Friday, March 30, 2012

Avocado and cheese

Woke up late/took too long in the shower, which leads me here, at 9am- blogging because I couldn't be bothered going to class late and getting told off. Hard working and dedicated to my studies I know right!? Its okay, I'll still go to lab after lunch.
It is now 10am, I've been sitting here for an hour and yet have not written anything of importance lol. Then again whats new? Haha..
I don't know how I managed to keep up my blog for the past year and a half, posting on average 15 blogs a month. Thats once every 2 days. Whoa. Now that I think about it, what was I blogging about? Might go back and read through some of the crap I wrote. Wait, crap? No, I mean priceless valuable Jun-thoughts :D
Going back to when others used to blog along-side me, I re-read certain people's blogs, even the ones that deleted theirs-_- *cough cough vietnam* YEH thats right, Can still see it on my blog dashboard thing.

Its funny reading through people's blogs and thinking 'wteff, this is totes not how this person thinks/acts in real life'. I guess people express things differently online compared to in person. Which is why sometimes I get surprised when I find that these people who, on the outside, seem so 'cool' and sports that 'i don't care' attitude ultimately have a very soft inside. I rekon this is true for quite a few people I know. Its a nice realisation.

SO, last day of term, what are you cool kids up to!? BY the way, Happy Birthday Yu-li ♥, my former twin.   Although I still don't get how people think we look the same. Yuli, oh em gee. -that rhymes-. Shes one of the people that have stuck with me all through highschool, listening to my stories, complaints about chemistry, boy trouble and much more. Thank you for that baby!

I kind of understand now, when the uni kids were telling the 16 year old me in year 12 that your highschool friends probably will break up when you hit uni. To that I rolled my eyes and retaliated 'nah dude, I'm PRETTY sure my group is going to stay awesome.' It's sad but somewhat true that we'd break up, although we're still friends it'd be awesome to see you guys more often. Out of our group, I only keep in touch with 3 of you. Thaaats sad. Oh no. I'm sad now. Sadness. :\
Happy 19th, baby :D

Yeh, I realise the title doesn't have anything to do with the post. SO WHAT!?
Aaaand I'm off.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I've come to the conclusion

that keeping things to yourself is never a good thing. In the end it's all just going to explode out of your brains, all over your bed and onto the floor. AND THEN WE CRY.

I've also learnt tonight that writing things out helps, definitely. But not in the context of having to finally tell the person the all things you wrote, then forgetting all that you wrote. Well done, Juniper. Juniper is a type of plant/flower by the way, i found thaaat out just today. And I also was a poet but I didn't know it. HAHA. In a good mood tonight? Pretty sure far from it. Anywho, I'd always thought Simon just made the name up, conjured it from his smart asian head.

Thinking back, I understand how it is to continue liking an ex, even after periods of not-liking them. They disappear to god-knows where for a certain amount of time and your sadness becomes not so sad after awhile and you start to pursue another interest.
Why do Ex's have to come back and ruin things?
Bringing back the buried emotions, the unsaid feelings and the what ifs.
Don't want to sound like I'm blaming them- although it does sound like I am. Contradicting myself again, heeere we go.
I have to say though. They're your ex for a reason. Sure there's always the odd couple where things were gone about wrongly and they want to patch things up, try again etc etc.. But you need to think about the reason why it went wrong.
All I'm saying- why go back if they'd intentionally hurt you? Being completely honest, they obviously didn't truely care for you if they had the capacity to do the things they did.
Sigh. Why go back when there are people around you that really do care.

I'm one to talk, had to learn this the hard way. AAANYWHO.
I'm sure its more complicated than that, so I will LEAVE YOU TO IT, jellyfishes.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Calm down, Charlie Brown!

He's so contradictory. Didn't you say when I asked that it doesn't matter who I date as long as he's good? Please. THAT has got to be the biggest lie you've ever told me.
Just today we were watching some dorky chinese dating show on tv, and I start laughing at how stupid it is, cause they're Chinese. Don't get me wrong, my chinese people are awesome, but how lame/cheap/dodgy are their reality tv shows? If you've never watched one, you're not missing out on anything other than cheap laughs at how awkward their shows are.
Whether he got angry at me for laughing at Chinese people, or whether it was cause I said 'only white people do this stuff, its totes not for Asians', I don't know. The fact is that he just blew up, and started raising his voice, telling me that I should just go marry a white person and "THINK ABOUT YOUR ROOTS". What the fudge?
I didn't even say anything remotely related to myself/dating/marrying a white person/i'm not chinese.I don't know..
Sometimes I just feel like my dad and I can't be close anymore. We used to be awesome. But now we're starting to disagree on so many things. What happened to giving me piggy backs from my room to the kitchen in the mornings? D: apart from that I got too heavy. LOL.
Anywho, I'm grateful for the lovely room with a lock that I have to retreat to when he starts getting too huffy. Plus this blog of rage I have created. Pray to buddha that he doesn't get too angry that I leave him mid-argument.

I've been getting lazy the past week. got to get back on track with the whole being good, eating healthy and studying hard thing.

Friday, March 16, 2012

And that's all she wrote

Test tomorrow that I haven't yet properly sat down and studied for, but whaaat does it matter, I'm so duh smart bean that I don't need to study. HAHA kidding. Early morning study session, yes sir!
What have I been doing tonight you say?
I bought an avocado to satisfy my cravings.
I put together my new belated-birthday-present-swivel-chair.
I went out to dinner with my family.
I re-watched 2broke girls for the tenth time.
I practiced walking in heels for 10 minutes.

LOL yeh, I did. Don't judge me. Sometimes I really think I was meant to be born a dude. I'm not gay-incase you were judging. haha I KNOW YOU WERE THINKING IT. But one thing I am sure of is that I'm totes not a heels kind of girl. Man, the agony of wearing heels you cannot imagine. I can't even describe it properly. Anywho, I wasn't even really practicing actually walking in the things, I had trouble just trying to stand without my legs shaking. Terrible. Makes me wonder how I survived those pubcrawls/dressy parties.

Aside from all the legendary events I was up to tonight, ofcourse I did the ol' blog stalking.
While reading Rosemays blog, I realised just how much I miss her.
To be honest, reading her blogs which were mostly aaall about Peter-as expected, LOL I felt so jelly. Wish I could spent that kind of quality time with you more often, poop :)
And the other friends' blog was talking about how rare it is that two people might simultaneously like each other at the same time. I was thinking about it and not going into too much detail about what happens up in here *points to head*, shall just say that yeh, she has a point. Really doesn't happen often.
But when it does happen, its something special.
SO people, Jun-lesson of the day: don't drink milk if you're lactose intolerant

Monday, March 12, 2012


stop being so oblivious to the things happening around you. Especially if they're happening TO you.

'Its okay for it to happen once or twice, but if you don't learn from your mistakes, you're retarded.'
I guess then I maaay be a tad retarded. Yep, I can admit it. Cause sometimes the things I do, the way I act and the choices I make, are so stupid that people are starting wonder how I'm going to get through life. Need to stop basing my decisions on saving people's feelings in the short term, and actually look at the long term consequences. Having fun cause it was in the moment.. Things like that have to stop.
Man, such a heavy, dark blogpost. Like your mum!! HAHA.
Um, yeh.
This time I know I've made the right decision. (OH EM GEE whaat?)
Although, definitely lost a good friend.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Garden of not-as-awesome delights.

HAHA. Went to some of the fringe festival events last night. I must say, I enjoyed the view more than the event itself. All the pretty lights at night, made me smile :)

I think it would have been better with other people. Not saying I don't enjoy my friends from uni's company, but i think last night one of those events where you go and instantly think 'it'd be so good if him/her were here'. You know what I mean, jelly bean?
Last night was long lines of waiting and waiting just to get in, walking one round, occasionally stopping to look at something cute or quirky, then leaving half an hour later. It's alot like a smaller scale of The Show, with fewer rides and more alcohol.

Before that, we went to the street festival on Waymouth -which was mostly people drinking up and buying over-priced 'quality' food, with a few street shows here and there, and also some outdoor late night 'club' next to the Adelaide festival centre. We watched some guy wrap himself in 90 metres of cling wrap. HAHA. What the jizzzz, Mr Plastic fantastic. Although he wasssss hilarious. His jokes were almost as awesome as mine.

Was alittle gross when he started stripping though. Didn't know where to look, the hairy chest, the ab-less stomach or the sweaty armpits. Yewwwwww... At least make yourself look sexy if you're going to do this for a living.. am I right?

Being completely honest, I think I knew it was going to happen. I should have left right away, as soon as I realised, made some excuse or something. But at least after last night, I can say for certain that I don't want to be with anyone else. Cheeesus O:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Just to kill time

Herro, long time no post?
Despite the fact no one ever goes on blogspot anymore, I thought back to the reason why I first started blogging, and that was for myself. And so here I am :)
Wish I lived near uni. Then I wouldn't have to find ways to get through those ridonculous 3,4,5 hour breaks. Obviously they didn't put much thought into planning our course's timetable. Usually I'd just walk around the city on my lonesome, or mabes go to the hub to 'study'. The downside? I'm usually bored out of my brains, and by the time the next class/lab/clinic comes around, I'm totes bummed. Either that or I go shopping and spend money on things I didn't plan for. That's gay. But new skirt ftw! Not that I wear skirts. Well, apart from going to parties where other girls pressure you into wearing something remotely nice-looking.

So instead of doing the usual, after my 9-10am lecture this morning I actually bus'd back home, went for a run and lunch. I must be doing something wrong with the running, cause towards the end I felt pain around my ankles and felt like I was going to roll my ankles at any moment. I DIDN'T TRIP OVER THIS TIME :D Hells yeah! haha.. that is an achievement in itself.

Today's complaint/rage topic? Hypocrites. It's frustrating. Why should I do it if you don't do it yourself? But then again, we can't all be as awesome as jun. HAHA I KID. Gotta stop doing that.
So now my stomach just grrr'd at me, LUNCH AWAITS! woopwoop! Then back to uni.
If you're happy and you know it, clap your face