Sunday, September 30, 2012

AUS Unigames 2012

A whole week of badminton, much like junior nationals back in the day! Kicked ass, but also got my ass kicked. Which was expected haha.. finished up 5th out of 8 teams, not bad not bad. Monash, Sydney Uni, Melb Uni and UNSW are just too pro! Although I think we could have beat Melb Uni and finished 4th if not for me turning up sleep-deprived and hungover on the morning of our match against Melbourne. Sigh. If I had known they were beatable, I wouldn't have gotten home at 5am before the 8am match. Then again, everyone knows that Unigames is not about the badminton! At the interval during my singles game- "Guys... Is it just me, or did the room just move?" HAHA oh well. Live and learn.

All the fun. And after-party karaoke has never BEEN so fun before. Everyone just singing their sadness out and forgetting all the worries they ever had.. Thank you Simon and Johnny, for keeping me safe both nights, and getting me home so fast when my dad started screaming through the phone. Thanks Antonia for being so ridiculously crazy fun and treating us drunkos to Pancake Kitchen. Think its safe to say that after two crazy nights, I've had my dose of being a bad-ass daughter that'll last me quite a while.

Aus Unigames 2013 at the Goldcoast? Free rides at Dreamworld?? LETS DO EEEET! 

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