Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today's patient cancelled on me. And after flipping the table cause of having 4wednesday session cancellations in a row, found out that the reason he didnt come was because he couldn't afford treatment today. Before you say anything, I'd like to let you know that the filling I was going to do was only $25. Yea, the public service is indeed very cheap. Compared to private anyways. And so I felt horrible for getting pissed off. just thinking how bad of a situation he might be in financially, not being able to scrap together 25$. Sad. He's only 22 as well. To add to that he's epileptic. This patient isnt even considered unlucky when you look at some of the other people that walk into the dental hospital. Some people really grabbed the short end of the stick in life. Which like many things every so often just reminds me how lucky I am. How lucky we aaaall are. I don't think I have gone through any true hardships in life yet. And when I do, I wonder how I might deal with it and if I will be the type to stay strong.

On a more typical-diary-note, went for brunch at Argo's today to catch up with a friend before uni. Damn I love brunch. it really is my favourite meal of the day. I could eat brunch for every meal if I could. so many choices, so delicious, so very goot!

I can't wait to earn more money and try every single brunch place in Adelaide. Or better still, learn how to make nice brunches myself. lol. but as you know, cooking is really not my forte.. and yea. I don't really care for it. LOL. 

Have a good day homie gees. 

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