Sunday, September 23, 2012


City to Bay results you say? 1hr 13mins! Totally surpassed my expectations, I guess I'm not as turtle as I think I am. Haha.. Definitely a great experience and you'll be seeing this face again next year, people *points at face* LOL. Next years goal? Maybe try to get below 1hr5mins. But who knows, maybe by next year I'd have let myself go and gotten uber cushion for the pushin'. Who knows! Haha.. 
Too bad it rained 6km into the run, so for the last 6km I was freezing cold and constantly having to wipe rain from my face. But it wouldn't have been as eventful if it didn't rain! All adding to the excitement of the run haha.. Never seen SO many people in one place before.. 39,000 people. 39, 000! Holycrappers man. Could have literally been trampled to death, if not for the staggered starting lines..
Anywhoop, onto more exciting news, finally got hold of my b'day nike free runs!! YAY. I got the first pair maybe a month ago, but oh the sadness *sadface* they were too small.. And so now, after  two size exchanges and 4weeks later, I get my size 8.5 sexy mint green nikes :D YAY. hehe. Thanks to all who contributed, for reals for reals for reals. I'll take care of them like they were my own baby. ♥ Feel the love?

Have yet to run in them, since I've been sick the whole week. Oh, the other downfall of the City to Bay, after all the rain running, then tramming it back to the city in soaked out clothes, ofcourse I'd be sick! Fevers are the worst. Feeling cold then hot then cold then hot etcetc, MAKE UP YOUR MIND, BODY! But atleast I'm okay now :) still on the sickly-looking side, but atleast I'm on the recovering end. JUST IN TIME FOR UNIGAMES TOMORROW! 
Uni's from all over the country are coming into little ol' Adelaide for the legendary Unigames.
Come to Lockleys and watch if you have time, people! Support Adelaide Uni ;) 
A whole week of badminton during the day, and themed partying everynight, who could ask for more?

*Fingers crossed for good looking badminton guys* Bahaha. Oh, If only.. if only. It is a widely known fact that it is tres difficult to find guys that are both epic at badminton, and good looking. Please please please, Aus Unigames, prove me wrong!

Before I leave- Ermahgerd! HAHA. Yea.. Kind of been overusing the word abit hey? But damn, its addictive. I can't help myself. I just can't!

Enjoy your week, keep those chins up and smile all sexily for me.

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