Sunday, June 30, 2013


HOLYJIGGLYPUFF why is my room always messy?! Literally can't keep it clean for more than a week. Messy room makes me sad. Cleaning up is on the to-do-list for after exams finish.

Last exam in a couple days. The 8 day break between my exams have been killer for me. Just sitting here chilling, thinking I know everything- 2 days before exam OH CRAP, everything forgotten. I'll cram tomorrow, I promise. Tonight I relax. Whats the point of stressing?

Ordered my guitar online just yesterday, hoping it comes in soon. I'm so excited I could exploooode! :'D hehehe. he.

Past two-ish weeks have been pretty up and down, studying so much but still going to badminton, still attending events. Deep down I know that I think I'm some kind of superwoman. One day I'll get a fail for one of my exams then shit will go down. But I'll think about that when the time comes.

More updates to come, just wait til after Tuesday. I'll be a freeee bird! Fly all over the place. Like a gangster. #yolo.
LOL YOLO. A new girl came in for a trial run and she told me her name was Yolo. I was like um what? What was that? Your name is Yolo? Are you serious? LOLOL.
And yea, she was serious. That was pretty funny. I could hear my boss in the back just laughing his head off at me. But really, how could you NOT laugh at a name like that!? Shall not be seeing Yolo any time soon though. Cause Yolo did not have much common sense.
She actually used the tongs and handed a takoyaki by the stick to give to a customer without putting it in a paper bag first. Who does that? Noobsauce will be noob.
I'm now the 'Trainer' at work. Means I get the job of teaching new salesgirls how to use the damn cash register, explaining what is in each dish, explaining how to memorize all the prices.. Also the job of telling the boss whether I think they'd be any good at sales. Also means I decide who they hire or not. Ghey. But hey, responsibility? That doesn't come by very much. Hahah. Good job Jun.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

^Typical study boredom gummy bear sex.
HELLO extra homolicious noobs.
You can tell exams are coming when Jun starts to blog more often. I dunno. Its a way for me to wind down a night of study. Now I just wish that my keyboard weren't so effed up, and this experience would actually be a stress-relieving, relaxing one. But no. I had to drop breadcrumbs and all kinds of junk inbetween the keys. Annoying, having to type extra hard and extra slow, actually having to proof-read every word. Gheeeyyy.
Living on my own for the past few days has been pretty fun actually. Being able to come home when I want to, eat what I want and when I want to, sing as loud and as late as I want to, stay up and study as much as I need to, and most importantly run around half naked. Just kidding.
But it is kind of lonely.
Aaaaanyways. Also having to find food for myself- dayum, this is the part where I wish my parents were back again. All I can say is- I'm really REALLY good at making instant noodles. And toast. And eggs.

Tonight has been the only meal that I've tried extra hard for. And even then its something a child could make. Ohhh wells. Pasta on the house. #slapondatfilter

If you've never tried avocado and soy sauce, I strongly recommend that you do so! pssht, i heard you ew. Don't EW me, its delicious. DELICIOUS I TELL YOU!
Or maybe I've just become a crazy avocado freak. an avocraydo. LOL ;D heh heh.

Another thing I'm now grateful for my parents is how they wake me up everyday. LOL. jeebus, I can't even begin to describe the hardship involved in waking me up. I don't even hear my alarm. I just literally CAN'T hear it. If I did, atleast I'd TRY to wake up. I asked my friend to give me a wake up call, he had to give me 21 missed calls before I heard my phone ring on the 22nd time. ...22nd time lucky..?
God damn, i don't remember when I started to sleep like such a pig. But it's happened. It can't be reversed. LOL. my future husband better be damn patient!
Study hard everyone, the worst will soon be over.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Finally buying my first guitar. It will be pretty legendary.
Was originally looking at a different one also Yamaha but then.. gg, finally make time to get to the store and BAM all sold out. Really sad-faced it all the way back home. Oh the memories we could have made together. Anywhoop, have my eyes set on the F310 now, so allll is well.
Wanted something not too expensive but also good quality, and according to the maaaany reviews I read up on during the time I was meant to study this lovely Friday evening, this one is not too shabby! Awesome sauce for me. 4.5-5stars? Stars don't lie! HAHA. Not like I know much about guitars.. But nevertheless, I have decided. eehehe. exciting. First big buy with my own hard-earned cash. Time to reap the rewards of a severely underpaid job. 

How am I, you ask?
Wish it weren't so.
Feeling really pushed for time, yet it is getting hard to say no to friends, work and badminton. Juggling is really hard. Both a metaphoric and literal expression. Cause I tried to juggle two days ago. Couldn't do it. Balls too big for my hands.
But I'll get there. The studying thing, that is. Not the balls in hand thing. Haha..
Exams in 16days. gee gee.

I've actually got so much to talk about.. But it is now the morning after I started writing this post cause I forgot about it and fell asleep. Haha and now I must get cracking with the humungo-mountain of lectures that they didn't bother recording to catch up on. How to even?
People need to start recording lectures for BDS3. Stupid lecturers. Stupid dentists. Or maybe I should have gone to the lectures instead of blowing it off for work. Stupid girl.

I am also home alone. #alone #studytime
Maybe I'll have instant noodles for lunch.