Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The trip is almost over, Christmas has just passed and the New year is on the way. Shiet, time really does fly doesn't it?
Last time i came to Malaysia, I came to attend a funeral. This time it was for a wedding and a 50th anniversary. Goes to show that things happen. LOL obviously things happen.
Wonder what the new year will bring. Bring it on ;)
Sheesh.. 50 years. Dedication right there.. lol. After so many years, still so close and happy together.
Its what every girl wants isn't it? A relationship that only gets better with age.
Like my parents. I hope they know how lucky they are to have each other :)

New years resolutions? I shall be making them on the plane from KL to Adelaide :) Excited. You should make one too. Gives you something to work for, even if you don't end up achieving it. Atleast it does for me.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I do

In Ipoh now, Penang tomorrow, and let me just say that it's frikken HOT!! HOTTER THAN CHILLI PEPPER. HOTTER THAN THE SUUUNNNNNN. It's not like Aussie hot, where the heat comes from the brightness of the sun, its like.. Humid. Humid to the max, where its cloudy as shiz and even with no sun, just walking outside and standing there makes you sweat. I guess the peeps here are used to it.

Had a wedding to attend today, was pretty busy/tiring/uncomfortably hot/a little bit boring to be honest. Since my cousins here are very strong Christians, they had massively long sermons that droned on and on.. But it was nice after all the boring stuff :)

I need to go to the toilet now. More random photos of holiday for the lols.

Ahh.. I wish I were more photogenic.
Couple more weeks. Wondering what you peeps are up to ;)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

It's that time of the year

Roaming around KL tonight, so much Christmas spirit everywhere.
Do you believe in Christmas? Santa?

Regardless of whether I do or not, I can't deny that listening to Christmas songs playing in the shopping centres/hotel lobbies/in the bus/on my laptop.. It does seem to put an extra spring in my step :) They're just so.. upbeat, happy, bubbly.. Christmassy! It doesn't matter how upset I am, whats happening in my life, who does or does not like me.. as soon as the Christmas songs start playing at this wonderful time of year, nothing matters so much anymore. I even downloaded a couple songs to get into zee spirit ;)
However, " last Christmas, I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave it away". Not so happy chappy lyrics I realised. Haha.

Its weird, how Christmas has become.. more like a Valentines day these days.. Its all about being with the person you cherish the most on the day. Sadly I be overseas.. but hey, there will be other Christmases, yeh? Hopefully. What are you kids doing for Christmas this year? Make it a special one!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

There's a world out there that we should see

Flying to Malaysia tomorrow afternoon, half the family heading back to Australia. It's been a great couple of weeks (?) i've totally lost track of time. But I think its safe to say that I've had enough relative bonding time. LOL although i do love my aunties/uncles/cousins, too much time with them has made me more likely to get annoyed at the little things. It's probably just me being noob.
Taiwan.. would I come again? Maybe. It's alot like Japan, I guess because the Japs used to live in Taiwan and influenced them heaps or something or rather. LOL or something or rather. What is that-_-
I've done way too much shopping, my feet feel like duh jelly cause we've walked all day.. But still haven't bought the one thing I wanted the most.. MP3 YO! Listening to music off my phone is draining it of its soul. Battery life is so short now :( I sort of want to go back home already..Missing everyone in Adelaide, in particular baddddminton. Getting fatter, today we had a conversation about love handles and muffin tops. I wonder why. LOL

I'd write about what I did on each day of my holiday, but that would take a long time, and also be much boringness for you. It'd just be me, rambling on for longer than usual. We don't want that do we? Instead, I think more photos should do it.

Too many photos? I know right.

OH guess what, I passed first year. :DDDDDDD hehehe just thought I should put it out there. Tis the BEST FEELING EVAAARRR. My dad was so happy, he agreed to have a beer with me. Whoa to the max. My dad is usually totes against drinking! Haha.. Anywho, its a relief. A big thankyou for those who helped me get through that stressful swotvac period. Appreciate it :)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Taiwan, baby!

So I'm still in Taiwan, the tour has been pretty hectic. We stay at a different hotel every single night D: It's been an awesome experience, spent alot of time in both the city and the countryside, seen many things. Most beautiful? The mountains that run along the country.. Gah, can't see these kind of things in Adelaide.. Only got small hills. Like a molehill. LOL But it kind of feels like we spend more time travelling in the tour bus and trains than actually doing stuff. But I guess thats what comes with the touring experience.
I only have a few minutes to update my blog before my eyes close so I'll GET TO IT. Few pictures? I think so.
Got some interesting things to blog about, but right now i so ceeeebs. DUDE my feet feel all wrinkly cause my socks were wet cause the rain got into my shoes :( sadness. HAHA interesting right!?

Hope everyones having a suuuper holiday, shall blog/picture up more interesting things some other time. Goodnight, sleeptight!