Thursday, January 30, 2014

Its gonna be in the 40s all week this week. Am not looking forward to it. LOL. What a whinger. I don't have much to complain about seeing as I'll be indoors most of the time anyways. Uni from 8-4pm everyday but in the most freezing of rooms, work is also indoors where it's always nicely airconditioned and ofcourse home which is sometimes way too cold since my Dad is the type to sweat into his bowl of noodles at any temperature over 25degrees. HAHA. Oh dad. Love that guy.

Chinese new year's eve is tonight.. I thought it was tomorrow. LOL. I obviously have no clue/no interest/no plans. No wonder mum told me to be home tonight.
And thats when I realise, I'm hardly ever home nowadays. Apart from the time when I eat dinner. And sleep, which these days is only about 3 hours at a time. Legit sad snorlax.
Why? Theres always so much to do these days..
Uni is obviously taking up alot of time, spending time with friends and catching up, badminton OFCOURSE lol. Then on the weekends I head off to work for half the day, and then there are always commitments afterwards. Busy busy life..
I think my parents are feeling it more because they're working less now. So more time spent at home, noticing my absence. haha.
Definitely will try to be home more, my beautiful parents.

Waking up at 6am for 8am lectures really kill me. Makes me more of a grouch in the mornings, less able to focus in class and when I'm in lab my brain is so mushy. So I find that lab in the morning always moves extremely slow, and I move even slower LOL. Most often never finish the set tasks. Ghey. Yesterday I did 1 out of 5 temporary restorations and almost rage quit all over the lab. Haha.. The material I was using refused to set, and only in one particular area aswell. The fill-in tutor was super slow and always seemed to be talking to some other student so I tried about 5 different times, each try taking me about 15 minutes. Yeap. That was a huge shit-tonne of wasted time and effort. Lol. In the end I found it was a problem with the way I was dispensing the material. What a gigantic nob. I'm so duh retard. Haha HOW TO EVEN DENTAL!?

Sleep earlier. The solution to all my problems. Haha.

At uni blogging, waiting for someone to come and pick me UUUUP. ahah waiting waiting.
I WOULD write a more meaningful post like I had planned to.. But yea thats not going to happen. Just finished in lab and now feel like collapsing into bed.
Too bad can't collapse right here in uni cause otherwise I'd look like every other hobo fob that sleeps in the hub. Noooo sank yew.

Happy Chinese new year! Year of the Horse lol. Apparently people born in the year of the horse have super bad luck this year :/

..chick next to me just looked over at me but in a really sus way. Did she just fart? Or maybe i'm typing too loud. LOL wtfbbq

Friday, January 24, 2014


I'm back into the bad habit of taking naps after uni. man, it really kills me the next day. Super tired and exhausted even though the day has only just begun, and when I really need it, all my focus is just non-existent. Gotta refrain from falling asleep on the couch. Must.
The first week or so (almost 2weeks) of uni has been cray cray. Well, chilled but 6hours a day in the lab working on manikins really drills me. Dental pun intended.. GHEYYY. haha. I kind of worried myself cause I was beginning to feel so over it by the time the first week had passed. it made me think- do I not LIKE it? Can I keep doing this everyday for the rest of my life? But I realise its different. Being in clinic is a whole new challenge, a whole different aspect of dentistry. I feel like I absolutely need human interaction in whatever job i undertake, otherwise I bore the crap out of myself.
So yes. Lab for 6 hours a day forever? not so keen on the idea. but i guess whatever it takes to get me ready for clinic.. 

Weekend coming up is as always packed with things to attend. I'm glad to be able to spend some quality time with friends. But definitely will do minimal study over the 3-day weekend. Catch-ups, work, birthdays, badminton, work, Christenings (lol?), staff party, sleepovers, work, birthdays .. I WILL be dead after this weekend. haha.. 

will study after it. All work and no play makes Jun a dull girl right? I think yes.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Long nights

Clap along, if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪
♫  Because I'm happppyyyyyyyyyy-yyy-yyy-yyy

Quite the opposite. But I thought it was worth quoting since its such a happy song. Sad times call for happy songs to cheer me the eff up.
I told myself not to blog until I calmed down and sorted my brain out, so I wouldn't rage so hard.
I think I'm halfway calm so I'll blog now. Hahah.. Mind of a nob.

This post I feel is going to make no sense to many people, but to a certain few they'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

You know what I don't get?
Why after a break-up, people still feel like they have power over the other. I'll just say now- you don't.
Sure, we may have been dating and at one point cared alot for each other. But why is it that even though we're no longer together, am I not allowed to do what I want, hang out with who I want, go out when I want to?
And that also works the other way. Now that we're not together, I really DON'T have any say in who you hang with, who you talk to, where you go, ..whose houses you go to..what you do. It's really none of my business and my cup of care should be completely bone-dry empty.
But no. Maybe its cause my brain is wired to be a girl, and we have hormones and shit. lol.
I wasn't heartbroken when I heard. I wasn't even sad. I was angry. Annoyed. Frustrated. I wanted to stop training and smash my racket into the ground so hard that my homies in malaysia could feel them tremors. I felt that all my care that I had for you even after breaking up had evaporated in an instant.
Then I sat outside alone and thought really hard. Why am I so annoyed? Is it because I saw it coming? Is it jealousy? No. its not. Its far from jealousy.
I think its just because its her.
Out of all the people, why her?
And same for me. Out of all the people in the WORLD, why him?
Why? There is no why. It's not like we just woke up one day and thought "yea, I think I'll choose this guy, he seems pretty nice-" No. Doesn't work that way. In reality we don't get to choose who we like. We fall in like.

So I guess I don't blame you. Its cool. You like who you like, whoever that may be.
I do want you to be happy.
And I know deep down somewhere you want me to be happy too.
♪ Because I'm happy-y-y-yyyyy ♪ haha lol.

Welp this post has turned out different from what I had first thought it would be. I was full planning a rage post. But what would that achieve anyways? Even less friends 2014. woop.

And hey. You in the blue shirt, you said that you'd still be here for me. So where are you now?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


You know what I realised? My first post of 2014 was a rage post. Man. That kinda sucks a big one.. 
All good though, i do what I want!! >:)

I had my first day back at uni today, while everyone is still on holidays. Ah, such is life I guess. Work hard for the things you want right? I really feel like I got slack last year. Very slack. Why? No motivation to do well. Nothing to keep my mind focused, no inspiration to be good at what I do.
I really feel like its the people you hang around that can make the most difference.
Sure, the only person who can change your life is you, blah blah.. but your environment, the people around you, the support you feel, the influence they have on you can have such a huge impact.
I've been hanging around people that I know are driven in life. They know what they want and go for it wholeheartedly. Even if right now they're not yet at their goal, they constantly strive to improve.
Being around people who have such drive and ambition, makes me want to work hard too.
Last year maybe I didn't feel that kind of inspiration. No one to push me, to tell me to work hard, to guide me. Sounds bad cause it seems as though I can't do things right without someone telling me what to do. But no, thats not how I see it. I see it as the extra motivation I need to want to do things right. To want to have a good future, to want to be a good dentist.. to study to be a dentist and not just to pass exams. They're totally different mindsets.
Having these kinds of people around me totally make me a better person. Gahh. So thankful.

Ofcourse I won't automatically be the best student there ever was. I'm sure there will be times I will be slow with study and forget things now and then.. But I think this year I want to do better than just Satisfactory. Or atleast FEEL like I'm better than Satisfactory. Actually retain information for once.

4th year is already busy. I can tell its going to be a tough year. More discipline required! LOL. gg.
No, not gg. it will be good. haha..

Happy new year people. It will be an interesting one.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


I'm quite sure that I've already made a post about this but man. They just keep popping up left right and centre. You'll never go through life without meeting atleast a hundred of these people.
Why do people do this?
Give advice when they don't know what they're talking about
Give suggestions on how to better my life when their life is hardly any better
Critisize when clearly, they're doing the exact same thing.

Just saying, I was and still am offended by what you said.

Offended but hey, atleast thats the end of that. Glad that I won't have to put up with it anymore. The childishness, the dramatic 'don't worry about me's, the immaturity.