Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas.

All the buskers in Rundle mall really made Christmas shopping all the more awesome! They sounded so sweet (:
This Christmas was pretty awesome, hopefully next year i'll have someone special to share it with, ehy? HAHA just kidding.. or am i?
Been spending a lot of time with Emily, as I do with every holiday. Its been legendary! Done a lot of shopping.. and spent a lot of money.. sigh.. But its ok.. i intend on getting a job soon, so that I can earn some money and not take so much from my parents (: Especially cause of how much they've spent on me already.. all that tuition.......

Anyways, Having a wonderful Christmas so far, going to spend Christmas day packing for the most part actually, because we're about to move houses! Exciting. Haha joke.. I don't really want to move at all! Moving to Paradise. What a cool name yeh? But it's quite far away.. From everyone. That will be ok when i finally get my Ps! lol

I feel so spoilt this Christmas... Got some nice presents (: especially from my brother. I really appreciate it.. so grateful that i have such a lovely family!

Mmm..Euphoria by Calvin Klein.. such an awesome brand. Not that I'm materialistic or anything, but it really is a good brand! haha.. Now i can smell good :D My oldest brother and his gf also got me that necklace around the bottle. It's cute as! (:

Bought these for myself, they were quite a bargain! $40, down from $80 (: Don't worry, if they wern't on special I assure you I would never buy them! LOL so cheap.
Anyway they are the shiz! So nice... Just that I don't know how much I will be able to wear them.. since my dad wouldn't like me looking so..grown up-_- i'll always be his little baby daughter. HAHA but thats ok! (:
i'll have the chance to wear them to party anyway ;)

Got my brother a Spongebob square pants t-shirt, and also got him the awesome furry dice to hang in the car! I thought the photo was very nice, very sentimental (: HAHA good memories.. good memories.
So this Christmas ended up being awesome. Hopefully will be for many years to come :)

Emily and I being massive posers! High-waisted shorts and new heels ftw!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Holidays are awaiting.

It's quite early again, 4:56am (: Rise and shine people!
I'm on holidays now, THANK BUDDHA :D yeee
I had my last interview for dentistry on Thursday, and my ATAR came out as well..
Not bad not bad, if I say so myself! Haha.. best thing is that my parents are proud of me (: yay.. My dad almost cried!
So now that finally EVERYTHING has finished.. wow. It's still sinking in actually.. The feeling that I can now do whatever I want.. without worrying about hav
ing to.. finish homework.. practice for interviews.. remember key words..
Its OVERWHELMING! haha.. It's weird having nothing to do apart from Facebook , Youtube and movies..
I think I should go and buy a book. And read it.

So many people I must catch up with.. so much badminton that i should play! :D
I'm excited.

So the year is almost over, Christmas is almost here.. Time to make some New years resolutions. Although.. I never keep my New years resolutions..
They're always things like..
- Lose weight
- Be nicer
- Study harder
- Don't start assignments at the last minute

I always end up forgetting my resolutions.. Too bad, too sad!
Well this year I'll just aim to be a better person. Thats not too hard to remember is it?
So the next time you see me being mean to some child, taking candy from babies, that sort of thing.. Just remind me that I made a resolution to be awesome.
More awesome than i am now.
HAHA just kidding of course..

Been spending time with my cousin Emily, having a bit of D&M.. maccas runs in the early morning, making rice and milkshakes.

These holidays will be legendary.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Did someone say All-Nighter?

Yes, and thats just what I've been doing, for no particular good reason at all! Simply because I could not get to sleep.
Funny thing is that it's my first all nighter for 2010, which is almost finished (:
Proud of myself for getting sleep every single night through year 12 until now!
*pats myself on the back*
Really wonderful.

So anyways today is SUNDAY. So tomorrow, my friend is taking me to his church, to help wrap up hampers for disadvantaged children.. So sad.. I will definately feel a sense of self-worth after tomorrow :)
Poor little ones.. So for all you kids out there that are well off with your Nike Air-force ones and your Adidas shorts, Think about these less fortunate people before you complain!
Including myself, cause I love my yellow and purple Air-force ones! HAHA but really, not complaining.

It's 5:45am at the moment, but that's probably not the time displayed on the bottom of this post. Why? Because the post is wrong.
This is the earliest that I have ever been up in QUITE A LONG WHILE..
Thinking of making everyone toast and eggs. But last time I did that, no one woke up until the breakfast had gone cold.. Maybe I'll just have a feast by myself ;)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Almost Christmas, people (:

I keep having these dreams.. and you're in all of them.
We went to this beautiful place..There was snow, and a huge lake.
I just realised that if it was snowing, how can there be a lake? Wouldn't the lake be frozen? HAHA but thats beside the point, it was after all just a dream.
In that dream you only looked at me.
I'm not sure if i really like you, or if all the cute dramas I've been watching has just caused me to think about mushy corny stuff.

But I wish that were reality, I really do.

And so, everything is over. Year 12 went off with a quiet bang .. Graduation has passed.
I've just been so busy.. actually that and i've been heaps lazy too :P So i havnt been posting much at all!
Well graduation, i got a few merits, for ESLstudies and also math, which was good (:
Too bad i gave attitude to the Chinese teacher.. Because of that she gave away my Chinese merit. Sounds like I'm being arrogant, but really i had the highest marks. And even if i didn't, the merit would have gone to my other friend Yu-Li, if she hadn't given the Chinese teacher attitude too :P HAHA.. But its good, the guy that got the merit is an awesome person (:
Sigh, I shouldn't hate the Chinese teacher. When i think about it, i don't even know her situation. She might be having really bad problems. Poor thing. LOL WHO AM I KIDDING, i dislike her to the max.

I also got an award, The Old boys scholarship award, for outstanding performance in all 5 subjects. Or something along those lines..
I was so surprised when they called out my name. My eyes were literally like O_O. Although i know one of my friends would laugh at that, because he would say my eyes don't go that wide. Shush!

I also had my interview for medicine and Adelaide uni two days ago.. Gosh, my first time having an interview..but it was okay because the interviewers were so friendly. Although I keep thinking that they had alterior motives. Like on the outside all smiles, but on the inside, 'Why is this chick here, she clearly sucks.'
HAHA but i tried not to think that so that my positivity could shine. ha..ha.
Oh, and the male interviewer, was quite young.. had yellow hair and blue eyes. Beautiful.. Blue.. eyes. Wow, i just couldn't stop looking at them. Had to force myself to look at the other interviewer. Its weird, because i don't usually pay attention to Aussie guys. Unless they're like Chad Michael Murray. LOL. Maybe because i was nervous.
Well, just glad that its over. Now to focus on my dentistry interview, next thursday (:
Now.. Why do I want to be a dentist?
Gosh.. i've never had to answer such a difficult question before.. i'm serious.
"Because i want to give people the extra confidence that comes from a sexy smile!"
Yeh, that'll get me in ;)

Wish me luck!
Fill you in with more crap later, i'm off to bed.