Monday, December 29, 2014


MAN it has been an age and a half since I last posted.. What can I say? No feels to post. Too busy I think haha.. So what has happened in the last month or so?
Well for starters I managed to pass 4th year. Thinking back on it all..How did I do it?! I don't even quite know. 
So thankful to the people that supported me throughout. Couldn't do it without you all.
I was super over the moon about my results because surprisingly they were the best results I have had since I started, and in the most difficult year as well!? And in the only year where I brought a boy home to my parents? Must mean that he's a good influence ehy? ;) hahha We were both actually scared that if I failed then my parents would think hes no good for me. Welp, no need to worry about that anymore. Mum and dad, I've got a good one.
One of my close friends failed though sadly, and I'm sure a few others also. Having to re-do fourth year is.. unimaginable. I don't think I'd be able to do it again. Like when I did the Umat, I told myself that if I don't get through it in that year, I wouldn't try again because I simply couldn't put myself through it again. The amount of time and effort and not to mention tuition fees put into year 12- wow. Traumatic. lolol 
Exactly my feels for fourth year. Who knows what I would have done if I failed. Cried my eyes out first and foremost ofcourse.
But not to worry. Its all over :) BRING ON FIFTH YEAR! I'm pumped.

The whole of December I spent alot of my time working. So much so that I started to dislike going to work. Who reeally wants to work on Boxing day? But then when I have days off work and I'm able to spend them however I want- hiking, badminton, hanging with friends, enjoying the moment- I feel like Its all worth it. Would I enjoy my free time if I had it ALL the time? Work makes me really make use of the time I have to just chill out and do what I want. So its really not a bad thing :)

Merry Christmas for last Thursday by the way people :) It was a nice one. Spent with my parents and Simon. Too bad both my brothers weren't in Adelaide for Christmas, would have been good to have the whole family around. Zhen is coming back tomorrow from Malaysia though! Excite! I actually miss him alot. Sibling bond strong.
Anywho, we cooked Christmas dinner and finally for once got my dad a present that he likes and will actually use. Chrome cast- cause my dad is so tech savvy these days. Allows you to play things off your laptop/phone/tablet and cast them onto the big screen via Chrome. Super awesome. Spent the rest of the night watching the Dubai badminton world championships. haha ofcourse we would. Asians.

Vegetarian lasagne made with three different cheeses. Asparagus, broccolini and pumpkin on the side ;)
To sum it all up, I've been having a good holiday so far :) Got home from crabbing at Thompson's beach not too long ago- first time raking for crabs. So tiring! And super sun-burnt. But hey, where the fun without a little risk. Risk of skin cancer... ok maybe not so fun. 

Happy Holidays everybody! New years coming up soon- have you made your New years resolutions!? I need to get on it.