Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sigh Pie

Why did you have to slide, Pie? WHY!? 
Ah.. I guess it was too late to be eating that much at this hour anyways right :/ Suuuper sad.
But..I'm still hungry. Ermagerd, first world problems for real. Dropping all the pies.

I feel like my eyes are getting worse. Intermittent blurriness keeps happening more than usual. Like right now the screen is really fuzzy to me. I'll go back and proof read what I've typed afterwards just in case. hahah ghey. Hope it goes away soon otherwise I'll be in trouble. Dentist that can't see clearly? Hmm.. I forsee zero business. 
I also notice that I say LOL alot these days. Professionalism? What is that? Haha.. Defs have to start cutting back on my lol'age before I start seeing my patients in a few weeks. Otherwise struggle-town with the communication and stopping myself from adding the word Lol onto everything I say.

Today I pulled off a pretty funny joke. Wanna hear it? HAHA. Look at me, laughing even before I tell the joke. Classic Jun.
So me being a tank dude, I punched my friend pretty hard on the arm. He said "You know I can sue you for assault right."
 Me: ".. or a pepper." 
HAHAHAHA. LOOOOL. SUPER funny. :D right right right?? Well I thought it was pretty good. If you didn't laugh then Gg, get off my blog! Haha Just kidding. To each their own :) Whatever floats dat boat of yours!
You might think to yourself- what crack is this girl on? And to that I will say, I'm not sure. I just enjoy making people laugh. Whether it is with me OR at me. haha.. Bring alllll the joy to the world am I right?
I'm glad this side of me still hasn't changed, even after all these years.
I must say, I feel like I'm never going to grow up though.
With all the jokes, the loudness, the "LOOOOL"s..
Like what happens when I finally get into a serious relationship.. Will I be serious enough? Or will everything that I say/all my actions be a joke. And how will they ever take me seriously?
What about having children. Will they grow up to be just as retarded because of their mother? HAHA I'm definitely thinking too far into this. The husband will be there to calm their farm I'm sure.
Unless Mr husband is just as crazy. D:
Meh. We get there when we get there. Give it another.. 6,7..8 years? Sounds about right?

I'll take another 2 years to graduate, so I'll be 22.
 "I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' twenny two-oo ♪"
After that get straight into the workforce for a few years, earn a crapload of money and save it all up.
Get married at 26, spend abit of the money going places, doing part-time only
Buy a house, pop out a kid at 28, start investing in real estate and then I'm DONE SON! Maybe another kid or two, who knows.
HAHA If only life were this simple. Well thats the plan anyway. I'm curious to see how much I WON'T be adhering to my life plan. As we all know by now, shit happens.
I feel like I am super lucky that I'm able to see a future like this and even if I don't achieve it, atleast strive for it. Most people I'm guessing have no clue, which is totally ok. I only just randomly thought about this whole life plan business. More of a go-with-the-flow kinda fish.

Ofcourse, stop.. crapping .. around. LOLOL. For reals. And I'll start by cleaning my room tomorrow. Like legit cleaning. I think the fengshui in my room is hella off, thats why I haven't been the most productive person. LOL JOKE what even is this fengshui bs. I'm just generally an unproductive person most of the time. haha :) But yea. Will move my furniture around. More space needed. Why? To do more activities. SO MANY ACTIVITIES!! #StepBrothers the movie. Go watch it if you haven't, you hobo under a rock. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THESE YEARS. Haha

Goodnight people!

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