Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stop making me laugh, my six pack hurts!

Miss seeing these people every day at school.. I think I took it for granted, how I was able to see them every day just by rocking up at school. Now I have to make extra effort to organise to meet up.. since everyone is separated now *sad face*. They're the people that were always there for me these past 5 years, and made sure that I laughed every few minutes. :)
We all met up for Matthew's 'surprise' 17th birthday dinner, it was a fail surprise though, as from what I've heard all surprises usually are :\ But nevertheless an awesome -expensive- night. LOL yes, I'm here again with my cheapness, cause thats the way I roll, jiggaboo! I'm so cheap that, when I went to sushi train yesterday, I just kept drinking excessive amounts of green tea and water to make myself full so that I wouldn't take anymore overpriced sushi. LOL you probably think I'm weird now if you don't already-_-. Oh well! haha..I don't think I'll be going to Wasai again anytime soon, atleast not til I get a job. Don't hate me, Wasai fans, for saying this but it wasn't even that yummy!! Good presentation though, I shall give you that.

Question, do I look intimidating to you? Cause apparently I do. LOL i'm sorry if I give off such a gay impression! Hmm, I think alot of people these days are way too quick to judge.
I mean, take my dad for example. He sees a dude with dyed hair and instantly assumes that the guy is no good and will chop me if he catches me hanging with him. I mean, why the hate? LOL. He always does that, just randomly, on the street... hahah but seriously stereotype much?
You really shouldn't judge people before you get to know them. Yeh I've done it more than a few times, but thats something I'm working on you'll be pleased to know :D
SO many times I've been like -that girl looks snobby, but then only to find out that shes one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. If you think about it, how much would you hate it if people judged YOU simply based on how you look, decide that you're a bitch then never introduce themselves? That could have been your future friend/best friend/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner, whichever way you swing ;) lol. You never know! J-J-Join me in leaving the judgement until AFTER you properly meet people :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Take a hint, chocolate mint.

It's funny how no matter how much I hint something, the person I intended to hint to, stays just as clueless as Charlie brown. But even Charlie Brown can get there faster. So what do I do? Increase the level of hintage? Be blunt and straightforward? But that requires me to be fearless.
Whatever trevor, as long as it butters your crumpet. Not really. For the love of muffins, GET THERE FASTER!!!

On a less serious note, I've note-iced LOL note. ok.-_- I've noticed that I've been posting a bit too frequently. I mean, one post a day? Probably boring you guys! :P Life's just been getting busier, hence more shiz to blog about! It's addictive. :) But okay, I'll try to tone it down abit.

Oh yeh, I tripped over today. Three times, over the same stupid step. WHY SO FAIL JUN!? Well, at least I made people laugh. Even if they were laughing at me-_- but whatevs! A smile is a smile =) Met a couple more people today, it's like.. What's your email?
" "
:\ LOL. yeh, talk about awkward.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

They're fighting, literally.

And so I deal with it the only way I know how, isolating myself in my bedroom, shoving my earphones in and blasting the music.
I can't handle all the screaming and banging noises on the wall.
And after all this, sorry really is the hardest word to say. At least it is if you're saying it to my Dad.
Sigh, I think I made his 'anger bar' rise just before the fight.

Earlier today I put a skullduggery tattoo on my arm, fake one ofcourse. But when my dad saw it, he raged. Even though its fake. I can't do anything without making him mad these days, but i do try, I really do.
This makes for another shit day, i really think I'm losing all my bubbles. But whatevs. If other people can handle it, so can I. Even if it means being emo for a while, I'll get over it. Everything will be awesome soon, cause thats life :) Can't wait for things to be ok. SETTLE, KETTLE!

cheese, I'm still lame. Sorry for the depressing post, I had to get it off my chest. So now that there is nothing on my chest -pun intended- (LOLOLOLOLOL ah, I crack myself up sometimes..) Let's talk about good stuff.

It was turning out to be quite a good day before I got home, things were great. I got closer to the friends I already made, plus, made a new friend. I wasn't even trying to but it just happened.
"taking the lift? So whats your name?"
"Jun, like the month!"
" Ohhh, thats heaps cool."
".....Med school smells like sheep and pee doesn't it?"
What an awesome conversation =)
All this just because of positive thinking, Thanks to the words from a couple of my awesome foursome friends!! :) Couldn't live without you guys. Less than three dudes, less than three. :D

We're just like Elmer and Cookieman.

On to another random topic, my hair is growing rapidly. People keep asking- Are they extensions or..? I swear your hair wasn't this long. *pulls at Jun's hair*. LOL what the-_- did you just touch my hair? don't touch my sexy hair!

Another interesting thing, for my course I'm required to go to a couple dental clinics and collect teeth that they extract over 10weeks O_O..but naturally they'll be sterilized before we use them so it's all good. Got any teeth that you don't want? :) I can't wait to start the actual course, enough of this o-week crap! Mitochondria and cytoplasms, I've missed you so much!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I said a bird- bird- bird, the bird is the word.

So..O-week ehy, what a waste of time am I right? Everything about it was boring. Probably because I didn't go look at the free stuff, but seriously I almost fell asleep several times. Not just once. SEVERAL!!
Once again my friend making skills have failed me. lol at my face-_- Oh well, I'll just go with the flow, and get through these five years. It's only five years right? I'll survive.
Don't feel like 'making the world smile' anymore..
At lunch my new group were eating at the David Jones' food court, and these kids.. Let's just say it was all silent. Today I even pulled the Chicken joke to break the ice. They're probably thinking; "Shit, she's one of THOSE people." Fail more than a whale..

I guess I'm kind of disappointed, but its alright.. theres plenty of time to make friends. And besides, I know I have some preeeeetty awesome friends already! =)

Oh, and to everyone at badminton tonight.. I'm sorry. I was a massive bitch wasn't I? Just had stuff on my mind.. Forgive me! I know how gay I was being but.. my face just didn't feel like smiling at all. You know? I won't do it again!

And I leave thee with a JOKE.
"Oh no jun the spoon, not again" -_- ok.

Man: Honey, your teeth remind me of the stars..
Woman: I know right, because they sparkle :D
Man: No, because they come out at night! HAAAAHAHAHA.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Do you mind if I hang out here until its safe back where I farted?

Laying on my bed, just chilling. Thinking about.. the sound my wardrobe door makes when I open and close it with my legs.
It's like.. creeeeaaakk. Soothing actually.. I could do this all day. Until it gets dark outside that is, then it'd be just freaky-_-. So I've been thinking and creaking for the past hour. You know that feeling in your chest that you get when you're thinking about that one person you like?
I'm getting that now. Maybe I get my jollies out of the sound my wardrobe door makes when it moves.
Sigh, I'M GOING CRAZY, cereally. I think I need to get out of my room.

Excuse me, I think you have something in your eye. Nope, it's just a sparkle. ;)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fo' Shizzle, My ezzle.

So I was a little confuzzled as to what to write on my blog next, so my not so awesome friend told me to simply "write about things that keep bugging your mind". Haha i joke, he's awesome (H)
Things that keep 'bugging my mind'.. well I know one thing that is bugging me, having to buy model teeth for dentistry. Really? $400? Why so expensive la, I can't grow money on trees. I must admit it's a pretty cool model.. It'd look nice in my room ;) LOL lovely.

What else has been on my mind lately..? Well. Girls that give in too easily. Do you have so little confidence in yourself that the moment you get complimented by a guy, you fall for him thinking that he is the best you can do? Its funny how the boy only has to say a few nice words "I think you're beautiful" or something along those lines, and they get sucked in. Yeh, players, another thing i dislike.-_- Do you ENJOY messing with people's feelings? Does that bring you awesomeness? I think not!


So these guys have a way of making the girl feel 'special', like she's the only girl in his universe. But then it turns out that the dude talks to every girl the same way. Gets on my nerves how many girls fall for them, and each of them come out pissed off and crying. Well, too bad too sad==. Sigh, boys these days.
I rekon thats what kind of puts me off from finding someone. What if they're just as I suspected, player to the max? But then again, he might be wonderful, and everything I ever wanted :) But.. what do I really want? I don't know what I want. Shiz, this crap is confusing me, even more than before I blogged it. Chh! Definately Fail blog.

On to more important topics, I'm starting my driving lessons on Saturday. Finally! Haha, yes.. I've dragged it on for long enough and decided I better get my P's before my L's expire. For all you people that have given me lifts, I'd be happy to return the favour. EXCEPT for Johnny Lo, because you're just USING ME!! Haha j-o-k-e :) That is, if you're not scared of getting hurt. LOL kidding, I'm good. Getting my TB screening tomorow, going to get pricked in the arm D: sigh.. i hate it when its like.. quick stabs of pain-_- I'd rather have a needle go into my arm slowly, like an injection, since I'll be expecting it. But with quick stabs its like you don't know when they're going to press the button, there is the scary element of surprise. Even though they might say "OK, I'm going to stab you now," They still pause for one or two seconds before they jab. Scary as, you know? Or mabes it's just me. -_- again with the awkwardness, but it's ok, thats what makes me JUN =)

SMILE! =)))

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hey Angel, UTHE sexy!

Well, last day in Geelong/Melbourne, Ti took us to Melbourne again, since theres really not much to do in Geelong..Oo, Hip song by Rain. Go CHECK IT OUT! It’s super sexy. LOL my brother had it on repeat in his car the whole day..

Quite a super fun day :D We went shopping at South Wharf, its like the harbour town of Melbourne, except much, MUCH better! They had stores for Adidas, Nike, Puma, as well as Burberry, Mimco, Superdryand other awesome stores that I didn’t even bother to go in. Not even on their best sale would I set foot.. LOL joke :) There was also a clothes brand called Charlie Brown! HAHA Calm down, Charlie brown..There were heaaaps of sales, but I don’t know..didn’t feel the need to buy heaps of new stuff? Bought one skirt though..first skirt I’ve bought for myself? Indeed. HAHA nice of you bloggers to follow me growing up… Oh the shame. :P

Also went to the Dandenong National Park. It was sooo beautiful.. Like a rainforest without the humidity. The trees were super tall, and heaps of wildlife. I saw a deer!! Ohhhhhdeaarr… :DHAHA.

And I made a new friend, and his name shall be Fluffo.

Sigh..My brother has been such a super awesome one these few days, not that hes not always super awesome, but yeh. I feel super grateful (: He still made time for us even though he’s got so much uni stuff going on.. even made us a suuuper delicious dinner. Thanks Ti! =))) triple chin love.

I also got to eat the best gelati I ever tasted! Mabes cause I don’t really buy gelati. But it was so good. THEY HAD DURIAN FLAVOUR D: Like what the shiz, durian flavoured ice-cream in one of those posh Italian stores? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!? I don’t know *shakes head* but I love it ;) hehhe.. Wish I could have remembered the name though..sigh. Fail whale.

So I be back super soon. Compared to Melbourne, Adelaide is SO quiet. But I like it that way =)

Monday, February 14, 2011


Geelong. Funny name huh? :) haha, nice to visit but I would hate to live here.. It's just too.. country. I'd be like a country bumpkin. Munchkin. Thats the word of the day, so cute right? Lol the Geelong air is getting to me, I'm going crazy :\
Went down to Melbourne though, that was fun. But I gotta say it's like being at Norwood again, asians everywhere you look. Melbourne people are also a lot more stylish that Adelaidians, everyone looks dressed up! But yes, Melbourne is pretty awesome, lots to look at. Excuse me for the heaps of photos that are coming! And yes, awkward jellyfish to the dude that looks like he's sinking in grass

I was wearing my mickey mouse t-shirt and was walking past a busker dude playing the guitar. All of a sudden he bursts into song: "The girl was wearing a mickey mouse T-shirt~~~ "
I was like.. that song sounds funny... WAIT. I'M WEARING A MICKEY MOUSE T-SHIRT!!
So awkward, I looked at him and he was nodding and smiling at me. Then I got freaked out and started running away.. poor guy, I'm sorry!

Seen some weird store names in Melbourne, among those being Zensushoes, Tuck, Ding Dong, Flower drum and also one really gay one:

LOL at that. Zhen spotted it and was like omgholycrapsicles! =)
The shopping there is pretty good, it's expensive but when things are on sale its really good. Bought myself a pair of nikes, Yes.. i know. So boyish right. :'( I'm trying to be a girl I really am! Haha.. But they look so cool.. and they were only $40! Asian bargain right there.
One other cool thing in Melbourne that I really like is their public bikes! Gosh, that would be so cool to just borrow one.. tempting, tempting... Hahaha Adelaide should have them.. You put $2.50 into the coin slot thing and then get to borrow the bike for a certain amount of time, then you add money for however long you went over that time when you bring it back. Cool huh!? If anyone goes to Melbourne with me again, lets ride!

We also had drinks at Max Brenner. Chocolate by the bald man. I'm not even kidding, that was the name of the shop! I laughed so hard.. i was just like.. "chocolate by.. the.. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAAH." But it was nice. Expensive, but nice :) It was fully owned by asians. Hardcore asians with tattoos everywhere! And most of their customers were asian too. Ah, the eyecandy. However I noticed there were alot more good looking girls than guys. Pick it up, guys!!!! -_- There was also a dude holding a samurai sword.....o_o
I had a peanut butter iced chockie. Tastes like peanut butter. LOL

Oh gosh, I almost forgot, it's the 14th of February, Happy Valentines day everybody! Wishing you all the best in spreading the love. My dads actually putting pressure on me to find a boyfriend soon O_O SO weird, talking about relationships with him....gosh, if there was ever an awkward turtle, it would be this one. But seriously whats the point of rushing me? There is plenty of time for me to mingle. Mingle jingle. Well today has been good I guess, I got a cyber rose! LOL-_- you know the one. @->--
Nice to know there are friends that love me even though I'm far away in the distant land of Gee-short. LOL sorry, I have to stop being so lame >:|
Happy valentines day.

Those are my trusty horses and carriage :D

The waterfall of I Love You!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Well I'll be leaving for Geelong tomorrow morning, so I thought I'd blog before I go, since who knows when I'm going to be back? It could be days, weeks..even months.
Yeeeea I'm just kidding, I'll be back on Wednesday :)

Aaanyway. I recently bought two books, and I'm really excited to get stuck into them! The last book I read was Memoirs of a Geisha, and that was pretty good..makes me want to watch the movie since I haven't yet. Yeh I know its old but.. your mum is old and you still watch her!! HAHA. J-o-k-e-s. The two books look so.. beautiful! I love the covers, I probably just bought them cause they look good. And cause Rose-Smay suggested them, thanks baby! So that will give me something to do on the plane. First time on the plane without adult supervision D: Gosh, i AM growing up, arn't i?? =)
OH and guess what people, while I was at the bookstore, I found Hairy Maclary! LOL my childhood partner in crime. He's so hairy.

Oh yeh, remember how I said that I was learning the guitar? Yea..... I suck. HAHA you know me, I'm all for positive thinking. But no matter how much I practice, it sounds no where near as good as its supposed to! Maybe I should stick to the piano. Be a piano man (H).
Last night I got so bored that I tried curling my hair with a straightener! How awesome am I. I need longer hair. Grow hair, GROW!!! >:] Sigh.. I have to find other ways to amuse myself. Or make more friends. LOL

Got a picture of how Zhen totalled the car :P On closer inspection, it's pretty cool! I've never been so close to a car that dented :) Proud. Haha.. wonder if something similar will happen to me. It probably will.. Which reminds me I still need to learn how to park properly :( Last time I went too far and hit the wall. But just a bit! Don't judge me, I'm a good driver. Lucky everyone was okay, however in the car that he hit, apparently there were two girls in the backseat that were my age that couldn't stop crying :\ aw, poor cookie monsters.

P.s, listen to the song in the side bar- I wanna let her know, by J.Beale If you haven't heard that song already. Awesome song to the max! So sad tho :(

Friday, February 11, 2011

Drive safely people.

I just had the biggest scare...
My dad called just then and said that my brother was in a car accident on the way home from work.. Turns out that he crashed into the back of someone elses car.
Luckily he was fine, just couldn't think straight. I wonder how serious the crash was..I'll just have to wait until they all come home.
GOSH, why the hell do you need to scare me like that.. It made me think about what life would be like without him. I honestly can't imagine it.

Sigh, i'm have to stop getting peeved at him so often.. Sorry, Qiu :(

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I am bursting with Yoohoo.

Trying to make the most of what holiday I have left, because it's going to be a while for the next one to come around.. I'm not really looking forward going to uni at the moment, need to make new friends, learn new things and stop being lazy.
Last night everyone gathered at Will's house to have dinner, it was pretty fun, first time being in Will's house, its HUGE! Well it looks huge from the outside at least. I don't know, since a young age I had a goal to get rich and live in a giant house.. but now I think I just want to live in a single-story..cosy awesome house. How cool would that be? Funny how as we grow up our dreams change :)
So I got owned in 13, Le and Jono kept winning, cause I let them ofcourse. Or maybe because they're so "Viet". Whatever thats supposed to mean!
Everyone else played Super mario battle or something on the Wii.. It's the first time I've heard Yuey get excited! Hahah (Y)

This morning my parents and I went to the government house to accept my merit award for Esl studies.. The government house.. isn't really THAT pretty.. it's just a huge white building.. a "white" house LOL. yeh-_- Lots of talking, and people reading out names I didn't even know. A pretty boring occasion, where everyone got dressed up. Why? To get a piece of paper lol. On the plus side, I got an experience and got to shake hands with that Channel 7 news presenter.. I forget her name.........there are some SMART people there... people that got merits in all 5 subjects, and they did like chem, bio, physics, math studies and specialist. CRAZY! Wow. If only Jun, if only! I should have worked harder..

'Kiah' group photo, Johnny, small Chris, big Chris, Tony, Michael and the awesomest Jun :) LOL they're all ten times smarter than me. I'm not even exaggerating! Missed out a few people though, couldn't find them..

AHH! You know whats cute? When older couples hold hands. Aw.. Whenever I see my parents holding hands, it makes me smile =)) double chin! Lol. And also when you see like an old granny and gramps, sitting and laughing together...But yes, so kyuooot!

Oh, what a stalker picture. Also I've made a huge breakthrough to becoming more girly :D weee.. First necklace that I've bought for myself? Yes indeedy! LOL Isn't it fantabulous? The funny thing is that Zhen helped me to pick it out. I needed the help of my own BROTHER. Yes, the shame.... :P
If you poke both the eyes at the same time, it goes "Hoot.. hooot..."

HAHA KIDDING! So gullible muahaha..*shakes belly like a bowl full of jelly* LOLOL wtfbbq!
Oh man, training is KILLING me. Everytime I sit down it's like someones stabbing my butt! :\ But, gotta keep soldiering on if I want to be awesome! Go jun. LOL

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fail blog.

The Chinese new years festival at Chinatown was totally not worth going..maybe cause I missed all the events and came as the stalls started packing up, I'm not too sure.. Saw the lions dancing tho :) And thats all that matters.

That day was full of fail moments, including Johnny asking the woman in the stall if there was meat in Nian gao, proving how smart he really is. Funny just watching the woman's WTF face. LOL!
"Do you know what nian gao is??"

Onto another issue today, I realize that there are still 4 huge boxes of stuff that I have yet to unpack sitting in my room. Should I unpack them? LOL. I'm really becoming a lazy potato :( Man, if this was me like 2 years ago, everything would have been unpacked on the day. What have I become!?

Well.. my mother just walked into the room, looks like I'll be spending Valentines day with my brothers at Geelong. Whoopdiedoo? Sigh..well I guess i shouldn't be disappointed, it's not like I had any other spectacular plans anyways. Self-awareness day, i shall give you a miss this year. Maybe next years will be awesome. Mabes :) anyway, it can be "Sibling love day". Naww..
Not in the weird way though. Clean up that sick mind of yours.

Thats right. Shame on you.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Trolley time.

Haven't done this with Zhen in a while. We used to do this all the time when we were little kids. Thought I'd share the happiness with you all :)

LOL it made ME happy anyways.

So I was so bored today that I went and bought a magazine. Two magazines in fact. D: I was reading it, and saw pictures that made me want to get stuff that I didn't even need. Sigh.. I really shouldn't buy these kinds of magazines.. All the pretty colours are so hypnotizing.. I want to spend money!! And thats weird because I'm cheap. About evvvvverything. Cereally.
Since Valentines day is soon, there were alot of stories about gifts to give to your 'other half' and interviews with cute couples. There was a couple that said they NEVER argued. You CEREAL? Thats bull shizzle! Either they're both push-overs or they just never talk.
I mean, in every relationship there will always be fighting. Its healthy. Like carrot sticks. Or celery sticks... dipped in vegemite. mmMM..

Valentines day D: It used to be fun in high school, when you open your locker and its like BAM! a rose. Wonder which idiot put that in there? LOL i joke. Last few Valentines days were absolutely FAIL. Even the year that I had someone special, what bad luck, rubber duck :) This Valentines day, probably going to plan something with my friends, have a super awesome day, being awesome.

You know what I want? For some reason I really want a tattoo. Not just any tattoo. One like this.

Chyeah, the one on Jessica Szohr's foot. Not only is it sexy, but also super small and easy to hide from my parents. It's weird because I'm anti-tattooer. But for some reason I like this one. Never going to get it ofcourse because I'm scared of what my dad would do to me :P Plus when i get old it will go all wrinkly. Oh well.. I could always ink it on with a black pen.
Sigh.. so many things I want to do but I can't. Like dye my hair.. get a third ear-piercing..paint my nails. Yup, I'm not even allowed to paint my nails. You see why I'm such a fail as a girl! Whenever I paint my nails for a party or something, I have to hide it from my dad..So I find it easier just to skip the whole process. Unless I'm feeling extra rebel..or trying to impress someone.. which is hardly ever. FAIL WHALE, Jun! Guess I shouldn't be complaining though, since all my dad wants for me is to be decent. (: Plus, dad says "I've never seen a dentist with long, coloured fingernails! >:|"

Lately I've been trying to kill time by going back to my trusty piano..also learning "Kiss me" by Sixpence none the richer on guitar. That song just sounds so sweet.. But playing the guitar is so much harder than it looks. Or maybe guitar is not awesome enough for me to play, is how I'd like to think of it ;) hahaha.. Fingers hurt alot, even hours after I put down the guitar. But I super really want to learn it and be able to sing along. I envy people that can do that!

Kyuooooot! Aw, one day. I'll have someone I can swing with.

Dear Fork,
I understand that we haven't spoken since you ran away with Dish,
but I thought you should know that we have a son. His name is Spork.
He has your hair.
Sincerely, Spoon.

"Oh, i think i'll sharpen my finger and see if it actually does" Guess which nutter said that and sharpened his finger with a sharpener? Yeh, you know who you are. LOL awesome foursome (:

Thursday, February 3, 2011



Happy Chinese new year, asians! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful one, i admit this year didn't seem as..festive, and was quite an uneventful one. But just eating with my family, although not complete without the oldest Zhen, was enough for me. I love the way my dad sounds so excited when telling us stories from when he was a young one. He had so many adventures and memories back in the day.. I kind of wish my life were that much more adventurous, so i'd be able to one day tell my own children awesome stories! Instead, as my dad pointed out, I'll probably be telling them stories of their grandfather :P haha.. Time to start making my own adventures!

Steamboat had lots of tofu, cause tofu is PACKED with proteins! Yes, thats where we healthy vegetarians get our proteins from. To become strong and happy little Vegemites.

LOL at Zhen looking so mad. Maybe cause I stole his tofu. Haha I joke, I just caught him at a bad time. To the many girls that are interested in my casanova of a brother, he looks good even when he's mad, doesn't he? Cough.
Sigh, What would i do without you Zhen? No longer would I have someone to dance with me at night to Chris Brown; Yeah x3!

So delicious, I could eat you up.
Gong xi fa cai! :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life's moving pretty fast.

Chinese new year is coming again, It's reminded me how much things have changed since the last new year, and the new year before, and the new year before that. So much change, now that I think about it.
Within the last year I've had many 'Firsts'.. good and bad ones... lots of bad ones. Losing loved ones one after the other.. to disease, cancer, old age.. But then again thats life. And hopefully If we keep pushing on, awesome things will happen that will make up for the shitty parts! So i'm not complaining. Obviously that only works if you make an effort though..
Alrighty, this is the part where I rant. The thing that ticks me off, ALL the time.. is when people just expect things to work out when they don't even make the smallest amount of effort. Their thinking just revolves around themselves, thinking about only how it affects themselves. Well what about what you're doing to others?
And then when something comes up that only minorly blocks their pathway, they just say Ok. I can't be effed.
You know what else? People that always say things like "Maybe I should just die." GO AHEAD then. But just remember that there are so many people in this world that actually want to live but can't. Those that are terminally ill are literally dieing to live.

Another thing, Queensland is about to be hit by a cyclone. Right after being flooded. Tell me how fair you think that is. Think about how lucky you are to be in a safe place with people that care for you. You even just saying that sentence is not even cool.

I remember when I was a little kid and my dad beat me into a pulp for not eating all of my food. I said "I should just die so that he feels bad."
LOL at myself at that young age. But now I understand, life is important. Cherish, god damn it!
You wouldn't be wishing you were dead if you actually made an effort to make your life better. You're life will only be as awesome as you make it. So get off your couch-potato ass and do something!!

Back to the topic of CNY, Having a quiet one this year, steamboat with my family. You know what I want to do? Make a steamboat in the shape of an actual boat. How cool would that be!? Then it would be an actual steam boat :D yee..
You can tell i'm bored by how much I've written.. diu man, diu! Just tried to make my timetable for my course.. But what am I even suppposed to do?
Last night I was playing badminton, and i was going for a smash. And Smashed the fingers on my left hand. HAHA Smart arn't I? And when I tried to pick up my cup this morning..WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PAIN!? LOL It's weird because you can't see much of a bruise, but when you touch it, it hurts like a b-word.
LOL I just read this part, all students undertaking Bachelor of dental surgery must go through TB screening as required. LOLOL TB. Teeny Bopper (H). Jokes. It's testing for Tuberculosis.

It's like you don't trust me.

I just wish that my parents would trust me to make the right decisions. I'm not stupid..
I know that they're just trying to look out for me and I respect that. I just don't think that they're going about it is the right way. I mean, I guess when I grow up and have children of my own, I'll be all protective and stuff. So I'm trying to understand how my parents are feeling. But it's hard.

I'll just keep the smile on.