Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Holidays are awaiting.

It's quite early again, 4:56am (: Rise and shine people!
I'm on holidays now, THANK BUDDHA :D yeee
I had my last interview for dentistry on Thursday, and my ATAR came out as well..
Not bad not bad, if I say so myself! Haha.. best thing is that my parents are proud of me (: yay.. My dad almost cried!
So now that finally EVERYTHING has finished.. wow. It's still sinking in actually.. The feeling that I can now do whatever I want.. without worrying about hav
ing to.. finish homework.. practice for interviews.. remember key words..
Its OVERWHELMING! haha.. It's weird having nothing to do apart from Facebook , Youtube and movies..
I think I should go and buy a book. And read it.

So many people I must catch up with.. so much badminton that i should play! :D
I'm excited.

So the year is almost over, Christmas is almost here.. Time to make some New years resolutions. Although.. I never keep my New years resolutions..
They're always things like..
- Lose weight
- Be nicer
- Study harder
- Don't start assignments at the last minute

I always end up forgetting my resolutions.. Too bad, too sad!
Well this year I'll just aim to be a better person. Thats not too hard to remember is it?
So the next time you see me being mean to some child, taking candy from babies, that sort of thing.. Just remind me that I made a resolution to be awesome.
More awesome than i am now.
HAHA just kidding of course..

Been spending time with my cousin Emily, having a bit of D&M.. maccas runs in the early morning, making rice and milkshakes.

These holidays will be legendary.

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