Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I am bursting with Yoohoo.

Trying to make the most of what holiday I have left, because it's going to be a while for the next one to come around.. I'm not really looking forward going to uni at the moment, need to make new friends, learn new things and stop being lazy.
Last night everyone gathered at Will's house to have dinner, it was pretty fun, first time being in Will's house, its HUGE! Well it looks huge from the outside at least. I don't know, since a young age I had a goal to get rich and live in a giant house.. but now I think I just want to live in a single-story..cosy awesome house. How cool would that be? Funny how as we grow up our dreams change :)
So I got owned in 13, Le and Jono kept winning, cause I let them ofcourse. Or maybe because they're so "Viet". Whatever thats supposed to mean!
Everyone else played Super mario battle or something on the Wii.. It's the first time I've heard Yuey get excited! Hahah (Y)

This morning my parents and I went to the government house to accept my merit award for Esl studies.. The government house.. isn't really THAT pretty.. it's just a huge white building.. a "white" house LOL. yeh-_- Lots of talking, and people reading out names I didn't even know. A pretty boring occasion, where everyone got dressed up. Why? To get a piece of paper lol. On the plus side, I got an experience and got to shake hands with that Channel 7 news presenter.. I forget her name.........there are some SMART people there... people that got merits in all 5 subjects, and they did like chem, bio, physics, math studies and specialist. CRAZY! Wow. If only Jun, if only! I should have worked harder..

'Kiah' group photo, Johnny, small Chris, big Chris, Tony, Michael and the awesomest Jun :) LOL they're all ten times smarter than me. I'm not even exaggerating! Missed out a few people though, couldn't find them..

AHH! You know whats cute? When older couples hold hands. Aw.. Whenever I see my parents holding hands, it makes me smile =)) double chin! Lol. And also when you see like an old granny and gramps, sitting and laughing together...But yes, so kyuooot!

Oh, what a stalker picture. Also I've made a huge breakthrough to becoming more girly :D weee.. First necklace that I've bought for myself? Yes indeedy! LOL Isn't it fantabulous? The funny thing is that Zhen helped me to pick it out. I needed the help of my own BROTHER. Yes, the shame.... :P
If you poke both the eyes at the same time, it goes "Hoot.. hooot..."

HAHA KIDDING! So gullible muahaha..*shakes belly like a bowl full of jelly* LOLOL wtfbbq!
Oh man, training is KILLING me. Everytime I sit down it's like someones stabbing my butt! :\ But, gotta keep soldiering on if I want to be awesome! Go jun. LOL

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