Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Take a hint, chocolate mint.

It's funny how no matter how much I hint something, the person I intended to hint to, stays just as clueless as Charlie brown. But even Charlie Brown can get there faster. So what do I do? Increase the level of hintage? Be blunt and straightforward? But that requires me to be fearless.
Whatever trevor, as long as it butters your crumpet. Not really. For the love of muffins, GET THERE FASTER!!!

On a less serious note, I've note-iced LOL note. ok.-_- I've noticed that I've been posting a bit too frequently. I mean, one post a day? Probably boring you guys! :P Life's just been getting busier, hence more shiz to blog about! It's addictive. :) But okay, I'll try to tone it down abit.

Oh yeh, I tripped over today. Three times, over the same stupid step. WHY SO FAIL JUN!? Well, at least I made people laugh. Even if they were laughing at me-_- but whatevs! A smile is a smile =) Met a couple more people today, it's like.. What's your email?
" "
:\ LOL. yeh, talk about awkward.

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