember last year one girl openly telling people she disliked me, and I got extreeemely upset over it, even though she was almost nothing to me. Just some random girl in my year. She didn't even know me at all. What for? I was the only one freaking out about it, and while that was happening she was probably at home, kicking back and chilling with her tall glass of tea, cause thats what all the classy people do these days!
Not everyone is going to like you for you, and thats when you have to realize, that to you- THEY are not worth it.

What else is the matter these days?
Been exercising alot lately- hiking, badminton, gym, running.. And I really like it! It is the cheese to my toastie. The icecream to my cone. The ferrero to my rocher. LOL. But really I almost don't feel like I'm actively TRYING to exercise more, I guess I'm just lucky that I enjoy these things, plus alot of my friends are really into hiking and badminton.
Its just like how they say that if you choose a career in something that you enjoy, you'll never have to work a day in your life. Ofcourse I won't be choosing fitness as a career, but its good that I don't have to make exercise like a chore to be healthy or anything. Sho good! Endorphins for the epic win.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Why do I feel like I always have to make the effort.

If I didn't, would we even see each other at all?

I doubt it.