Sunday, September 30, 2012

AUS Unigames 2012

A whole week of badminton, much like junior nationals back in the day! Kicked ass, but also got my ass kicked. Which was expected haha.. finished up 5th out of 8 teams, not bad not bad. Monash, Sydney Uni, Melb Uni and UNSW are just too pro! Although I think we could have beat Melb Uni and finished 4th if not for me turning up sleep-deprived and hungover on the morning of our match against Melbourne. Sigh. If I had known they were beatable, I wouldn't have gotten home at 5am before the 8am match. Then again, everyone knows that Unigames is not about the badminton! At the interval during my singles game- "Guys... Is it just me, or did the room just move?" HAHA oh well. Live and learn.

All the fun. And after-party karaoke has never BEEN so fun before. Everyone just singing their sadness out and forgetting all the worries they ever had.. Thank you Simon and Johnny, for keeping me safe both nights, and getting me home so fast when my dad started screaming through the phone. Thanks Antonia for being so ridiculously crazy fun and treating us drunkos to Pancake Kitchen. Think its safe to say that after two crazy nights, I've had my dose of being a bad-ass daughter that'll last me quite a while.

Aus Unigames 2013 at the Goldcoast? Free rides at Dreamworld?? LETS DO EEEET! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012


City to Bay results you say? 1hr 13mins! Totally surpassed my expectations, I guess I'm not as turtle as I think I am. Haha.. Definitely a great experience and you'll be seeing this face again next year, people *points at face* LOL. Next years goal? Maybe try to get below 1hr5mins. But who knows, maybe by next year I'd have let myself go and gotten uber cushion for the pushin'. Who knows! Haha.. 
Too bad it rained 6km into the run, so for the last 6km I was freezing cold and constantly having to wipe rain from my face. But it wouldn't have been as eventful if it didn't rain! All adding to the excitement of the run haha.. Never seen SO many people in one place before.. 39,000 people. 39, 000! Holycrappers man. Could have literally been trampled to death, if not for the staggered starting lines..
Anywhoop, onto more exciting news, finally got hold of my b'day nike free runs!! YAY. I got the first pair maybe a month ago, but oh the sadness *sadface* they were too small.. And so now, after  two size exchanges and 4weeks later, I get my size 8.5 sexy mint green nikes :D YAY. hehe. Thanks to all who contributed, for reals for reals for reals. I'll take care of them like they were my own baby. ♥ Feel the love?

Have yet to run in them, since I've been sick the whole week. Oh, the other downfall of the City to Bay, after all the rain running, then tramming it back to the city in soaked out clothes, ofcourse I'd be sick! Fevers are the worst. Feeling cold then hot then cold then hot etcetc, MAKE UP YOUR MIND, BODY! But atleast I'm okay now :) still on the sickly-looking side, but atleast I'm on the recovering end. JUST IN TIME FOR UNIGAMES TOMORROW! 
Uni's from all over the country are coming into little ol' Adelaide for the legendary Unigames.
Come to Lockleys and watch if you have time, people! Support Adelaide Uni ;) 
A whole week of badminton during the day, and themed partying everynight, who could ask for more?

*Fingers crossed for good looking badminton guys* Bahaha. Oh, If only.. if only. It is a widely known fact that it is tres difficult to find guys that are both epic at badminton, and good looking. Please please please, Aus Unigames, prove me wrong!

Before I leave- Ermahgerd! HAHA. Yea.. Kind of been overusing the word abit hey? But damn, its addictive. I can't help myself. I just can't!

Enjoy your week, keep those chins up and smile all sexily for me.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

And the bass keeps running, running

Sup fatties!
City to Bay tomorrow at 8am. WHY so early, 8AM? I don't even think I will be properly awake yet! Just hoping I don't have to pee during. Yea thats what I worry about. HAHA.
A couple friends that I know are running are aiming to finish in 1hr15mins. I'm just aiming to finish. Haha. My aim is to not stop running. Getting there with a good time will just be a mega bonus! Now I'm thinking maybe I should have run the whole 12kms atleast one time through before the event.. Last week did 10k with Mish and SY and made it in an hour, so I'm determined to do just as well tomorrow morning. Thats if I don't fall asleep half way..
Thank Buddha my parents are back to wake me up! Otherwise there is no TELLING what time I'd be up. Probably end up missing out on it, wasting $35 and feeling all sadface.
So many things I rely on my parents for.. I'm thinking maybe the coming new years resolution should include something about being more independent. After all, don't we all strive to be strong, independent young women? Yea you do ;) Don't need no guy in your life, don't need no one's help ever blah blah blah. You go, girlfriend!

Always ever grateful for holidays, even though there is a crap-tonne of work to do. Nyeah.. I'll do it slowly. One day. Got my socks, shirt and shorts folded across my chair, my entrants number lying on the table and my mp3 is on full battery. Night kids, have a sexy dream. But not toooo sexy ;)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Turn up the love.

Just popped an ulcer on the side of my cheek, oh hot dayum it kinda stung.
Getting back on track. I haven't blogged in aaages. It's taken me about the whole of August to finally sit my big ass down and write about the rest of my birthday celebrations. You thought the last two were enough? You were WRONG, sir. Wrong. I think its because I feel like I've literally spent the most part of August celebrating my 19th, and thats why I've left this blogpost til the end. Best birthday ever, for reals.
Spent time with all the people I love the most.. My family, bestfriend, uni friends, baddy friends, boy of interest maybe!? HAHA kidding. I think its events like these that remind me to cherish my family and friends, and really appreciate them.. just being there for me. I don't want to brag, but I really do have thee most legendary humans in my life. LOL. Being with people that I can share the good times with. I suppose I didn't realize how lucky I am, to have so many awesome people in my life, in my circle of friends. Smiley faces for EVERYONE.

From my Dad's epic birthday feast, to brunch with Rosemay, to dinner and dessert with my dental girls, to that crazy joint drink up after badminton, to that evening walk along the beach lighting sparklers, to poker with the cool kids LOL. This birthday, although unexpected, has got to be the one to remember.
So much drama, so much food, so many memories and so MANY presents!
Juust a quick warning, you're about to be bombarded with a ridonkulous number of photos with me and my slightly awkward face in them. OH YOU LOVE IT. trololol.


MAN. Almost cried when they told me they bought me Nike free runs. Been wanting them for the LONGEST time. Couldn't bring myself to spend the money on them though.. I think they retail for around $160 out here. But HO MY GOSH look how pretty they are.. Mint green *sigh* ♥ EVEN BETTER in real life. The colour is so eye catching, so unique. Some people don't understand all the hype about nike free runs, and yea I agree. But nike free runs IN THIS COLOUR? Nope, I can't not be hyped about them. I just can't! My first running shoes that arn't old badminton ones. Use them well? I shall. Can't wait to hit the gym with them! No. I can't wait to run City to Bay with them! Haha.. Only just brought myself to register for the 12km run on the 16th Sept. It is going to be l-o-n-g. Never participated in any sort of running event so this'll be a first. So many firsts this year, who woulda thought?
Sometimes you just have to tell yourself, if you don't do it now, when will you ever do it? Just like my laundry. I finally did it today. HAHA.

It's just past 4am so I want to schleep. As you can tell, I'm one of those. Ermahgerd. LOL
So once again, a big WOOPWOOP! to everyone who made August that much more special for me. ♥ can you FEEL the love!? CAN YOU FEEL IT!? Ye. I thought so.