Thursday, January 30, 2014

Its gonna be in the 40s all week this week. Am not looking forward to it. LOL. What a whinger. I don't have much to complain about seeing as I'll be indoors most of the time anyways. Uni from 8-4pm everyday but in the most freezing of rooms, work is also indoors where it's always nicely airconditioned and ofcourse home which is sometimes way too cold since my Dad is the type to sweat into his bowl of noodles at any temperature over 25degrees. HAHA. Oh dad. Love that guy.

Chinese new year's eve is tonight.. I thought it was tomorrow. LOL. I obviously have no clue/no interest/no plans. No wonder mum told me to be home tonight.
And thats when I realise, I'm hardly ever home nowadays. Apart from the time when I eat dinner. And sleep, which these days is only about 3 hours at a time. Legit sad snorlax.
Why? Theres always so much to do these days..
Uni is obviously taking up alot of time, spending time with friends and catching up, badminton OFCOURSE lol. Then on the weekends I head off to work for half the day, and then there are always commitments afterwards. Busy busy life..
I think my parents are feeling it more because they're working less now. So more time spent at home, noticing my absence. haha.
Definitely will try to be home more, my beautiful parents.

Waking up at 6am for 8am lectures really kill me. Makes me more of a grouch in the mornings, less able to focus in class and when I'm in lab my brain is so mushy. So I find that lab in the morning always moves extremely slow, and I move even slower LOL. Most often never finish the set tasks. Ghey. Yesterday I did 1 out of 5 temporary restorations and almost rage quit all over the lab. Haha.. The material I was using refused to set, and only in one particular area aswell. The fill-in tutor was super slow and always seemed to be talking to some other student so I tried about 5 different times, each try taking me about 15 minutes. Yeap. That was a huge shit-tonne of wasted time and effort. Lol. In the end I found it was a problem with the way I was dispensing the material. What a gigantic nob. I'm so duh retard. Haha HOW TO EVEN DENTAL!?

Sleep earlier. The solution to all my problems. Haha.

At uni blogging, waiting for someone to come and pick me UUUUP. ahah waiting waiting.
I WOULD write a more meaningful post like I had planned to.. But yea thats not going to happen. Just finished in lab and now feel like collapsing into bed.
Too bad can't collapse right here in uni cause otherwise I'd look like every other hobo fob that sleeps in the hub. Noooo sank yew.

Happy Chinese new year! Year of the Horse lol. Apparently people born in the year of the horse have super bad luck this year :/

..chick next to me just looked over at me but in a really sus way. Did she just fart? Or maybe i'm typing too loud. LOL wtfbbq

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