Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy gas

Definitely a misleading name for Nitrous oxide. Had our first paediatric clinic today, orientation and procedures to prep us for seeing kids at the GP Plus clinics. Super exciting right? :D I can't wait to see my first kid. Hope she's good to me. LOL. Hope she likes all the stories I'll tell.
I guess I'm more fearful of what the parents might ask me, how they will bombard me with questions. I think I'm relatively noob at dealing with kids, sometimes I just don't know what to say! I guess it all comes with experience right? haha. Gotta start hanging with the younger crowd. Buuuut that might make me a huge pedo-bear. Lol.

I'm at Elizabeth for my paed rounds this year. It's really not as bad as they all make it out to be? Sure the shopping centre has some shifty looking people, but what are they going to do to you in broad daylight? Why would they stab you just for the lols? haha. NO. you may not.

So we got to play around with the gas machine, gassing each other up.. Haha. it was not as I expected. I thought I'd get the giggles and non-stop laugh the whole time. But it made me quite light headed and my body felt so heavy- no, not because I'm duh fat- but yea. I couldn't move my body. Felt super disorientated, much like when you've had way too much to drink, past the point of tipsy-ness and just before you pass out. Very much so. Not the best feeling I have to say. But yea, different for each person I'm sure.
But definitely would work wonders on a child who felt uber anxious and couldn't sit still.
Can't wait to use it on my first kid! :D Yayerrr.

First day back in the ADH clinics tomorrow, seeing our first fixed pros patients- so patients that want crown and bridge work done. It's been a while since I've seen patients.. since November last year I think. That was 3 months ago. Man. It's almost March. Time flies. Things have changed so much since then.
Wow. It has just hit me like a brick in the face. LOL. This time last year.. I feel like I was a completely different person. Holy jeebus. Can't handle this epiphany. HAHA. What gas am I on!?
And now I'm wondering what I'll make of the NEXT 3 months!
Parents are leaving for yet ANOTHER holiday in March. People.. March is going to be.. The best month ever. EVER! Haha.. For cereal.
Dent camp, 21sts, work anniversary parties, road trips..I can't wait. So excited I could run around naked outside. Which I wouldnt because firstly no body want to see dat shiet, and secondly its abit chilly. and late. Which is good reason for me to get back under my blankets and sleep. 
ANYWHO. A little nervous getting back into the clinics, since all we've been doing is lab for the past 6 weeks. Nek level stuff.
FP4 clinic BRING. IT. ON.

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