Monday, February 17, 2014

Herpyderp day

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY for two days ago, all you homo people out derrrrr :'D
Haha, but seriously, Hope you all had a good time, regardless of relationship status.
If you're in a relationship, hope you shared all duh love with your special someone, made them feel loved. The apple of your eye, the straw to your berry ♥ "Love is being stupid together." I hope you've found that one person that you can be stupid and silly around!
If you're single, hope you super loved your friends and family, as well as ofcourse loving yourself! Because like they all say, who will love you if you don't love yourself first? Ermygerd. So much truth.
I think I've learned to love myself a little more. Its very different from how I used to see myself. Its less of the underlying low self-esteem and insecurities and low expectations.. and more being confident and proud of who I am. Accepting myself for me. I love me! :D In the most .. un-nob way possible. Haha. not possible.

Valentines day started with a breakfast at Loose Caboose. Man, I had heard good things about this place from certain friends and was kiiiinda disappointed with the food! The decor and the 'feel' was nice. Super hipster, chilled out, cool beans. haha but then the food was nothing more than ordinary if you actually look at how it was made, what ingredients used etc. Ofcourse I ordered something with avocado in it. LOL which reminds me I have an avocado mask I've been meaning to try out. Ermagerd. Must. remember!
Lucky I love avocado. Anything with avo in it is immediately Satisfactory. Haha.. But yea. Maybe I was just expecting too much. Damn my high expectations. But I guess, the more important things is having great company. Great company over great food anyday!

Walked through the Garden of Unearthly Delights as well that night, just for the lols and FUUU, I want to go on that ferris wheel. Mannnn it looked suuuuper fun. SUPER FUN! Super pretty too with all the lights. I swear it wasn't there the last time I went? Or maybe I wasn't paying attention last time ._.
I will defs go on it before the Fringe is over. Definitely. Already wrote it down on my List of Things To DO. Capital DO because I will actually get them done as opposed to just writing them down and saying i'll get it done.
My list is growing fast. :) More and more things I have lined up to do, and I shall work on ticking them off one by one! So duh excite. 2014 has great things planned for once :D

Written and Practical assessments coming up this tuesday. I must say, I have yet to really begin studying for them. Yet again my social life has taken over my uni life. Not even partying it up and head banging all night.. just spending too much time NOT studying. Haha. I'll get there soon. Shall head off now to study ahha shiet. So much for being the best student Ebberrrrr. All good, I'll make up for it now with a huge study sesh.
..aaaand its 12:12am. HAHA. good one Jun. Why did you go out for that bubble tea just then!? Wasted like a trillion hours. Buuuut no point sulking over how bad my decisions and time management is, time to get crack-a-lacking and study. Nerd glasses on. Literally.

Happy Monday people! Have a great one, and make it awesome. Make it not so 'omg its Monday', and more 'Omg its Monday!!' :D Yaaaay! Love that positiveness. As fake as my positivity is sometimes, it actually kind of works. Even if you dont believe it, if you tell yourself the same thing enough times,you're going to believe it eventually right? lol.. I just start singing in my head a happy song and then I don't feel so bleh. :)

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