Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mug Brownies and Lee hom ♥

Ofcourse I made brownies in a mug while I couch potato. Cause why would I be healthy?

Looks like a poo, but tastes like chocolate. Easiest recipe ever by the way, Google it, cause this is NOT a food blog. haha Ah, I'm a lazy one.

I have to stop watching movies and wishing my life were one. Cause face it, I'd be one of the first to die in an action movie, the one that ends up all sad face in a romantic comedy, and the one that gets murdered in a horror movie. We've all done it before.. while watching some thriller, sitting there facepalming and thinking "I SAW THAT COMING, IF THAT WERE ME, DAMN THIS WOULD BE THE BEST MOVIE EVER."
No, You wouldn't have reacted faster than Batman. No, You wouldn't have dodged the rolling meteor in 2012. No, people don't say romantic things in real life! "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and temperate..." SAID NO ONE.
Lol What. A. Rager.

Wow. I still can't believe he is coming down to Australia.. My dreams are going to come true in such little time! Literally.
So I was about 7 when I discovered Wang lee hom.. Ofcourse it was through my oldest brother, I was at that stage where I wanted to be exactly like my brother, him being the model child.. I still have memories of listening to my brother sing bits off leehom in the shower. Then seeing one of his MVs just made me fall in love. Ermagerd I'll go find the exact MV that I remember watching and post it here for your sexy eyes ;)

1998 So old school. So dorky. I Love it. Brings back my childhood. Oh no.. look what you've done. Sent me on a youtube frenzy, clicking vid after vid..
If you want to hear more of my favourites try-
Ai de jiu shi ni- Ni bu zai- Hua tian cuo- Kiss goodbye- Forever Love- Bu yao hai pa- Bu wan zheng de xuan lu.
Yup, all the slow ones! As you can see I bolded, underlined and italic'd them songs so check them out, you won't regret it ♥ Will touch your heart, fo'SHIZZLE!
To be honest and I'm sure you'll all agree but his old songs were so much better than his new ones. Really hope he sings all his old ones at his concert too. FUU ANYWHO I'M FINALLY BACK TO FINISH THIS POST.
Long story short, He's coming and I'm going to him. Wait for me, my pooh bear. Oh thats disgusting. Oh just threw up in my mouth a little bit. haha nope, those words be too soggy even for this. Hahah...
Expect more updates on this Melbourne trip to come ;)
For now I have to calm my farm, and just not get too excited and explode. Lower them expectations dude, and you shan't be disappointed.
What was that saying? Have goals, but don't make expectations. TOUGH, let me tell you.
Apologies for my previous wall of fan-girlness. I had to let the world know, and you guys are the closest I'm going to get to any human contact.
Haaave a lovely evening brownies. Stay safe, don't do drugs and all that jazz! :D YAYERRR

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Herp Derp

5AM and I'm- ask Katy Perry once said- I'm wide awake. haha. sad though, but wide awake.
Only one more day til the first exam, are we pumped?! We are pumped.
I'm at that point again where no matter how prepared/screwed, I just want to get into that exam hall, and do eet, do eeet! Its time for my holidays to begin, it has been long overdue.
Lucky for me, no more late-night clinic/lab sessions for the rest of my uni days. :D yay. Hopefully. If I pass. No, definitely. Cause I'm a positive raaay of sunshine.

I'm sure I've yapped on about exams on this blog a tad too much, but.. Its My blog and I can doooo what I want. SO WHAT!? LOL. But fo' real this post is about the exams, and you may or may not wish to skip through the whinging and complaining ;)
Turned my life upside down just to prep for these exams, after realizing how much I had to do still and how much time I didn't have. Haha. Basically slept when people woke up and studied while everyone was sleeping. I found that my optimal studying period was around 2 or 3am onwards, until maybe about 6 or 7. That was the time I'd actually get solid work done. I'm not sure what it was, maybe it was the fact that it was so quite in my house after everyone had gone to bed, or because there was really not many people to chat to on facebook/whatsapp/twitter. Anywho so I'd study through the early morning until about 6 or 7 then sleep until about 1 or 2. Afternoons were the least productive, so I either just chilled out or looked over the more simple stuff, or the stuff I'd already covered..
Then I'd start studying again after dinner or go to the library. Before you know it, BAM! 2am rolls around and my study would be on like Donkey Kong.
Well... that was the plan for most nights. haha. Ofcourse there were times when I just conked out and had to take more power naps.. But I rekon it was a pretty good system. Tis why I'm up now almost 6AM now.
Although moderately effective for me, I probably wouldn't suggest that you take on this retarded sleep pattern/schedule of mine when your exams roll around. Probably could have been more productive if I had just started studying a month ago. If only, if only. I still haven't covered everything required in detail so that makes me nerrrvous as a poop. Then again, when have I ever NOT been nervous about exams?

To everyone about to take on their exams, goodluck ya'll! To the people that haven't even started studying... STUDY :/ and to me..? Jun, You'll be alright. what I'd LIKE to say.
The more realistic thing to say would be 'Jun, I hope you don't burn out through the exam and end up forgetting everything, panic and then start sweating all over your papers like in year 12'. hahahhah shiet. Year 12 was fun. Blue ink smeared all over my bio exam, LIKE A BOSS. Oh, which reminds me GOOD LUCK YEAR 12s! You're almost there. woopwooptotheboop!

#Currentlyreplaying Your Love by Marie. So bouncy. So happy! Guess I should add it to my mp3 thingo in the sidebar over there --->
Haaappy November!