Saturday, June 8, 2013


Finally buying my first guitar. It will be pretty legendary.
Was originally looking at a different one also Yamaha but then.. gg, finally make time to get to the store and BAM all sold out. Really sad-faced it all the way back home. Oh the memories we could have made together. Anywhoop, have my eyes set on the F310 now, so allll is well.
Wanted something not too expensive but also good quality, and according to the maaaany reviews I read up on during the time I was meant to study this lovely Friday evening, this one is not too shabby! Awesome sauce for me. 4.5-5stars? Stars don't lie! HAHA. Not like I know much about guitars.. But nevertheless, I have decided. eehehe. exciting. First big buy with my own hard-earned cash. Time to reap the rewards of a severely underpaid job. 

How am I, you ask?
Wish it weren't so.
Feeling really pushed for time, yet it is getting hard to say no to friends, work and badminton. Juggling is really hard. Both a metaphoric and literal expression. Cause I tried to juggle two days ago. Couldn't do it. Balls too big for my hands.
But I'll get there. The studying thing, that is. Not the balls in hand thing. Haha..
Exams in 16days. gee gee.

I've actually got so much to talk about.. But it is now the morning after I started writing this post cause I forgot about it and fell asleep. Haha and now I must get cracking with the humungo-mountain of lectures that they didn't bother recording to catch up on. How to even?
People need to start recording lectures for BDS3. Stupid lecturers. Stupid dentists. Or maybe I should have gone to the lectures instead of blowing it off for work. Stupid girl.

I am also home alone. #alone #studytime
Maybe I'll have instant noodles for lunch.

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