Saturday, March 17, 2012

Calm down, Charlie Brown!

He's so contradictory. Didn't you say when I asked that it doesn't matter who I date as long as he's good? Please. THAT has got to be the biggest lie you've ever told me.
Just today we were watching some dorky chinese dating show on tv, and I start laughing at how stupid it is, cause they're Chinese. Don't get me wrong, my chinese people are awesome, but how lame/cheap/dodgy are their reality tv shows? If you've never watched one, you're not missing out on anything other than cheap laughs at how awkward their shows are.
Whether he got angry at me for laughing at Chinese people, or whether it was cause I said 'only white people do this stuff, its totes not for Asians', I don't know. The fact is that he just blew up, and started raising his voice, telling me that I should just go marry a white person and "THINK ABOUT YOUR ROOTS". What the fudge?
I didn't even say anything remotely related to myself/dating/marrying a white person/i'm not chinese.I don't know..
Sometimes I just feel like my dad and I can't be close anymore. We used to be awesome. But now we're starting to disagree on so many things. What happened to giving me piggy backs from my room to the kitchen in the mornings? D: apart from that I got too heavy. LOL.
Anywho, I'm grateful for the lovely room with a lock that I have to retreat to when he starts getting too huffy. Plus this blog of rage I have created. Pray to buddha that he doesn't get too angry that I leave him mid-argument.

I've been getting lazy the past week. got to get back on track with the whole being good, eating healthy and studying hard thing.

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