Sunday, May 5, 2013

The chance was there.

This weekend's tournament has been.. draining- to say the least. I'm emotionally drained, and physically exhausted. Sad face. Whinge whinge.
Double runner up- singles and mixed doubles. Mixed doubles was very unlucky. We should have won that third set. And by the time I came to play my singles I had already played 5 games in a row with no breaks- 3setters. I was so disappointed in myself and embarrassed. For being so weak, tired and out-of-breath. And so stupid with game play. Why so noob? Even with people supporting me.
But what else to do but smile and move on? Not like I would cry infront of everyone. Although. So close to. lol. just saying.

It was third set and we were 17-12 down, it wasn't until I made michelle dive for a shuttle, fallover and hit the ground hard when I realised how much of a sore loser I have turned into. I just left her there, didn't say sorry, didn't even look at her. Just went to pick up my shuttle and get ready to serve again. Wow. What have I become?
Quite surprised by how I acted.
I think for a moment.. I had forgotten that there are more important things to life than winning.

And maybe my mind was somewhere else.

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