Friday, March 30, 2012

Avocado and cheese

Woke up late/took too long in the shower, which leads me here, at 9am- blogging because I couldn't be bothered going to class late and getting told off. Hard working and dedicated to my studies I know right!? Its okay, I'll still go to lab after lunch.
It is now 10am, I've been sitting here for an hour and yet have not written anything of importance lol. Then again whats new? Haha..
I don't know how I managed to keep up my blog for the past year and a half, posting on average 15 blogs a month. Thats once every 2 days. Whoa. Now that I think about it, what was I blogging about? Might go back and read through some of the crap I wrote. Wait, crap? No, I mean priceless valuable Jun-thoughts :D
Going back to when others used to blog along-side me, I re-read certain people's blogs, even the ones that deleted theirs-_- *cough cough vietnam* YEH thats right, Can still see it on my blog dashboard thing.

Its funny reading through people's blogs and thinking 'wteff, this is totes not how this person thinks/acts in real life'. I guess people express things differently online compared to in person. Which is why sometimes I get surprised when I find that these people who, on the outside, seem so 'cool' and sports that 'i don't care' attitude ultimately have a very soft inside. I rekon this is true for quite a few people I know. Its a nice realisation.

SO, last day of term, what are you cool kids up to!? BY the way, Happy Birthday Yu-li ♥, my former twin.   Although I still don't get how people think we look the same. Yuli, oh em gee. -that rhymes-. Shes one of the people that have stuck with me all through highschool, listening to my stories, complaints about chemistry, boy trouble and much more. Thank you for that baby!

I kind of understand now, when the uni kids were telling the 16 year old me in year 12 that your highschool friends probably will break up when you hit uni. To that I rolled my eyes and retaliated 'nah dude, I'm PRETTY sure my group is going to stay awesome.' It's sad but somewhat true that we'd break up, although we're still friends it'd be awesome to see you guys more often. Out of our group, I only keep in touch with 3 of you. Thaaats sad. Oh no. I'm sad now. Sadness. :\
Happy 19th, baby :D

Yeh, I realise the title doesn't have anything to do with the post. SO WHAT!?
Aaaand I'm off.

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