Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy gas

Definitely a misleading name for Nitrous oxide. Had our first paediatric clinic today, orientation and procedures to prep us for seeing kids at the GP Plus clinics. Super exciting right? :D I can't wait to see my first kid. Hope she's good to me. LOL. Hope she likes all the stories I'll tell.
I guess I'm more fearful of what the parents might ask me, how they will bombard me with questions. I think I'm relatively noob at dealing with kids, sometimes I just don't know what to say! I guess it all comes with experience right? haha. Gotta start hanging with the younger crowd. Buuuut that might make me a huge pedo-bear. Lol.

I'm at Elizabeth for my paed rounds this year. It's really not as bad as they all make it out to be? Sure the shopping centre has some shifty looking people, but what are they going to do to you in broad daylight? Why would they stab you just for the lols? haha. NO. you may not.

So we got to play around with the gas machine, gassing each other up.. Haha. it was not as I expected. I thought I'd get the giggles and non-stop laugh the whole time. But it made me quite light headed and my body felt so heavy- no, not because I'm duh fat- but yea. I couldn't move my body. Felt super disorientated, much like when you've had way too much to drink, past the point of tipsy-ness and just before you pass out. Very much so. Not the best feeling I have to say. But yea, different for each person I'm sure.
But definitely would work wonders on a child who felt uber anxious and couldn't sit still.
Can't wait to use it on my first kid! :D Yayerrr.

First day back in the ADH clinics tomorrow, seeing our first fixed pros patients- so patients that want crown and bridge work done. It's been a while since I've seen patients.. since November last year I think. That was 3 months ago. Man. It's almost March. Time flies. Things have changed so much since then.
Wow. It has just hit me like a brick in the face. LOL. This time last year.. I feel like I was a completely different person. Holy jeebus. Can't handle this epiphany. HAHA. What gas am I on!?
And now I'm wondering what I'll make of the NEXT 3 months!
Parents are leaving for yet ANOTHER holiday in March. People.. March is going to be.. The best month ever. EVER! Haha.. For cereal.
Dent camp, 21sts, work anniversary parties, road trips..I can't wait. So excited I could run around naked outside. Which I wouldnt because firstly no body want to see dat shiet, and secondly its abit chilly. and late. Which is good reason for me to get back under my blankets and sleep. 
ANYWHO. A little nervous getting back into the clinics, since all we've been doing is lab for the past 6 weeks. Nek level stuff.
FP4 clinic BRING. IT. ON.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

D for dramatic

Hi people. How are you all tonight? It's a Saturday night. You'd think at 20 years old on a Saturday night I'd be out fist pumping and shaking ma boo-tay but no. As much as I'd like to.. haha.
Been busy preparing myself to MC an event tomorrow, its one of those charity volunteer work things, where we promote the organisation for more people to join. Its loosely based around Buddhism and their ways of teaching. And when I mean loosely I pretty much don't mean loosely. trolol. Since when has anything to do with religion been loose?
I feel like it doesn't matter what religion you believe in- or don't believe at all, as long as you're able to develop some good morals from it, who cares? 
Anywho, so THATS happening tomorrow.. Sadness, miss out on a badminton tournament. :( Why did I agree to this!? It was most definitely a #yolo/wanting-to-please-my-parents moment.

I'm going to be honest,
right now I'm feeling quite vulnerable. Maybe I'm about it hit that time of the month, but I'm definitely feeling it. LOL.
Have you ever felt vulnerable? I'm sure you have. I'm sure everyone has. Whether its not wanting to be shot down for giving your opinions.. or maybe waiting for results of your job interview..or maybe its more along the lines of not wanting your heart to be broken.
Whatever the reason, being vulnerable sure sucks a big one. On one hand I feel like its a good thing cause if you feel this way, it means that this Thing you're feeling a little fragile over- actually means alot to you. You actually care THAT MUCH about something/someone to feel this way about this/that/him/her.
But then on the other hand.. everything becomes tougher to deal with, you get hurt more easily by things that usually wouldn't even cross your mind.
Putting all your effort into that one thing and just always thinking the worse when it comes to the outcome. But why? It doesn't always have to be a bad outcome. Our minds just habitually go into overdrive and start to think things way way wayyyy too indepth. Why do we do this?
Later on just realising it was all in our heads and that we worried about nothing.
Well girls and boys, thats what vulnerability does to people. The fear of being hurt, keeps us from being actually happy.
I guess I've just been feeling super vulnerable is all! Don't even know how to deal. WHAT IS THIS.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Herpyderp day

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY for two days ago, all you homo people out derrrrr :'D
Haha, but seriously, Hope you all had a good time, regardless of relationship status.
If you're in a relationship, hope you shared all duh love with your special someone, made them feel loved. The apple of your eye, the straw to your berry ♥ "Love is being stupid together." I hope you've found that one person that you can be stupid and silly around!
If you're single, hope you super loved your friends and family, as well as ofcourse loving yourself! Because like they all say, who will love you if you don't love yourself first? Ermygerd. So much truth.
I think I've learned to love myself a little more. Its very different from how I used to see myself. Its less of the underlying low self-esteem and insecurities and low expectations.. and more being confident and proud of who I am. Accepting myself for me. I love me! :D In the most .. un-nob way possible. Haha. not possible.

Valentines day started with a breakfast at Loose Caboose. Man, I had heard good things about this place from certain friends and was kiiiinda disappointed with the food! The decor and the 'feel' was nice. Super hipster, chilled out, cool beans. haha but then the food was nothing more than ordinary if you actually look at how it was made, what ingredients used etc. Ofcourse I ordered something with avocado in it. LOL which reminds me I have an avocado mask I've been meaning to try out. Ermagerd. Must. remember!
Lucky I love avocado. Anything with avo in it is immediately Satisfactory. Haha.. But yea. Maybe I was just expecting too much. Damn my high expectations. But I guess, the more important things is having great company. Great company over great food anyday!

Walked through the Garden of Unearthly Delights as well that night, just for the lols and FUUU, I want to go on that ferris wheel. Mannnn it looked suuuuper fun. SUPER FUN! Super pretty too with all the lights. I swear it wasn't there the last time I went? Or maybe I wasn't paying attention last time ._.
I will defs go on it before the Fringe is over. Definitely. Already wrote it down on my List of Things To DO. Capital DO because I will actually get them done as opposed to just writing them down and saying i'll get it done.
My list is growing fast. :) More and more things I have lined up to do, and I shall work on ticking them off one by one! So duh excite. 2014 has great things planned for once :D

Written and Practical assessments coming up this tuesday. I must say, I have yet to really begin studying for them. Yet again my social life has taken over my uni life. Not even partying it up and head banging all night.. just spending too much time NOT studying. Haha. I'll get there soon. Shall head off now to study ahha shiet. So much for being the best student Ebberrrrr. All good, I'll make up for it now with a huge study sesh.
..aaaand its 12:12am. HAHA. good one Jun. Why did you go out for that bubble tea just then!? Wasted like a trillion hours. Buuuut no point sulking over how bad my decisions and time management is, time to get crack-a-lacking and study. Nerd glasses on. Literally.

Happy Monday people! Have a great one, and make it awesome. Make it not so 'omg its Monday', and more 'Omg its Monday!!' :D Yaaaay! Love that positiveness. As fake as my positivity is sometimes, it actually kind of works. Even if you dont believe it, if you tell yourself the same thing enough times,you're going to believe it eventually right? lol.. I just start singing in my head a happy song and then I don't feel so bleh. :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Super cool fun times

LOL I WISH. Haha Deceptive blog title what?
Really should have thought more before accepting weekend work shifts. I haven't been able to sleep-in in what feels like forever. Is this reality!? 
No more 1pm wake-ups for this snorlax, no sir. Haha.. I guess its a good thing though. Surprisingly I feel like I can handle it :D Yep, princess Jun is ready to not be such a princess anymore. haha
I don't really miss the sleep-ins so much, and I actually look forward to my morning routine. Breakfast at my table watching episodes of Modern Family have quickly become the norm for me.
Beginning this week is week 5 of my Pre-clin block, I can't believe its been a month of uni already! Everything seems to be moving along so fast. Moving along so well :) But still, again, not finding enough time to do things that I need to do! Wait, not finding, I should say making time. If things are worth doing, you need to make time for them right? Not just sit there and wait for a free slot of time to come along. Life so busy man, geeeegeeeeee. Lets get it lets go? #davidsocomedy

You know what song is sad?
Say Something. I think its by Christina Aguilera. Fairly sure haha.. Man I remember listening to her songs in year 6. She was the coolest. Sighhh :'D 
Well anyways. Everytime I hear that song it makes me so uber sad. I think I get affected by songs a tad too much. I guess thats why most of my songs are happy upbeat songs, to keep me positive. Yea. Thats definitely it. Cause I know for sure in the mornings on the bus I always always play the happiest songs. Can't handle the slow sad stuff in the mornings! 
"Love on Top" by Beyonce is oh ma gord, orgasmic. HAHA. Super suuuuper happy fun times. ♪♫ 
I suggest you get on it. For real. I want to share this happiness so badly. Fuuu. Excuse me while I go listen to it now. LOL what do you know, its already selected ready to play on my iTunes list. 
Aiya. But I know that it won't float everyones boat. Maybe I just like it so much cause so many good memories associated with it. That makes such a huge difference to a song and the emotion you feel from listening to it.
When I hear Love on Top, I think back to my brothers wedding where I first heard it. It was just so awesome seeing such a happy couple that have been through so so much together, and at the end of the day still love each other as though it was the first day. My heart was like 'AHHHHH!!!"
I TOTES want that, and definitely will strive for it. I want to have a relationship where I can wholeheartedly put in 100% of my effort and for that to be reciprocated. For both of us to be completely happy. Sure not all the time cause shit goes down and then gg. But even then, be able to talk it through, resolve arguments and make up in a mature way. None of that childish bullshit that you see everyday these days. 
I feel like I used to be very childish in the way I dealt with arguments, and in some cases still am, especially if its arguing with Zhen. Oh ma glob I become the biggest nob let me tell you. HAHA. Trying to work on that. Its not easy, keeping my already loud voice down and trying to sound slightly calm. But its a work-in-progress. Atleast I'm trying right? 
Claps for trying!

:) Have a good day tomorrow everyone! Sunshine ebberywhar.
I just had a read back on what I just wrote and man. Everytime I sit down and think of what to blog about.. I just think 'Screw it, Ill just start typing and see what comes out". THIS is what happens. NO SENSE MADE. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Clean soul

Guys,  have something to say. You're gonna be like what what in the butt?!

I cleaned my room. HAHA no you don't understand, it wasn't any old clean. it was like the spring clean fairies came and shat all over my room with their cleanliness. lol.. Let me just make sure you understand how messy my room used to be. it would get to the point where I would run out of clothes to wear cause they'd all be piled up at the end of my bed. Dishes would be left from all the rushed breakfasts-while-watching-lectures, untouched until the last space of my desk had been completely occupied. I'd lose something for a week and find it later while looking for something else, maybe a worksheet I had misplaced in the piles upon piles of paper stacks. Look. I have photographic proof. 


Yup. I really wasn't joking. I feel like this is an unfortunate super bad habit of mine. its probably going to bite me in the ass in the future. How will my children survive?! lol. Must work to be neater. And cleaner. ..and less of a slob

and so I finally cleaned my room. :) super proud if I say so myself. trololol. Got home from uni around 5pm and started cleaning abit before badminton. At that point I had started moving things around and things were getting veryyyy crazy. There was barely any room to move, what with all the junk I have lying around. Bagged some things off to the Salvation Army, and really thought hard about what I really don't need anymore and had to throw. Sigh. If you know me, you know that I find it hard to throw old things out. Just cause of the memories they bring. mentality of a girl. haha lame. This time.. man i threw away alot of stuff :( 
Anywho final result? 

Weeeeeeee, sho clean!! Makes me actually want to sit down and study. Crazy feels. hahah.. 
Aaaaad now I'm dead. tired. exhaaaausted! love this feeling haha. means ill get a restful nights sleep. 
Hope you do too! Goodnight jiggaboos. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sigh Pie

Why did you have to slide, Pie? WHY!? 
Ah.. I guess it was too late to be eating that much at this hour anyways right :/ Suuuper sad.
But..I'm still hungry. Ermagerd, first world problems for real. Dropping all the pies.

I feel like my eyes are getting worse. Intermittent blurriness keeps happening more than usual. Like right now the screen is really fuzzy to me. I'll go back and proof read what I've typed afterwards just in case. hahah ghey. Hope it goes away soon otherwise I'll be in trouble. Dentist that can't see clearly? Hmm.. I forsee zero business. 
I also notice that I say LOL alot these days. Professionalism? What is that? Haha.. Defs have to start cutting back on my lol'age before I start seeing my patients in a few weeks. Otherwise struggle-town with the communication and stopping myself from adding the word Lol onto everything I say.

Today I pulled off a pretty funny joke. Wanna hear it? HAHA. Look at me, laughing even before I tell the joke. Classic Jun.
So me being a tank dude, I punched my friend pretty hard on the arm. He said "You know I can sue you for assault right."
 Me: ".. or a pepper." 
HAHAHAHA. LOOOOL. SUPER funny. :D right right right?? Well I thought it was pretty good. If you didn't laugh then Gg, get off my blog! Haha Just kidding. To each their own :) Whatever floats dat boat of yours!
You might think to yourself- what crack is this girl on? And to that I will say, I'm not sure. I just enjoy making people laugh. Whether it is with me OR at me. haha.. Bring alllll the joy to the world am I right?
I'm glad this side of me still hasn't changed, even after all these years.
I must say, I feel like I'm never going to grow up though.
With all the jokes, the loudness, the "LOOOOL"s..
Like what happens when I finally get into a serious relationship.. Will I be serious enough? Or will everything that I say/all my actions be a joke. And how will they ever take me seriously?
What about having children. Will they grow up to be just as retarded because of their mother? HAHA I'm definitely thinking too far into this. The husband will be there to calm their farm I'm sure.
Unless Mr husband is just as crazy. D:
Meh. We get there when we get there. Give it another.. 6,7..8 years? Sounds about right?

I'll take another 2 years to graduate, so I'll be 22.
 "I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' twenny two-oo ♪"
After that get straight into the workforce for a few years, earn a crapload of money and save it all up.
Get married at 26, spend abit of the money going places, doing part-time only
Buy a house, pop out a kid at 28, start investing in real estate and then I'm DONE SON! Maybe another kid or two, who knows.
HAHA If only life were this simple. Well thats the plan anyway. I'm curious to see how much I WON'T be adhering to my life plan. As we all know by now, shit happens.
I feel like I am super lucky that I'm able to see a future like this and even if I don't achieve it, atleast strive for it. Most people I'm guessing have no clue, which is totally ok. I only just randomly thought about this whole life plan business. More of a go-with-the-flow kinda fish.

Ofcourse, stop.. crapping .. around. LOLOL. For reals. And I'll start by cleaning my room tomorrow. Like legit cleaning. I think the fengshui in my room is hella off, thats why I haven't been the most productive person. LOL JOKE what even is this fengshui bs. I'm just generally an unproductive person most of the time. haha :) But yea. Will move my furniture around. More space needed. Why? To do more activities. SO MANY ACTIVITIES!! #StepBrothers the movie. Go watch it if you haven't, you hobo under a rock. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THESE YEARS. Haha

Goodnight people!