Thursday, January 22, 2015


A super late happy new year to you all :) Did you make any resolutions for 2015?
Surprisingly I did not, and I'm not too sure why. Pure laziness maybe thats why, haha.. Damn. Older and not wiser, but lazier and a continual growth of my love for sleep.
Literally get home from work and crash, fall asleep for a few hours and wake up to maybe play some badminton or watch a movie if I feel like it..
Uni is starting in a little over 2 weeks time. On one hand I'm excited to start uni again, but on the other hand it scares me.. Such little time left, so much to learn and remember.

A bit sad that I didn't get to go anywhere outside of Adelaide for my holidays.. Partly my fault cause of the lack of planning and my 'meh' approach to organising anything. A little part of me feels like the holidays have been wasted, having been spent entirely in one place. Whilst my friends are off in Nepal, Bangkok, Malaysia, Cambodia, Taiwan, Korea.. I'm just flopping around the house, waiting for my next shift at the sushi store. Lol. Sadness to the max when I think about it like that. Oh wells.. next year...

So whats new? I used the money I saved up over the holidays to buy myself a laptop. After alot of debate, Simon insisted that he pay for half- Which I do feel very grateful and appreciative of- however its a different feel from buying something yourself with your own hard-earned cash. I really wanted to pay for it all, to be able to say 'Yes, I worked hard for this'- like my guitar, the first thing I ever purchased with money that I had earned. Haha.. Simon is definitely way too generous!! Not complaining though :) Appreciate him more and more errday. Cheese to the max.
Been wanting one for ages. I used to have the Surface RT, the earliest, oldest model available off gumtree cause I'm cheap with technology like that.. Thought to myself I'd use it alot since its so lightweight and easy to carry around uni.. Nekminit hardly ever use it cause its so confusing with all its touch screen-ness and its shitty keyboard... How to even take fast notes!? Haha first world uni student problems, getting too old for this. So with some help I decided on a fuss-free, super fast processor, nice keyboard and ofcourse, cool-looking light little 13'3 inch. Love it so far.. Can't get enough. Shall treat it like its my baby. Maybe even give it a name. I'll let you know and keep you updated for sure. ahahha.. ghey.

On second thoughts with the resolution thing.. There is probably one thing I'd like to try and 'resolve' or work towards improving upon this year..
And that would be my tone of voice. Tone of voice can make a huge difference in every situation. It can turn a tease into an argument, a suggestion into an accusation, a critique into a fight. Not that I've been in heaps of fights before haha but I have noticed that my tone of voice can get quite serious very quickly, and I do raise my voice at the drop of a hat, instead of keeping my cool and being calm and collected, non-judgemental and polite.
Could be cause I'm so tomboy that I've become accustomed to just speaking my mind, but I think it does affect those closest around me, my family and my other half.
I've come to notice how the WAY people say things sometimes hurt not because of the words they are saying, but HOW they are saying it.

Need to stop and think about how I handle things once in a while, hey?