Saturday, December 10, 2011

There's a world out there that we should see

Flying to Malaysia tomorrow afternoon, half the family heading back to Australia. It's been a great couple of weeks (?) i've totally lost track of time. But I think its safe to say that I've had enough relative bonding time. LOL although i do love my aunties/uncles/cousins, too much time with them has made me more likely to get annoyed at the little things. It's probably just me being noob.
Taiwan.. would I come again? Maybe. It's alot like Japan, I guess because the Japs used to live in Taiwan and influenced them heaps or something or rather. LOL or something or rather. What is that-_-
I've done way too much shopping, my feet feel like duh jelly cause we've walked all day.. But still haven't bought the one thing I wanted the most.. MP3 YO! Listening to music off my phone is draining it of its soul. Battery life is so short now :( I sort of want to go back home already..Missing everyone in Adelaide, in particular baddddminton. Getting fatter, today we had a conversation about love handles and muffin tops. I wonder why. LOL

I'd write about what I did on each day of my holiday, but that would take a long time, and also be much boringness for you. It'd just be me, rambling on for longer than usual. We don't want that do we? Instead, I think more photos should do it.

Too many photos? I know right.

OH guess what, I passed first year. :DDDDDDD hehehe just thought I should put it out there. Tis the BEST FEELING EVAAARRR. My dad was so happy, he agreed to have a beer with me. Whoa to the max. My dad is usually totes against drinking! Haha.. Anywho, its a relief. A big thankyou for those who helped me get through that stressful swotvac period. Appreciate it :)

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