Friday, March 16, 2012

And that's all she wrote

Test tomorrow that I haven't yet properly sat down and studied for, but whaaat does it matter, I'm so duh smart bean that I don't need to study. HAHA kidding. Early morning study session, yes sir!
What have I been doing tonight you say?
I bought an avocado to satisfy my cravings.
I put together my new belated-birthday-present-swivel-chair.
I went out to dinner with my family.
I re-watched 2broke girls for the tenth time.
I practiced walking in heels for 10 minutes.

LOL yeh, I did. Don't judge me. Sometimes I really think I was meant to be born a dude. I'm not gay-incase you were judging. haha I KNOW YOU WERE THINKING IT. But one thing I am sure of is that I'm totes not a heels kind of girl. Man, the agony of wearing heels you cannot imagine. I can't even describe it properly. Anywho, I wasn't even really practicing actually walking in the things, I had trouble just trying to stand without my legs shaking. Terrible. Makes me wonder how I survived those pubcrawls/dressy parties.

Aside from all the legendary events I was up to tonight, ofcourse I did the ol' blog stalking.
While reading Rosemays blog, I realised just how much I miss her.
To be honest, reading her blogs which were mostly aaall about Peter-as expected, LOL I felt so jelly. Wish I could spent that kind of quality time with you more often, poop :)
And the other friends' blog was talking about how rare it is that two people might simultaneously like each other at the same time. I was thinking about it and not going into too much detail about what happens up in here *points to head*, shall just say that yeh, she has a point. Really doesn't happen often.
But when it does happen, its something special.
SO people, Jun-lesson of the day: don't drink milk if you're lactose intolerant

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